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The Sealed Gate

The Land of Espers is a location in the game Final Fantasy VI in the World of Balance. It is located deep within the mountains on the Southern Continent beyond a gate. It is where the Espers live, and it is there that they protect the Statues from ever going ballistic again.

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The Land of Espers was created after the War of the Magi, during which three goddesses were bickering and quarrelling. This caused magical power to engulf the world, and any human caught in the power was transformed into an Esper, and fought against the humans who did not control themselves. The goddesses realized that what they were doing was wrong, and asked the Espers to seal them inside stone Statues and seal them away. In return, the Statues allowed the Espers to live free of worry in their own land, and thus was the Land of Espers created.

One thousand years later, a human girl named Madeline stumbled upon the Land of Espers, and fell in love with an Esper named Maduin. Together, they gave birth to a baby girl: Terra. The Espers did not approve of this and Madeline had to live under the Elder's watch. Two years after this event, a man named Gestahl brought an army to the Land of Espers and began to capture the Espers, including Maudin and Terra, and take them to his home country of Vector. As a result, the Elder decided to cast a magical seal on the gate of the Esper world, and keep the humans out forever.

Sixteen years later, Terra returned to the Sealed Gate and pleaded with the Espers for their help in attacking the Gestahlian Empire, which the nation of Vector was now known as. She was pursued by the Imperial general Kefka, and as a result, the Espers, lead by Yura went berserk and on a rampage, destroying Vector in the process. Later, after acquiring Magicite, Kefka and Gestahl broke the seal and found the Statues, which they used to break the Esper World's barrier and turn it into the Floating Continent.


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