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Lava Maze runite mining site
File:Wilderness rune mine.png
Also known as? Rune rocks, 42 Wilderness mine
Location Northwest of the Lava maze
Members only? No
Rocks 2 Rune rocks
Monsters Revenants
Requirements None
A player standing by the two rune rocks in the mine.

Also called the Wilderness Runite mine, or more often simply as rune rocks, is the only mining site in free worlds with available runite ore. Therefore the rune ore is rarely left spawned, as rune-miners often time the spawns and wait for the ore to spawn in anticipation. The mine is located north of both the Bandit camp mining site and the lava maze and is surrounded by multi-combat areas of the Wilderness, although the mine area itself is not multi-combat. There are two rocks here which contain runite ore. Although the area around the rune rocks is crawling with aggressive Deadly red spiders, players will rarely be attacked by the spiders when standing next to the runite. World switching is useful here, to fill up with ore, as it can take up to 20 minutes for the runite to respawn. If players have any food left, they may need it on the way back. It is also a good idea to run using CONTROL-Click on the minimap when players need to escape from a Revenant, and not waste energy with permanent run selected.

A common practice among miners at this mine was the use of "scouts", which are low-level accounts. The miners first took these accounts to see if the mine contains any runite or player killers. After the update to the Wilderness on 10 December 2007, this tactic was rendered obsolete on non-PvP worlds, although these "scouts" may still be used to keep an eye out for Revenants when world switching.


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