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The main entrance to Las Venturas Airport.
Las Venturas Airport Sign.

The Las Venturas Airport is a parody of the real-life McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. The player can purchase Juank Air flights to and from Los Santos International Airport and Easter Bay International Airport, but no flights actually take off or land without the player instigating it. There are two Shamals, a Leviathan and several Dodos parked at the airport, along with an AT-400 in the hangar to the south. In the south-east corner there is an closed freight gate and the "Las Venturas Flight School", which is not the Flight School that the player attends. The sign above the entrance says "Welcome to Las Venturas / Bone County Airport". Also in here is the marker for the Las Venturas Checkpoint Races in where the player can access six different aircraft checkpoint races, provided they have completed Driving School and the mission Verdant Meadows. The airport is located south of Redsands West, north of the LVA Freight Depot, east of Blackfield and west of The High Roller.



Las Venturas airport has two runways but no taxiways. The main terminal lies to the east of the airport grounds with multiple gates in sight. The east runway is just slightly longer than the west runway, therefore the east runway is used in the cutscene where the user purchases a flight to either Los Santos International Airport or Easter Bay Airport in San Fierro. The Las Venturas Airport also holds the only flyable AT400 in the game.


Dodo (3)

Two are parked together at the north end of the runways. The third is at the very south of the airport.

Shamal (2)

Parked together at the west of the runway.


Inside the large hangar. Must be entered from the platform, otherwise inaccessible.


Parked near the two shamals.


  • Rocket Launcher                                                                                                     
  • Tear Gas


Las Venturas Airport From sky

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