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Lana Lang has traditionally been Superman's romantic interest when they were teenagers in Smallville. In the Silver Age, she regularly appeared in series featuring the character’s teenaged self Superboy. She also often appeared as an adult in Superman series, vying with current love interest Lois Lane for his attention.

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Publishing History

Lana Lang is a supporting character in DC Comics' Superman series. Created by writer Bill Finger and artist John Sikela, she first appeared in Superboy #10 (September-October 1950).

Lana has traditionally been Superman's romantic interest when they were teenagers in Smallville. In the Silver Age, she regularly appeared in series featuring the character’s teenaged self Superboy. She also often appeared as an adult in Superman series, vying with current love interest Lois Lane for his attention.

Lana has been featured in most other media adaptations of Superboy or Superman as a teenager, including the recent series Smallville where she is played by Kristin Kreuk. She has also appeared in many adaptations of Superman, although her role is generally smaller. An exception is the 1983 film Superman III, where she was played by Annette O'Toole and was the character’s main romantic interest.

In the original Superboy stories, Lana was the girl who lived next door to the Kent family in Smallville, and was a romantic interest of Superboy. In the Silver Age stories, Lana often behaved like a younger version of Lois, spending much of her time trying to prove that Superboy and Clark Kent were one and the same.

At one point, Lana once rescued an insect-like alien trapped by a fallen tree in Smallville. In gratitude, the alien gave her a "bio-genetic" ring which allowed Lana to gain insect (and insect-like, such as arachnids) characteristics. Lana created a yellow honeybee-like costume and mask, and took the name "Insect Queen," under which identity Lana had several adventures.

Lana also had various adventures with Superboy, and several with the futuristic superhero team the Legion of Super-Heroes. Also appearing in some Silver Age stories was Lana's uncle, Professor Potter, an eccentric inventor who had inadvertently created the first Bizarro.

After Clark and Lana graduated from high school, Lana went to college, and eventually became a television reporter; as an adult, she became a rival to Lois Lane for Superman's romantic affection in various 1960s stories, often appearing in the title Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane.

Lana and Lois acquire super powers and fight each other for Superman's love in Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane #21. Art by Kurt Schaffenberger.During the 1970s and early 1980s, Lana became an anchorperson for WGBS-TV's evening news in Metropolis, as a co-anchor to Clark Kent. Her attraction to Superman during this time had also died off, leaving Superman to Lois. Lana later became romantically linked to the alien super-hero Vartox.

In the early 1980s, with the use of the multiverse system DC had in place, Lana Lang was also shown in one story to have had an "Earth-Two" counterpart (Earth-Two at the time the home of the Justice Society of America and DC's Golden Age versions of its characters, versus its mainstream universe of "Earth-One"). In this story, Lana wound up becoming an Insect Queen like her Earth-One counterpart; in this case, Lana had received a mystic amulet from her archaeologist father, said amulet having been created to allow a Pharaoh to control and divert the locust hordes that threatened ancient Egypt. Unfortunately, the charm associated with the amulet was set to be energized by the sound of approaching insect wings; the next time an insect flew by, Lana was compelled to create a Chitinous golden-brown costume (woven by silkworms under her control) and adopt a villainous alter ego, the Insect Queen. Earth-Two's Superman was able to locate an antidote to the spell, which Lois Lane used to remove the compulsion. (Superman Family #213, 1981)

In Frank Miller's classic graphic novel Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Lana is The Daily Planet's managing editor. A no-nonsense middle-aged lady, she is Batman's most outspoken supporter, appearing in a series of TV debates in which she and others argue over his

Other Media

  • In the failed 1961 TV pilot The Adventures of Superboy, Lana Lang made her first live-action appearance, portrayed by Bunny Henning, alongside Johnny Rockwell as Superboy.
  • In 1966, Lana appeared in the Superboy segments of the animated series The New Adventures of Superman. She was voiced by Janet Waldo.
  • In Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie in 1978, Lana Lang had a brief appearance in a scene at Smallville High. She was shown to be a cheerleader at the school with a fairly obvious crush on Clark, even though her current boyfriend was a football player named Brad. She was portrayed by Diane Sherry.
  • Annette O'Toole as Lana Lang in Superman III.In the 1983 movie Superman III Lana was played by Annette O'Toole (who went on to play Martha Kent in the TV series Smallville). In this film, she is a divorcee with a son named Ricky. Lana's former boyfriend Brad, a former jock and Clark's childhood bully, is now a security guard and is still vying for her attention. (Brad possibly inspired the character of Whitney in the series Smallville.)
  • In the late 1980s Superboy TV series, Lana was played by Stacy Haiduk. In this version, she was a lifelong friend of Clark, who accompanied him to Shuster University (named after Superman's co-creator) and later the Bureau for Extra-Normal Matters, where she and Clark investigated all of the unusual incidents that took place in Capitol City, Florida.
  • Lana made one appearance in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, where she was played by Emily Procter. Lana's appearance was in an episode set in an alternate universe, where she was engaged to Clark, and encouraged him to keep his abilities secret. When the mainstream universe's Lois persuaded that world's Clark to become Superman, Lana ended their relationship.
  • The pilot episode of Superman: The Animated Series followed the "post-Crisis" comics, with Lana being the first person Clark confided in about his superpowers. Lana, as an adult, appeared in later episodes as a world-famous fashion designer. The young Lana was voiced by Kelley Schmidt, and the adult version by Joely Fisher.
Kristin Kreuk plays Lana Lang on the CW series Smallville
  • In the 2001 television series Smallville, Lana, played by Kristin Kreuk, is again the (often forbidden) love interest of the young Clark Kent, with at least some of each episode devoted to their potentially developing relationship. Although Kreuk's performance is rarely faulted, many fans of the series consider the long, drawn-out and seemingly endless permutations of Clark's relationship with Lana to be a weakness of the series, especially as it is clearly Clark's "destiny" to end up with Lois rather than Lana.

Especially for the first three seasons, Lana's character seemed to suffer from the series' writers never quite knowing how to make her character truly relevant on a weekly basis, resulting in an absurd number (even for Smallville) of episodes in which she is exposed to temporarily power-bestowing and/or personality-changing events, or needing to be rescued from life-threatening danger. Kreuk's Lang is the only incarnation of the character whose hair is brown rather than red.


  • Lana is one of several Superman characters with the initials "LL", including Lex Luthor, Lionel Luthor, Lena Luthor (whose surname was changed to "Thorul" in the Silver Age, to distance herself from her criminal brother), Lois Lane, Letitia Lerner, Lori Lemaris, Lucy Lane and Linda Lee (aka Supergirl).
  • In the Smallville Season One episode "Craving" Lex writes a check to Dr. Steven Hamilton which is dated as "11/12/01." The date he wrote this was on Lana's sixteenth birthday. The Lana Lang portrayed by Kristin Kreuk was born on Tuesday November 12, 1985.

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