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A detailed image of a Law rune.

The Law rune is the base rune for all telekinetic spells, including all teleportation spells and Telekinetic Grab.

For non-members, the main source of law runes is from monster drops; most monsters that drop runes may occasionally drop law runes. Members can create law runes using the Runecrafting skill at level 54 at the Law altar on Entrana gaining 9.5 experience.


Use in spells


Free spells

Both members and non-members can cast these spells:

Members' spells

Only members can cast these spells:

Buying law runes

From non-player characters

Members may purchase law runes from:

From other players

Price / Experience comparison
Grand Exchange price GP / Exp
(per essence)
Nature rune 232 25.8
Law rune 296 31.2
Death rune 374 37.4
Blood rune 308 29.3
Soul rune 267 24.3 (however you can not craft these)

Before the update of the Grand Exchange, Law Runes were often much more expensive on Free-to-Play Worlds. The only way to obtain Law Runes in a free world is from monster drops (also the rare and essentially negligible Lost & Found office and Maze random events), and thus prices ranged up to 1k a rune. Members worlds, where Law Runes can be crafted, however, saw more stable prices of the rune around 350 gp. Now with the Grand Exchange, however, the price remains the same in either game type.

Any player can buy or sell law runes on the Grand Exchange. The base price fluctuates slightly, but it tends to remain around 330 to 340 coins. The current price is 296 coins (according to the Grand Exchange Market Watch). See also the latest price of law runes on the Grand Exchange Database.

Outside of the Exchange, players once could often be seen in banks, buying a single law for use in unplanned teleports, almost always for 1k. With the advent of teleport tabs, this practice is now relatively rare, as teletabs can be used regardless of magic level and are generally bought (individually) at the same price.

Crafting law runes

Members can make their own law runes from pure essence if they go to the law altar with a law talisman in their inventory or whilst wearing a law tiara or omni-tiara or wielding a law staff. They need level 54 Runecrafting, and gain 9.5 experience points for every pure essence used[1]. The law altar is located in the north-east of Entrana.

Prior to the Law Talisman Changes update on the 7 May 2008, players could only obtain the law talisman as a reward from completing the Troll Stronghold quest. The law talisman is no longer a reward from that quest. Now, players can obtain a Law talisman or tiara through trading or by purchase from the Grand Exchange. Many more players can now enter the law altar.


There are three efficient ways to access the law altar (each without any armour or weapons):

  • Abyss: Player have to run from Edgeville to the Abyss, enter the Law portal, craft the runes, then teleport back to Edgeville using Amulet of Glory or a varrock teletab or with runes.
  • Balloon transport system: Player have to run from Castle Wars to the balloon, Entrana balloon to altar, craft the runes, then teleport back to Castle Wars using Ring of Duelling.
  • Runecrafting Teleport Tablets: If player has the time (and tolerance to stressful, fast-paced mini games), players can buy Law altar teleport tablets for 43 Runecrafting guild tokens (around 6k each in gold coins). As said before, getting the teleport tablets can be quite time-consuming, however, the rewards are great. Using 24 teleport tablets, 3 Ring of duellings and small through large pouches, a player can craft 1000 law runes in around 18 minutes.

The time taken by both the Abyss and Balloon Transport is nearly the same (a bit more than 1 minute). The Castle Wars route is safer but uses more energy potions or super energy potions in order to run for a longer period of time.

  • Note: It is impossible to use Law altar tablets while wielding or carrying any weapons or armour. This means that the player must use either a Law tiara, Omni tiara, Law talisman or Law talisman staff, as the Omni-talisman Staff has equipment stats and thus cannot be brought onto Entrana. The Law talisman staff can be brough on, as it provides no stat bonuses, and the monks of Entrana will allow it on the island.

Law running

Main article: Law running

For those who cannot craft their own runes, law running can be a very effective way to obtain law runes and make a profit. In law running, a player travels back and forth from a bank to the law altar in Entrana, supplying runecrafters with unnoted pure essence in exchange for law runes, noted essence, or both.

Note that you cannot necessarily trade all your runes due to trading limits so you may have to trade 20 instead of all of them. However, because of the removal of unbalanced trade, people request assistance instead now.


  • The most law runes required for a spell are 6, for the Heal Group spell.
  • After the update, the scales symbol on the law rune brightened into the colour of soul runes, so players looking at the item on the floor can mistake it for a soul rune at first.
  • The symbol on the rune is the Scales of Justice.
  • The value of 1 law rune in Investment Credits in Mobilizing Armies is 114 Investment Credits.


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