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Fallout 3
requirements: Level 14
ranks: 1
benefit: Karma and Caps for killing evil characters
base id: 44CAC

Lawbringer is a Fallout 3 perk.



Once you have the Lawbringer perk, any evil character you kill will have a Finger on their corpse. This Finger can then be sold to a certain person (whose identity is disclosed when you take the perk) for caps and positive Karma.

The evil alternative to this is the Contract Killer perk.


  • Taking this perk is the only way to get this location marked on the map. Each evil person (e.g. Raiders, Talon Company Mercs, Etc.) will now have a Finger on its corpse. Bring Fingers to Sonora Cruz to trade for +10 Karma and 5 caps each with good karma or 10 caps each with verry good karma. As soon as the player takes the perk, the exact location of the HQ is revealed.
  • If the player's karma is in the Very Good range, Sonora Cruz will comment on the player's "other deeds" and award the player with a bonus. The bonus is in the form of an extra 5 caps per finger. The karma reward remains unchanged.
  • In the Official Fallout 3 Strategy Guide it states in the Perception section that both the Lawbringer and Contract Killer perks require you to have at least 6 Perception before you can get them, this is however false.
  • This perk will provide you with a Regulator Duster in 100% condition (though by the time you get the perk you should have found better armor already)


  • It is possible that Sonora Cruz vanishes from the Regulator HQ and does not return. Fast traveling to the HQ often spawns various combination of hostile creatures and/or robots. They are normally busy killing the Brahmin outside the HQ, however they engage you upon your arrival. Due to the nature of the AI and the NPC characteristics of Sonora Cruz, this causes her to flee from the area and not return. (confirmed on all platforms)
  • Even with the Lawbringer perk, regulators in the HQ will hold a bounty notice saying that you're a dangerous person who is to be shot on sight for a reward of 1000 caps when having an evil or very evil karma status. (confirmed on all platforms)

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