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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Image:Lani battle-FFIX.PNG
Japanese ラニ
Romaji Rani
Location Fossil Roo
Class Humanoid
Steal Ether, Gladius, Coral Sword
Item Dropped N/A
Card Dropped None
Abilities Slash, Scan, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Aera, Water, What do you think you're doing!?
Eat N/A
Status Immunity Petrify, Zombie, Stop, Float, Doom, Venom, Death, Poison, Heat, Silence, Confuse, Sleep, Freeze, Trouble, Berserk, Regen, Vanish

Lani appears as a boss in Fossil Roo. She will always attack Dagger if she is alive and will attack Vivi next if Dagger is KO'ed, and while she will normally continue to attack Garnet, she will sometimes switch and focus on another character when they come out of Trance. Her high Speed and use of level 2 black magic make her a force to be reckoned with. Zidane should steal all the items and when his done with stealing, he should start attacking, Vivi should use his Black Magic to hurt Lani and Quina should attack or use Frog Drop if she/he has eaten a lot of frogs. Having Reflect or Auto-Reflect on Garnet for the battle makes it much easier.

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