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Lané Votorina
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47 BBY



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1.65 meters

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Rise of the Empire Era, Rebellion Era


Catalin family, Naboo Handmaidens, Royal Naboo, Galactic Republic, Alliance to Restore the Republic

"She is the first ruler of Theed in both name and practice since her former mistress Padmé Amidala was the city's princess, and uncertain about following in the footsteps of such a woman, but Theed is, in truth, lucky to have her."
Vatié Bibble

Lané Votorina, born Lané Catalin, was a member of the Catalin family, handmaiden to Queen Amidala, Princess of Theed for four years, and a Major in the Rebel Alliance.




Early Life(47 BBY to 33 BBY)

Early in her life, Lané Catalin was identified as one of the most intelligent members of her family and was sent away from her relatives to school in Theed. By the time she was seven, she was studying political theory full time. She also was well educated in high Naboo culture, and more than one of her mentors complimented her for her singing ability. She was involved in the Apprentice Legislature for four years, but in 33 BBY, her mentors suggested she needed both hands-on political and social training time, as she was not very socially active, and she was recommended to Captain Panaka as a possible handmaiden and protocol advisor to royal candidate Princess Amidala. She was accepted as eighth handmaiden to Amidala, who went on to win the election.

Handmaiden (32 BBY to 24 BBY)

Her first year as a handmaiden was not what Lané had anticipated, when Naboo was invaded, and she found herself a participant in a guerrilla war conducted from Naboo's swamps. By the time she had helped repel the invaders, however, she had grown much more comfortable with her fellow handmaidens. She would later become closer friends with Eirtaé Lasara and Vatié Bibble over their musical abilities.

Later Vatié's father, governor Sio Bibble, would take an interest in her abilities and begin to request her assistance. When Amidala left office in 24 BBY, Lané was officially appointed as an aide to him.

Assistant to the Governor (24 BBY to 20 BBY)

As an aide to Theed's government, the issues Lané helped Bibble deal with included the further strengthening of the city militia, the last the rebuilding after the Battle of Naboo eight years earlier, and the discontentment of the plasma miners when they lost the priority of Naboo's spaceports. She spent two weeks just before the outbreak of the Clone Wars helping newly arrived refugees settle on Naboo, and made a similar visit to Ohma-D'un after the confederate invasion there. This raised her in the public eye, on on Bibble's retirement she was easily elected into his position. The same election put Theed's Princess Apailana onto the throne, and as a result, this title defaulted to the new governor.

Princess of Theed (20 BBY to 16 BBY)

Shortly after she took office Lané Votorina found herself fighting in another battle, as this time the planet itself was invaded. Though not as heavily involved in the actual combat as several of her fellow former handmaidens, she provided much assistance behind the lines, and supervised the repair of Theed for the second time in her life. A year into her first term, the death of her former mistress caused her to enter a period of public mourning, but she continued to perform her tasks as normal.

Unknown to the general population, she had, alongside the other former handmaidens, taken a vengeance oath against the new Emperor Palpatine, whom they saw as responsible for Amidala's death. Seeing Panaka as also partly responsible, she was also involved in the first attempt to poison him afterwards, though authorities did not connect her to it. Otherwise she aided Queen Apailana in the hiding of the Jedi, and under Queen Kylantha did her best to preserve Theed's public structure. She also made unsuccessful attempts to expose the truth of Apailana's murder, and in 17 BBY privately had her own life threatened by an Imperial agent. Under pressure from most of the other governmental figures, who were themselves under pressure from the Empire, she stepped down in 16 BBY and retired to Dee'ja Peak.

Rebel Activity (16 BBY to 3 ABY)

In 14 BBY, the arrest of both Motée Sensari and her old friend Eirtaé caused Lané to flee Naboo with the other former handmaidens. The group commandeered a blockade runner they named the Padmé Amidala for their late mistress, and Lané became the ship's unofficial second-in-command. When the ship and its crew went to formally pledge itself to the Rebel Alliance, Lané accompanied Sabé to the meeting with Mon Mothma. She would afterwards occasionally be sent by rebel leaders to persuade other groups to join their cause.

In 0 ABY, she was sent to Skyrees for this purpose, and would afterwards be instrumental in the coordination of an attack on the planet to drive the Imperial presence off of it. After the battle, she was promoted to the rank of Major. She continued to serve the Rebel Alliance from the command level for the following three years, until she was killed in the Battle of Hoth, when the transport she was on was among those destroyed by Imperial forces.

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