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Dr Who

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Richard Lazarus
Also known as:
Race: Human (later mutant)
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 20th century to early 21st century
Appearances: DW: The Lazarus Experiment
DW: The Sound of Drums(flashback cameo)
WC: Destiny's Door (cameo; flashback)
Actor: Mark Gatiss
"Ladies and gentlemen, I am Professor Richard Lazarus, and tonight, I'm going to perform a miracle. It is, I believe, the most important advance since Rutherford split the atom, and the biggest leap since Armstrong walked on the Moon. Tonight, you will watch and wonder, but tomorrow, you will wake to a world which will be changed forever."
―Richard Lazarus

Professor Richard Lazarus was a man who craved immortality.


"Ladies and gentlemen, I am Richard Lazarus. I am seventy-six years old. And I am reborn!"
―Richard Lazarus

Lazarus was only a child during the Second World War but had vivid memories of it. He spoke to his associate Lady Thaw of how he feared death, and sat in Southwark Cathedral during the Blitz. He also spoke of how he and others would sit in the crypt; the living amongst the dead. His lust for immortality came from the fact that he wanted to spend another lifetime on Earth so he could continue his work. His anti-aging device managed to make him seem 30 years younger.

The renewed Lazarus (DW: The Lazarus Experiment)

The Doctor and Martha encountered him when they discovered Martha's sister Tish had got a job with him after they viewed them on the news. During the party that took place at Lazarus Laboratories celebrating the device, the Doctor used a DNA sample from Martha's hand when Lazarus had kissed her to find out about his DNA. The DNA had changed and had unlocked a gene from a once forgotten type of evolution that had died out, but the gene had lain dormant inside the human race until Lazarus had activated it.

"You're a joke, Lazarus! A footnote in the history of failure!"
―The Doctor
The unlocking of this gene transformed Lazarus into a huge skeletal scorpion-like beast that fed on the life of its victims by absorbing energy with its whip-like tail. The creature was immune to fire and could become human again when it wanted to, but had to transform to feed. Lazarus was seemingly defeated when the Doctor rewired the anti-aging device so instead of harming anything inside the capsule it harmed the outside. Lazarus was not killed however, and woke up in an ambulance, killing two medics and entering a final showdown with the Doctor in Southwark Cathedral. Martha and Tish lured the beast up to the bell tower and the Doctor caused it to drop by playing the pipe organ as high as it goes (with the help of the Sonic Screwdriver) to interfere with Lazarus' sonic equipment. Lazarus transforms one last time into elderly form, this time permanently dead. (DW: The Lazarus Experiment)
Lazarus in his mutant form (DW: The Lazarus Experiment)

The Master reversed Lazarus's de-aging technology and put it in his laser screwdriver to age the Doctor 100 years and later even more. (DW: The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords)

"Saxon" had apparently supported Lazarus' researches in the first place.

Behind the Scenes

Mark Gatiss, a longtime Doctor Who fan with several writing credits connected with the series, played Lazarus in both his young and old Human forms.

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From The Vault

Mentioned-only character
race: Human
affiliation: Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel
role: Brotherhood Knight
mentioned in: Broken Steel

Knight Lazarus was a Knight of the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel in 2277.


He recovered three Mini Nukes from an Ammunition Box held by Talon Company Mercs, which were subsequently placed in the Citadel's armory.


Lazarus is only mentioned in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Image of Lazarus
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Ring Names Lazarus
Rick Ravage
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Place of birth Unknown
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Resides Stoney Lodge Psychiatric Hospital
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Debut June 18th, 2005
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Christian Michael Garland is an American professional wrestler under the ring name Lazarus. He is best known for his time in Unleashed Pro Wrestling where he is a former 3 time Undisputed Champion.



Ultimate Extreme Pro Wrestling

Lazarus' journey started in the Northeast Independent promotion of Ultimate Extreme Pro Wrestling. During this time, he was known as Ravage, an up and coming luchador who uses speed and a variety of technical maneuvers in his arsenal. Ravage achieved great success in UEPW, eventually becoming the World UEPW Champion. UEPW, however, died shortly after his big win.


With nothing left, and nobody to help him, Christian turned to drugs and alcohol. He slowly wasted away what little life he had left, and fell into a deep depression. In the end, Christian pumped his veins one last time and overdosed. Somehow, emergency medical personnel were able to find him and restart his heart. Upon reawakening Rick Ravage was indeed dead and a new person emerged in his place.

Unleashed Pro Wrestling

Ravage returned to wrestling under the name Lazarus. A name that he used to describe his new change in life. No longer a slave to drugs or alcohol, Lazarus is a vastly different being than that of his former self. Ravage only cared about himself, while Lazarus is all about putting on the best show he can. Lazarus signed with Unleashed Pro Wrestling and brought his skill with him. In his first few months, he had an unprecedented 10-0 undefeated streak, along with the privilege of being the first ever UPW World Champion.

Lazarus went on to even more success. Along with his World Title, Lazarus formed one of the most dominant tag-teams in all of UPW, the Power Trip. Together, the World Champion Lazarus, and the Television Champion J.C. Thunder, wreaked havoc on the tag division. Capturing the tag-titles in October. The duo held onto that title until Halloween Hell, in which they lost to The Dead. During the match, J.C. Thunder left Lazarus to be slaughtered, ending their friendship.

Lazarus would bounce back however, and came back strong. Lazarus formed the Pass of Existence. Lazarus along with Tony Maestro, Mick Mercury, Ryan Sanders and lastly, Sky Jones. The quintet were broken up with the departure of Mercury and the injury of Sanders, but they still were strong, winning multiple tag-titles, and hardcore titles. Then came Hostile Intent.

Hostile Intent saw Lazarus take on the Legend Killer for the World Title. Lazarus won the match, but the finish saw Lazarus brutally attack Jester, and the former Champion with a steel chair. The UPW Chairman than vacated his title after the assault. Lazarus was showing a side of himself not seen since his days as Ravage. Lazarus attacked his P.O.E. members and sadistically injured Maestro. Lazarus then turned his sights on Sky Jones, who managed to escape his assault.

Before Lazarus could purge his stable, an old face of Lazarus appeared. Ravage, or some kind of impostor showed his face during Lazarus' matches and even backstage. For weeks leading up to July 28, Lazarus was haunted by a mirror reflection of his former self. Lazarus once again looked at the way he was, and what he was going to be, and rejected himself. Lazarus once again changed his ways for the better.

With a renewed vigor, Lazarus set forth on his quest to retain his gold. On the way, reuniting with his arch rival, Big Daddy Kool, whom he lost the title to in the first place. Lazarus defeated his old foe and gained one more step in regaining what was his.

Holiday Brawl came so quickly for Lazarus. Weeks after being robbed at the number one contender spot from J.C. Thunder, Lazarus was one of the nominees for the new contender, as voted by the fans. For the second straight year, Lazarus was voted into the main event title match, but unlike the year prior, Lazarus made the most of this opportunity defeating J.C. Thunder with the Breaking Point.

Lazarus was back on top, but for how long? Shortly after Holiday Brawl, Kaos Kid was named Number One Contender for the title at New Year's Rumble. However, a loophole found by Thunder forced him into that match making it a triple threat. With the odds stacked against him once again, Lazarus defeated Kaos Kid, with some unlikely assistance from Big Daddy Kool. Later in that night, a new challenger would rise. The winner of the Rumble, The Jackal.

It was announced the following week on Throwdown that Jackal and Lazarus would meet on the grandest stage of them all, Hostile Intent. With Hostile Intent less than a month away, Jackal forged an alliance with Big Daddy Kool. Together the Unholy Alliance decimated Lazarus and J.C. Thunder simultaneously. This causes a resurgence in the Power Trip. The duo reunited, put their differences aside for one final match against the Alliance.

The two teams met at Mayhem. The ending saw Jackal use a steel chair behind the referee's back to obtain the victory, however the Power Trip would not go down without a fight. Post match mayhem ensued, seeing Thunder nailing BDK with a huge Thundersplash from the turnbuckle to the announce table, and Lazarus crushing himself and Jackal with a Breaking Point '07 onto a chair-covered Jackal.

Jackal and Lazarus finally met one on one in their highly anticipated match and before a sold-out crowd in the TD Banknorth Garden, the Jackal defeated Lazarus to win his first UPW title. As per pre-match stipulation, Lazarus was forced to leave Unleashed Pro Wrestling. After an emotional send-off, Lazarus signed with the VWA.

Volatile Wrestling Alliance

Lazarus signed with the VWA shortly after Hostile Intent. In his first match he was "awarded" a win by Shane Lawson. Lazarus could not catch the same success as he once had and faded out of the VWA when he was released shortly after.

Recent Years

Lazarus has not been seen since being released from VWA and rumors have speculated upon his whereabouts. The most common is that Lazarus has been detained by an unnamed mental facility. Another common rumor is that Lazarus once again slipped back into his old lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. These rumors have been neither confirmed nor denied...

In wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Schizo-Frantic (Spinning headscissors takedown into a single arm DDT and from that into a Fujiwara armbar)
    • Lazarus Phenomenon (Somersault corkscrew leg drop)
    • Fall of Lazarus (Top Rope Double Underhook Facebuster)
  • Signature Moves
    • Facelift (Running Double Knee Facebreaker)
    • Eternal Struggle (Half Nelson Chokehold)
    • Chasing the Dragon (Standing shiranui)
    • Black Swan (High Angle Senton Bomb)
    • Dissociative Identity Disorder (Cross-arm sitout sleeper slam)
    • Bleed the Freak (Inverted facelock to shoulderbreaker)
    • Creepy Crawl (Dragonrana)
    • Hand of Doom (Full Nelson Facebuster)
    • The Destruction of a Person (Straight jacket Russian legsweep)
    • Burnt Ice (Shining wizard to the back of an opponent's head)
    • Breaking Point (450 Splash)
    • Standing Shooting Star Press
    • Corkscrew Neckbreaker
    • Falling Reverse DDT
    • Springboard enzuigiri
    • Feint shining wizard spun into a buzzsaw kick
    • Running fireman's carry slam onto the top turnbuckle
    • Elevated cloverleaf
    • Rope hung crucifix armbar
    • Jumping back wheel kick
    • Headscissors into figure four necklock
    • Sharpshooter
    • Double Underhook Backbreaker
    • Springboard tornado DDT
    • Feint enzuigiri into headscissors takedown
    • Back to belly piledriver
    • Snapmare driver
    • Bridging leg hook suplex
    • Dragon suplex
    • Tiger suplex
  • Nicknames
    • "The Eternal Underdog"
  • Theme music
    • Severe Emotional Distress – Into Eternity

Championships and accomplishments

  • Unleashed Pro Wrestling
    • UPW Undisputed Champion (3 time)
    • UPW Tag-Team Champion (3 time)
    • UPW Hardcore Champion
    • UPW FTW Champion
    • Only UPW Grandslam Winner
  • Ultimate Extreme Pro Wrestling
    • UEPW Heavyweight Champion (1 time)(Final)

Federations Worked For

    • Volatile Wrestling Alliance
    • Unleashed Pro Wrestling
    • Ultimate Extreme Pro Wrestling

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Star Wars Fanon

Up to date as of February 04, 2010

The Star Wars wiki of fan invention.

Lazarus was a captain in the Imperial Navy. He was part of a regiment assigned to investigate sightings of an Order 66 survivor at an abandoned Separatist base. No matter how many times he was reported to be fatally injured, he never actually died.


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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Lazarus is a human character in the Generation One continuity family.

Lazarus. People call Adam Rook "Lazarus". You should too. He's a rogue government engineer turned arms dealer who likes making smug, self-important, meandering speeches while folding origami.

How he got the scar over his left eye is unknown. Maybe someone got sick of listening to him.


Dreamwave comics continuity

Engineer Adam Rook was hired in 1997 by US General Robert Hallo to design and build an army of intelligent shapeshifting robot soldiers. Despite ample resources and staff, each of Project Lazarus' fifty protoypes was an abject failure. Confronted with these setbacks, Hallo changed course, and took advantage of the recent Autobot/Human defeat of the Decepticons to experiment upon the deactivated Decepticons. Eventually, Rook succeeded in creating a program to control Transformers - the program allowed specific objectives to be input into the Transformer's central intelligence, suppressing their free will but retaining a level of intelligence sufficient to make independent decisions while carrying out the mission.

In order to acquire the Autobots, Hallo plotted to destroy the Ark II, a ship carrying the victorious Autobots, their Decepticon prisoners, and several humans back to Cybertron. The plan was successful - the Ark II exploded, killing its human passengers and depositing the Transformers into the Arctic Ocean, but Rook disappeared, taking the control program with him.

Seriously, call him Lazarus. He gets cranky if you don't.

Over the next four years, Rook, motivated by greed, adopted the alias 'Lazarus' and built an organization to retrieve and reactivate the slumbering Transformers. From a remote base in the Northwest Territories, he succeeded in reviving a number of Transformers, including Soundwave, Hound, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Starscream, Thundercracker, Rumble, Ravage, Prowl, Laserbeak, Skywarp, Cliffjumper, Ratchet, Ironhide, Bluestreak, Huffer, Brawn - and his 'deluxe model', Megatron. He hired them out to a number of tyrants and terrorists, who used them to attack and exterminate their enemies. Often, he would take potential customers on tours of his base, showing them the 'merchandise' (and using his origami skills) to sell them on his services. On one such tour, Lazarus attempted to demonstrate his control program to a terrorist named Bishop, only to find that Subject 6 - Megatron - refused to kneel before him. Explaining it away as a 'minor wrinkle', Lazarus led Bishop away, failing to note that Megatron had switched himself back on...

Some time later, Lazarus sent Grimlock, Bumblebee, Soundwave, Starscream, Thundercracker, Rumble, Ravage, and Laserbeak to attack an Arctic SmitCo oil refinery, as a demonstration to an audience of potential buyers. Once the refinery was destroyed, he proceeded to auction off his Transformers, starting with Megatron. Bidding reached 85 million dollars (and a harem of wives) before Megatron unexpectedly awoke, sending Lazarus' clientele running for their lives. Megatron devastated the base, freed his fellow Decepticons from Lazarus' control, and chained Lazarus himself up like a dog. The Decepticon leader then used Lazarus as the first test subject for his latest doomsday device, a virus powered by the life-forces of captive Autobots and humans; the virus converted Lazarus' body to lifeless technomatter in a matter of seconds, presumably killing him. The statue-like corpse of Adam Rook was left as a permanent monument to his arrogance and avarice.

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