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Many characters use their last words to convey an important message before their death. Often, this message is a warning to other characters, though other times they have a less prevalent meaning, especially with characters who die suddenly.


Main Character Last Words

Character Last words Significance

Ana Lucia Cortez
"For what?"
Ana Lucia had attempted to kill Benjamin Linus, but found herself unable to do so. She confided in Michael, and he convinced her to give him the gun, so that he might kill Linus. She gave him the gun and the safety combination, unaware that he had been blackmailed by the Others to free Linus. Michael took the gun, telling Ana he was sorry. When she asked, "For what?" he shot her in response. ("Two for the Road")

Boone Carlyle
"Tell Shannon...tell her..."
After receiving fatal injuries from the fall of the Beechcraft, Boone was taken to the beach where Jack attempted to save him. However, Boone, realizing that he was going to die, resigned himself to his fate, and attempted to convey a message to Jack for Shannon, but was unable to begin the message before he died. ("Do No Harm")

Charlie Pace
"Not Penny's Boat"
Shortly before Mikhail blew a hole in the side the Looking Glass, flooding it with water, Charlie was able to contact Penelope Widmore, who expressed ignorance about the Kahana, which Naomi Dorrit had claimed belonged to Penny. Charlie then used a sharpie marker to write "Not Penny's Boat" on his hand and showed his message to Desmond, so that Desmond would be warned about the people on the freighter. Charlie then drowned. ("Through the Looking Glass")

Charlotte Lewis
"I'm not allowed to have chocolate before dinner..."
Charlotte, before succumbing to temporal displacement, whispered her last words to Daniel. The words only had meaning to Charlotte in 1977, when she said them to Daniel Faraday as a little girl. ("This Place Is Death")

Daniel Faraday
"I'm your son."
Faraday, after being shot in the back by Eloise Hawking while holding up Richard Alpert, fell to the ground. Eloise approached and stood over Daniel, and he recognized her as his mother, and realized aloud that she had known he would die when she sent him to the Island. When asked by the younger Eloise who he was, Daniel replied that he was her son, leaving Eloise both shocked and confused. ("The Variable")

"I saw the devil,"
"You're next."
After Eko was mortally wounded after being beaten by the smoke monster, he was found by Locke and several other survivors. Locke leaned in and listened to Eko's last words, and he reported them to the other survivors as "you're next." However, many listeners have argued that Eko instead says "I saw the devil," a reference to the monster. ("The Cost of Living")

John Locke
"Do you know her?"
Locke, after being talked down from an attempted suicide by Ben, revealed to Ben that Eloise Hawking would help them find the Island again. After Ben asked if Locke was sure, Locke replied that he was, and asked if Ben knew her. Ben replied that he did, and then strangled Locke with an electrical cord, hoping that with Locke out of the way and the way to the Island revealed, he would be able to resume his leadership of the Others. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")("Lost: A Journey in Time")

Libby Smith
Libby, having gone to retrieve blankets for a picnic between herself and Hurley, witnessed Michael's cold-blooded murder of Ana Lucia. Michael, surprised that Libby had appeared, shot her twice in the abdomen as well. Jack later attempted to save Libby's life, but was unsuccessful. Libby's last word was "Michael," in an attempt to warn the survivors who shot her. However, this was interpreted as asking about Michael's welfare instead..

Michael Dawson
"Who are you?"
Due to Keamy's death, a large explosive planted on the Kahana was almost ready to explode. Michael Dawson had remained behind in an attempt to postpone the inevitable explosion to give his friends, including Jin and the Oceanic 6, a chance to escape the boat, by spraying the bomb with liquid nitrogen, to cool it down. However, his tank soon ran out. Just before the bomb exploded, Christian Shephard appeared before him, and told him that he could "go now" (a reference to the fact that the Island had not let Michael die until his mission was complete). Michael asked Christian, who he did not know, "Who are you?" Before Christian could answer, however, the bomb exploded, killing Michael and destroying the Kahana. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Nikki Fernandez
Having just been bitten by a Medusa spider after using them to attack Paulo, Nikki stumbled out onto camp and ran into Hurley and Sawyer. She collapsed into the sand, and mumbled "para...lysed," to them, referencing the effects of the medusa spider's venom. However, Sawyer and Hurley could not discern what she had said, debating on whether it was "plywood," "power lines," or "Paulo lies." However, they do not solve the mystery and instead bury Nikki and Paulo alive. ("Exposé")

"I was, afraid, of losing you. If you found the diamonds, you wouldn't need me any more."
When confronted by Nikki over why he stole the diamonds, Paulo gave this heartfelt reply, while the venom of the Medusa spider began to paralyse him. These were the last words he was able to speak, and he died soon afterwards when he was buried alive by the survivors, who mistakenly believed him and Nikki to be dead. ("Exposé")

Shannon Rutherford
"Walt! Wait!"
Shannon, after seeing a vision of Walt in the jungle, began running after the apparition, calling for it to wait on her. However, she was soon shot by Ana Lucia, who believed her to be an other. Shannon died in Sayid's arms. ("Abandoned")

Other meaningful last words

Naomi's last words were code for her duress ("The Beginning of the End")

Several supporting characters who have died have said important last words before their death as well.

Naomi Dorrit told George Minkowski to tell her sister that she loved her, while speaking over the phone to him after she had been stabbed in the back by Locke. Naomi died shortly after saying those words. ("The Beginning of the End")This phrase was actually a code word to signify the speaker's duress, and Naomi actually did not have a sister. ("Confirmed Dead")

George Minkowski's last words, "I can't get back," served as a warning to Desmond Hume. Minkowski, like Desmond, was suffering from temporal displacement, which caused his consciousness travel between the present and the past. Minkowski's temporal displacement was slightly more advanced than Desmond's, and his death signified what would come in the future if Desmond did not find a constant. ("The Constant")

Keamy's last words taunted Ben ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Martin Keamy's last words served as a warning for Ben. After having been stabbed repeatedly by Ben while in the Orchid station, Keamy used his last breath to inform Ben that "Wherever you go... Widmore... he'll find you." He then died, and his death triggered the bomb on the Kahana to explode, killing many people. ("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")

Jacob's last words to his nemesis served as a warning that "They're coming." It is currently unknown who "they" are, though the announcement visibly startled the nemesis. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

Also, believing them to be his last words, Desmond said "I love you, Penny" before turning the failsafe key in the Swan hatch. ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Ironic last words

Arzt warns the survivors before falling victim to his own carelessness ("Exodus, Part 2")

Several last words have served to add humor and irony to the show as comic relief. Leslie Arzt's last words warned the survivors about the dangers of handling dynamite, instructing them to be very careful; however, he exploded mid-sentence from not handling the dynamite carefully. ("Exodus, Part 2")

Neil "Frogurt", who after complaining about the survivors' inability to start a fire, was suddenly struck in the chest with a flaming arrow and died as a result. ("The Lie")

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