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The location of the Law altar.

The Law altar is used to craft Law runes by using pure essence on it. It is found on Entrana, and can be accessed by using a law talisman on the mysterious ruins found there, or by entering while wearing a law tiara. A runecrafting level of 54 is required to craft law runes.

The Law altar was built by the Moon Clan, which was then a faction of the Fremennik mountain tribe. It is believed to have been built upon the very spot where Saradomin first set foot upon Gielinor in the Second Age.

Note that the altar is found on Entrana, so no weapons or armour, familiars, summoning pouches or summoning scrolls can be taken. This includes attempting to take them via other transportation methods such as the Abyss or Balloon Transport System. For this reason players are advised not to take pickaxes or axes to cut through the obstacles in the Abyss, as they will not be able to access the law portal. However, boots of lightness and Amulets of Glory are allowed. See the Entrana page for the complete list of allowed and banned items. The nearest bank is at Void Knight Outpost (although technically, it is actually on the other side of RuneScape, but the ship there takes you all the way there.), however the Draynor Village bank is the most popular bank for essence runners and runecrafters alike.

Though both the Law rift of the Abyss and the Law altar teleport can be used to teleport you directly outside the Law Altar, the "power of Saradomin" will prevent players from bringing anything they cannot normally bring onto Entrana.


Law running

Main article: Law running

Basically, law running is an interaction between those who can craft law runes, and those who run to and from a bank. For those who cannot craft their own runes, law running can be a very effective way to get law runes and/or make a profit. One player travels back and forth from a bank to the Law altar in Entrana, supplying runecrafters with unnoted pure essence in exchange for law runes, noted essence, or both. Note that players can't necessarily trade all their runes due to trading limits so one may have to trade 20 instead of all of them. Other players stay at the altar and craft the runes from the essence they receive from the runners.

On World 99, a new way of Law Rune running has been developed, which utilises the Assist System. The higher-levelled crafter waits at the altar for people to request their assistance. Once they do, the runners craft the runes, then repeat the cycle over again until they reach the desired amount of Law Runes.

The song 'Righteousness' is unlocked here.

A player crafting Law Runes at the Law altar.
The Law Altar


  • Inside the altar, the floor has a law scale design.

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