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Also known as: Lucas Finch
Race: Krillitane
Home Planet:
Home Era: 21st century
Appearances: DW: School Reunion
IDW: Fugitive
Actor: Anthony Stewart Head

Brother Lassar was a Krillitane who, under the name Lucas Finch, took over Deffry Vale High School in order to crack the Skasis Paradigm, which would make both he and his brothers "gods". He was a very sinister alien and liked eating children for lunch. Eventually, his plan was foiled and he was believed to have perished along with the other Krillitanes when K-9 blew up a can of Krillitane oil, destroying both the Krillitanes and the school. (DW: School Reunion)

It was thought that Lassar had survived the blast and later, now permanently in human form and going under the name Finch again, served as prosecutor when the Doctor was put on trial by the Shadow Proclamation. However, it was later revealed that "Finch" was a Gizou in disguise and was arrested by the Proclamation. Whether this means the actual Lassar survived the explosion or not remains to be seen. (IDW: Fugitive)

Behind the Scenes

Finch's first name was not given onscreen, only on the Deffry Vale School website. According to an on-line interview with Head, Finch's original name in the script was "Hector", but this had to be changed when a check found a real headmaster named "Hector Finch". However, Finch's name is given as Hector in Doctor Who: The Encyclopedia.

When the cast was announced, the character's name being given as 'The headmaster' led to speculation that Head was playing a new regeneration of The Master.

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Lassar once stood atop Ice Mountain in northern Asgarnia.

Lassar was a Zarosian fortress built on what is now known as Ice Mountain. Nothing remains of the fortress, it is assumed to have been destroyed during the God Wars.


Lassar, during its years of service in the Second and early Third Ages, was a massive fortress on the edge of Zaros's main kingdom. Its main features, according to Azzanadra, were impressive spires. It existed atop what is now known as Ice Mountain, a large mountain in northern Asgarnia. At the time, Asgarnia is believed to have been much colder than it is today, yielding snow year-round; yet nearly all of it had been settled by the Zarosians.

Lassar was likely near the edge of Zaros's largest kingdom, which, at the very least, encompassed the entirety of the Wilderness, Misthalin, and Asgarnia (although it is speculated that it could have included nearly all of Gielinor). Lassar most likely served primarily as an outpost, which could protect the area against invaders. It is unlikely that it served as a realm of transport, as Ice Mountain was far more dangerous than it is today.

When Zaros was overthrown by the Mahjarrat Zamorak, his kingdom was beset by many religious and racial factions that had suffered under his rule for many years. Lassar was most likely destroyed within the first thousand years of the war, although by whom is unknown.

Lassar Today

Today, no ruins remain of Lassar, and the fortress itself has been forgotten by all but a few. The only remains of Lassar may be the Icefiends that wander the area. It is possible that these creatures were originally more powerful waterfiends or relatives of the Icefiends that reside in Ghorrock, created to help protect the fortress.

In the Fifth Age, it was discovered that those with knowledge of the Ancient Magicks could teleport to the area where Lassar once stood, using the Lassar Teleport spell, with 72 Magic, 2 law runes, and 4 water runes.

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