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The city of Las Vegas in the early 21st century. (This supplemental image has been approved.)

Las Vegas was a city on Earth, in Nevada. In the 20th and 21st centuries, it was one of the most popular entertainment centers on Earth.

Las Vegas, circa 1962, was the setting for Julian Bashir's Vic Fontaine holoprogram. (DS9 episode: "His Way", et. al.)

A Las Vegas casino was the setting of the 21st century novel Hotel Royale by Todd Matthews. (TNG episode: "The Royale")

Young Electric Sign Company was located in Las Vegas, where it made the distinctive lighted signs that lined the city's famous Strip.

Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas was the operational command center for Colonel Amber's Regimental Volunteers in the early days of World War III, and was the site of the final battle of the Siege of Las Vegas. (DS9 short story: "Second star to the right...")

In the early 23rd century, T.J. McCoy attended a business meeting in Las Vegas, accompanied by his grandson, Leonard. (TOS short story: "Make-Believe")

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DC Comics

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Location Template Location Template
Las Vegas

Official Name
City of Las Vegas
Sin City; Vegas

Location Details


Star System



131.3 sq mi (340.0 km2)


First appearance




Las Vegas is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Nevada, the seat of Clark County, and an internationally renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping, fine dining, and entertainment.

Known for its opulent gambling casinos, this was where underworld figure Anthony Gallo became a millionaire and a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry. [1]

Las Vegas, Nevada was the scene of a fight between Blockbuster and teen hero Eliza Harmon, aka, Impulse. Lex Luthor stripped Harmon of her super-speed powers at a critical moment during the fight and she was killed in action. [2]

Las Vegas, Nevada was one of several key cities that came under attack during the Sinestro Corps War. [3]

Alternate Realities

Earth-AD: In the continuity of "Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth", Las Vegas, Nevada still existed, albeit in ruins. It was here that Kamandi fought the giant ape, Chaaku. [4]

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What happens in the Emerald City stays in the Emerald City.

Nevada is the 36th state of the United States of America.

  • Muppets appeared in Movin' with Nancy: Nice 'n' Easy, Nancy Sinatra's 1973 Las Vegas stage show which included live versions of classic Muppet acts, such as Hugga Wugga.
  • In The Muppets' Wizard of Oz, Toto says, "What happens in the Emerald City stays in the Emerald City," a reference to a recent Las Vegas advertising campaign.
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From The Vault

For the upcoming game by Obsidian Entertainment, see Fallout: New Vegas.
Fallout: New Vegas settlement
New Vegas

inside: Nevada

New Vegas is the post-War version of what used to be Las Vegas, Nevada. Tycho was told about it by his father, who was also a Desert Ranger in Nevada. According to his memory, a fat mobster, similar to Gizmo from Junktown, used to live in Vegas.


New Vegas is mentioned by Tycho in Fallout. Vegas will appear in Fallout: New Vegas, an upcoming game by Obsidian Entertainment.

Behind the scenes

Las Vegas was one of the main and most central cities in Wasteland, the predecessor to the Fallout series. The fat mobster mentioned by Tycho is a reference to Fat Freddy, a character from Wasteland.

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Ice Hockey

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An Ice Hockey Wiki article.

Las Vegas, Nevada is the twenty-eighth largest city in the United States and the largest city in the state of Nevada. Internationally renowned as a gaming resort city, Las Vegas is located in a desert basin in Clark County in southern Nevada.


Hockey in Las Vegas

Early years

Las Vegas saw its first hockey team in 1970 with the Las Vegas Gamblers of the Pacific Southwest Hockey League and were followed from 1971 to 1973 with the independent Las Vegas Outlaws. After the Outlaws folded, it was twenty years before Las Vegas saw professional hockey come back, but it did with three teams in 1993 (2 ice hockey, 1 roller hockey) with the Las Vegas Thunder of the International Hockey League, the Las Vegas Flash of Roller Hockey International, and a second conquest into the Pacific Southwest Hockey League with the Las Vegas Aces. The Flash folded after a single season and the Aces followed a year later, but the Thunder proved to have staying power as they became a perennial contender in the IHL. During the Thunder's six year stay in the IHL, Las Vegas saw two more hockey teams: the Las Vegas Ice Dice of the North American League in 1995 and the Las Vegas Coyotes, the city's second roller hockey incarnation, playing in the reborn RHI in 1999; the Coyotes lasted one season, while the Ice Dice did not play a single game.


Las Vegas was granted an expansion team in the West Coast Hockey League in 1999, weeks after the Thunder folded and were expected to start play during the 2000-01 WCHL season, but was unable to because of the lack of an arena lease. The team known as the Wranglers were finally able to strike a deal with The Orleans Hotel & Casino to be the permanent tenant of the gaming resort's multipurpose arena that was under construction. After five years in voluntary suspension the Wranglers were set to finally drop the puck during the 2003-04 WCHL season, but the league was absorbed by the East Coast Hockey League. The Wranglers were finally able to start their inaugural season during the 2003-04 ECHL season and have held many honors including two division championships, one conference championship, one Brabham Cup and posting the highest winning percentage of any team in ECHL history. In 2008, the Wranglers enter their sixth season of play, tying the Thunder as the longest tenure of a hockey team in Las Vegas, and making it the second oldest sports franchise in the city's history.

Since 1997, Las Vegas' MGM Grand Garden Arena has been home to a series of Los Angeles Kings exhibition games, known as Frozen Fury. Having outbid Anaheim and Phoenix for the NHL marketing rights to Las Vegas, Frozen Fury started off as a "marketing stunt" for the Kings that became a weekend party for their fans. Nine of the eleven games have featured the Kings taking on the Colorado Avalanche, with the only exceptions being Frozen Fury III in 1999 with the Phoenix Coyotes and Frozen Fury V in 2001 with the San Jose Sharks. The most recent edition of the series was Frozen Fury XI which took place on September 27, 2008, with Colorado defeating Los Angeles, 4-3 in a shootout.

Complete team list

Arenas in Las Vegas

  • MGM Grand Garden Arena (Home arena of Frozen Fury)
  • Orleans Arena (Home arena of the Las Vegas Wranglers)
  • Santa Fe Hotel Arena (Former home of the Las Vegas Coyotes; demolished)
  • Thomas & Mack Center (Former home of the Las Vegas Thunder)


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From Lostpedia

"World locations" redirects here. For a list of recurrent and important on and off-Island locations, see: Portal:Locations.

For references by major country instead of city, see:

For a list of countries that air Lost, see fan locations.

See all these locations on a map here. Click markers for details for how each place pertains to Lost, and use the legend to zoom in and out or move around on the map.

Also, put yourself on our own real life world map!
Lostpedia Frappr Map



The city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands
Centennial Park in Atlanta


Albuquerque, NM, USA

Ambrose, QLD, Australia

Ames, IA, USA

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • One of the locations Walt lived in, after Susan moved there for a job. ("Special")

Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA


Main article: Australia in Lost


Ayer's Rock, NT, Australia

See Uluru, Australia


Pura Tanah Lot temple in southern Bali

Bad Salzdetfurth, Germany

Bali, Indonesia

Main article: Indonesia in Lost

Barbers Point, HI, USA

Basra, Iraq

Berlin, Germany

  • Shown on a real life Oceanic-Billboard
  • Sayid is on an assignment from Ben to kill Elsa's unnamed boss here, resulting in Sayid shooting and killing Elsa. ("The Economist")

Baton Rouge, LA, USA


Modern day Cairo
Tivoli gardens in Copenhagen

Cairo, Egypt

Cambridge, MA, USA

  • Jae Lee went to college at Harvard, and met an unnamed American girl there who he was smitten with. ("What Kate Did")

Camden, England

See also London, U.K.


  • The only exception to this trend is in "Numbers" when Hurley's accountant informs him that his sneaker factory in Canada has burned down. There's no evidence to suggest that the accountant is lying.
  • Also, in "S.O.S." Bernard proposes to Rose in a restaurant overlooking Niagara Falls. The greater Horseshoe Falls can be seen out the window, which are part of Canada.

Canterbury, England

  • Location of the University of Kent where Charlotte attended university.

Cape Town, South Africa

Carlisle, England

Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

Chrismas Island

Conakry, Guinea

Copenhagen, Denmark

Danish: København, Danmark

  • According to the Hanso Phone Line, the address of The Hanso Foundation World Headquarters is 544 Orsund Klengvjel DK 1604 Copenhagen V. In Copenhagen Zip-codes belong to streets rather than areas and the Zip code DK-1604 KBH V belongs to a street named Kampmannsgade. So the Zip code exists, but there is no street called Orsund Klengvjel, the closest is Øresundsvej or Øresund Parkvej. So this is a fake address made up for The Lost Experience. (The Lost Experience)
  • According to Rachel Blake, Alvar Hanso traveled to this city on September 11, 2000 and Jan 1, 2001. (The Lost Experience)
  • Rachel traveled here herself between June 20 and June 27, 2006 to look for clues; she followed Mittelwerk and was in turn stalked by Malik here. It is the location of Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants. (The Lost Experience)

Costa Rica


Diamond Bar, CA, USA

Dresden, Germany

  • Charlie and Liam were trying to get a fix in Dresden the night Liam's daughter was born. ("Fire + Water")


Eddington, Scotland, UK

Location of Moriah Vineyards and the monastery Desmond spent time at. ("Catch-22")

Eleuthera, Bahamas


Essex, MA, USA


Eureka, CA, USA


The warm climates of Fiji


Florence, Italy

Fort Lewis, WA, USA

Fresno, CA, USA

  • Sawyer reads a private message left in a bottle by crash survivor Tracy who misses her husband and children all the while sleeping next to Scott Jackson at night. Walt tells Sawyer that its Steve Jenkins and that Scott is dead. ("Exodus, Part 2")


The Flower Clock in Geneva


Geneva, Switzerland

Grand Canyon, AZ, USA



The Helsinki Cathedral

Harrison Valley, PA, USA

Helsinki, Finland

Honolulu, HI, USA



Main article: Indonesia in Lost

Inglewood, CA, USA

See also Los Angeles, CA, USA


Main article: Iraq in Lost

Irvine, CA, USA


Main article: the island


Jakarta, Indonesia

Main article: Indonesia in Lost

Joshua Tree National Park, CA, USA

Jasper, AL, USA

  • Sawyer, his mother, and father lived here, it is where Cooper conned the Fords out of $38,000 ("The Brig")


Harrods department store, a main attraction in Knightsbridge, London

Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia

Kiev, Ukraine

Knightsbridge, England

See also London, U.K.


Main article: South Korea in Lost

Knoxville, TN, USA


Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London
The skyline of Los Angeles

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Lizard Island, QLD, Australia

London, England

See also Knightsbridge and Camden, U.K.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

See also Inglewood, CA, USA, Malibu, CA, USA, and Diamond Bar, CA, USA


The famous Prado Museum of Madrid
The Melbourne skyline
Oceanic billboard in Miami, FL

Madrid, Spain

Malibu, CA, USA

See also Los Angeles, CA, USA

Manchester, England

Medenine, Tunisia

Melbourne, VIC, Australia


(also see Taxco)

Miami, FL, USA

Mogadishu, Somalia

Moscow, Russia



The Namhae Bridge in South Korea
Narvik town-hall in Norway as seen in The Swan Orientation film
Rockefeller Center in New York City

Namhae, South Korea

Narvik, Norway


Main article: Nigeria in Lost

New York, NY, USA

Newport Beach, CA, USA

Niagara Falls, NY, USA



Oxford, England


Pacific Ocean

  • Area where Naomi was searching for Desmond, and where Flight 815 was believed to have crashed and sank by the outside world. ("The Brig")
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Papua New Guinea

  • The Black Rock, captained by Magnus Hanso, disappeared in 1881 on a return voyage from a gold mining operation in Papua New Guinea. According to local traders on the ship sailed away from port in an Easterly direction, rather than West to Africa, where it would exchange gold Papua New Guinea for more slaves. (The Lost Experience)

Paris, France


Phuket, Thailand

Portland, OR, USA

32 miles outside of Portland

Portsmouth, England


The Colosseum in Rome

Ramadi, Iraq

Rome, Italy

Ruidoso, NM, USA


Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

  • Nikki's television character "Corvette," is described by the MC during her stage show as the "pride of St. Paul." ("Exposé")
San Remo, on the Italian Riviera
Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Scotland and the rest of the UK
The Nallur Kandaswamy Temple in Sri Lanka
The Sydney skyline

Saint-Tropez, France

Sahara Desert

San Francisco, CA, USA

San Remo, Italy

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Sardinia, Italy

Sawgrass, FL, USA

  • Sawyer tells Agent Freedman that Munson moved his stolen money to a Bronco parked on Route 441 in this city (could also refer to a highway in Broward county, FL--The Sawgrass Expressway--which does cross Route 441 in Coral Springs, FL). ("Every Man for Himself")


Seoul, South Korea

The Seychelles

Sioux City, IA, USA

Sri Lanka

Stowe, VT, USA

Sydney, NSW, Australia

  • The airport in this Australian city is where Flight 815 originated. ("Pilot, Part 1") (Note that this city is featured in several episodes throughout the series)
  • One of the locations Walt lived in, after Susan moved there for a job. ("Special")


The island of Tahiti
Tallahasee aerial view of downtown
The Tampa skyline
A school in Troisvierges, a town in Northern Luxembourg

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tallahassee, FL, USA

  • Kate was buying a ticket to Tallahassee when apprehended by U.S. Marshal Edward Mars, who describes the city as nothing but "strip malls and Waffle Houses." ("What Kate Did")
  • Sawyer implied to Jack that he contracted a communicable disease in Tallahassee ("Let's say something was burnin' and it wasn't from the sunshine."). ("Lockdown")
  • Juliet's biography according to Mittelos Bioscience states that she received her B.S. in Biology from the Florida State University, which is located in Tallahassee. ("Not in Portland")
  • Ben refers to Locke's father as "the man from Tallahassee". ("The Man from Tallahassee")
  • Anthony Cooper was driving down I-10 when his car was pushed into a divider. Being put in an ambulance is the last thing he remembers before waking up on the Island. ("The Brig")
  • Florida State University, located in Tallahassee is home to the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. The laboratory is home to the world's largest and most powerful magnet.
  • Mentioned briefly in DJ Dan 7/5 podcast as part of the "Where's Alvar" gag. ("The Lost Experience")

Tampa, FL, USA

Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico

Terre Haute, IN, USA

Tikrit, Iraq

Tozeur, Tunisia

Troisvierges, Luxembourg

Tustin, CA, USA

purchased. ("Walkabout")

  • Locke's home. Location of Tustin Ranch Florist where Locke's father is helping his fiancé plan their wedding. ("The Man from Tallahassee")



Uluru, NT, Australia

United States

Main article: United States in Lost


The Vladivostok harbor

Vik, Iceland

Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Russia


Wayzata, MN, USA


Zanzibar, Tanzania


  • One of the ongoing gags on the show and TLE is to make fun of Tallahassee. In the 10/09/06 podcast, a fan asked this as a question to Damon and Carlton: "Why does the city of Tallahassee hate you?". Carlton answers: "I don't know why they hate us. But they hate us, so, we deservedly are hating them back."

See also

External links

  • Jonah Adkins' A Geographical Study of Lost (Warning: Large 4.4mb file (7200x7200px))
  • SWLS Locations Map
  • Lost Virtual Tour

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Marvel Database

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Location Template Location Template
Las Vegas

Las Vegas
Official Name
Las Vegas
Vegas, Sin City


First appearance




Las Vegas is the most populous city in the state of Nevada, United States and an internationally known vacation, shopping, entertainment and gambling destination. The name Las Vegas is often applied to the unincorporated areas that surround the city, especially the resort areas on and near the Las Vegas Strip. This 4½ mi (7.2 km) stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard is mostly outside the Las Vegas city limits, in the unincorporated towns of Paradise and Winchester.

Points of Interest

Bishop met with the villain Stryfe at Betty Noir's café to make an alliance.[1]


  • No special notes.


  • No trivia.

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Links and References

  1. X-Force/Cable: Messiah War

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Las Vegas is an ostensibly real human city in Nevada.



Generation One

Dreamwave Comics Continuity

The Keepers Trilogy
Starscream staged a hostile takeover of Las Vegas, signing a lucrative (and exclusive) deal with media mogul Darren Norbert to commoditize worldwide interest in a city where humans live side-by-side with Transformers as the backdrop for the reality-television series Real Life—Transformers Style.

Setting up court in the MGM Grand casino, Starscream initiated Project Renewal, designed to turn Vegas into some sort of lurid sideshow paradise more of a lurid sideshow paradise, where the slots pay out more money than they take in (paid for by outside investors,) adventure is in the air, every man a winner, every cop a hero, and anyone can be a star.

He officially rechristened the city New Vegas, though the locals privately refer to it as Dirty Vegas, while loving every minute of it.

Starscream's reign came to an end when the all-powerful Keepers returned with Megatron. Though he resisted Megatron's attempts to re-take the Decepticon forces (appointing Skywarp his second in command after Soundwave left) he was less successful at resisting the Keepers.

New Vegas's era came to an end when the joint Autobot/Decepticon invasion to unseat Starscream reduced much of the casino district to smoking rubble, and the President of the United States attempted to nuke the city. Keepers Trilogy

The engine of commerce that drove New Vegas was publicly said to be its high-profile media coverage, but the real incentive for outside investors was the Decepticon technology Starscream was offering. Long after New Vegas had fallen, it lingered.

  • Palms Grayson Hotel - Fictional hotel where the decepticon sympatizer Buckingham laid a trap for LVPD officer Ryan O'Brien.
  • MGM Grand - Casino Starscream used for his base of operations.
  • Mirage - Casino where one of the patrons was goaded into going on a rampage for the cameras.

Unicron Trilogy

Panini Armada comic

In 1957 while excavating to construct a new casino, construction crews unearthed a fragment of the Mini-Con ship Exodus containing the Land Military Mini-Con Team. It was transferred to Area 54 under care of the E.R.T.D..

Movie continuity

Transformers: The Junior Novel

The final battle takes place in Las Vegas, instead of Mission City like it does in the film. For information about the battle, see the Mission City article.

Transformers: Autobots/Decepticons

The Las Vegas Casino Strip serves as the first region in both games (in the Decepticon's version, the first and last).

Transformers: Autobots

Casino Strip has two missions only. Bummer.

In The New Arrival, Create-A-Bot arrives on Earth, and is guided by Ironhide. First, he reaches an objective point, then defeats three Decepticon drones, then learns how to shoot, then kills a Decepticon chopper, then scans a vehicle, then drives to an objective point. *breathing hard*

In Put to th Test, Create-A-Bot must destroy three Decepticons, then has to kill off an evil clone. The end.

Transformers: Decepticons

Casino Strip has one more mission than the above game. Bummer.

In The Rookie, Create-A-Bot arrives on Earth, and is guided by Barricade. He must reach the objectives, then kill Autobot drones, then learn to shoot, then kill an Autobot chopper, then scan a vehicle, and finally, drive to an objective point.

In Hazing, Create-A-Bot must cause damage, then destroy four Autobot drones, then kill off a good clone. Sucker.

Finally, in Final Showdown (which is obviously the Final Showdown between two Decepticons), Megatron must kill off Starscream. The end. Go home now.

Seriously, there's nothing left. Go home.

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