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This article is about the room in a player-owned house. For the buildings scattered around RuneScape where players can recharge their Prayer points, see Church. See also Temple. For the lamps which can grant experience points, see Lamp.
A chapel fitted with furniture dedicated to Saradomin

The Chapel in a player-owned house is a room where the player can recharge Prayer and receive prayer bonus experience for bones like the bonus given by Ectofuntus. This room can be created with 45 Construction and 50,000 coins.

There are 7 different hotspots available :

  • Altar - The altar recharges Prayer points, as all other altars do. Altars in a POH also allow players to offer bones upon them, providing bonus Prayer experience over simply burying the bones, with the maximum bonus of 250% given by a Gilded altar. The altar can be built using level 67 construction. Using 3 doses of orange spice on a stew after RFD (Evil Dave). Also the stew can be used with tea to get +9 bonus.(see Spicy stew. )
  • Lamp - Torches and candlesticks are strictly decorative. Incense burners are lit individually. Each lit burner boosts prayer experience by 50% on top of the altar's experience bonus when offering bones. All 3 kinds of incense burners give the same prayer bonus.
  • Icon - Aligns the chapel to either Guthix, Saradomin, Zamorak, or Bob depending on the icons chosen. The default alignment is to Saradomin. Note: Alignment to Bob does NOT change the chapel's alignment.
  • Window - Higher quality windows provide a window pattern of the player's chosen deity.
  • Statue - Statues of the player's chosen deity.
  • Musical - Instruments that can be played.
  • Rug - Decoration.



Altar Image Level Materials Experience  % Extra Prayer xp(Both Burners Lit)
Oak altar File:Oak altar.gif 45 4 Oak planks 240 200%
Teak altar File:Teak altar.gif 50 4 Teak planks 360 210%
Cloth altar File:Cloth altar.gif 56 4 Teak planks, 2 bolts of cloth 390 225%
Mahogany altar File:Mahogany altar.gif 60 4 Mahogany planks, 2 bolts of cloth 590 250%
Limestone altar File:Limestone altar.gif 64 6 Mahogany planks, 2 bolts of cloth, 2 limestone bricks 910 275%
Marble altar File:Marble altar.gif 70 2 Marble blocks, 2 bolts of cloth 1030 300%
Gilded altar File:Gilded altar.gif 75 2 Marble blocks, 2 bolts of cloth, 4 gold leaves 2230 350%


A lit Marble Burner.
Lamps Image Level Materials Experience
Steel torches File:Steel_torches.gif 45 2 Steel bars 80
Wooden torches File:Wood_torches.gif 49 2 Planks, 2 nails 58
Steel candlesticks File:Steel_candlesticks.gif 53 6 Steel bars, 6 candles 124
Gold candlesticks File:Gold candlesticks.gif 57 6 Gold bars, 6 candles 46
Incense burners File:Incense_burners.gif 61 4 Oak planks, 2 steel bars 280
Mahogany burners File:Mahogany_burners.gif 65 4 Mahogany planks, 2 steel bars 600
Marble burners File:Marble burners.gif 69 2 Marble blocks, 2 steel bars 1600

It should be noted that players only receive bonus experience when Burners are lit. To light the burners, players need a tinderbox and a marrentil for each burner. For a player with a workshop, a tool store 2, and who is using House Teleport tablets, a good strategy would be to use a tablet, get a tinderbox from the workshop, and then light the burners and use the bones on the altar. This will allow players to hold one extra bone, and though it won't be much difference with low level ones, it can allow players to get a fair amount of more experience per trip. Of course, this won't work if players aren't using Teleport Tablets.


Icon of Bob the Cat in a POH Chapel
Icon Image Level Materials Experience
Guthix symbol File:Guthix_symbol.gif 48 2 Oak planks 120
Saradomin symbol File:Saradomin_symbol.gif 48 2 Oak planks 120
Zamorak symbol File:Zamorak_symbol.gif 48 2 Oak planks 120
Guthix icon File:Guthix_icon.gif 59 4 Teak planks, 2 gold leaves 960
Saradomin icon File:Saradomin_icon.gif 59 4 Teak planks, 2 gold leaves 960
Zamorak icon File:Zamorak_icon.gif 59 4 Teak planks, 2 gold leaves 960
Icon of Bob File:Bob_icon.gif 71 4 Mahogany planks, 2 gold leaves 1160


Musical Image Level Materials Experience
Windchimes File:Windchimes.png 49 4 Oak planks, 4 nails, 4 steel bars 323
Bells File:Bells.png 58 4 Teak planks, 6 steel bars 480
Organ File:Organ.gif 69 4 Mahogany planks, 6 steel bars 680


Statues Image Level Materials Experience
Small statues File:Small statue.gif 49 2 Limestone bricks 40
Medium statues File:Medium statue.gif 69 1 Marble block 500
Large statues File:Large statue.gif 89 3 Marble blocks 1500


Window Image Level Materials Experience
Shuttered window 49 8 Planks, 8 nails 228
Decorative window 69 8 Pieces of molten glass 4
Stained glass 89 16 Pieces of molten glass 5


Rug Image Level Materials Experience
Brown rug File:Brown_rug.gif 2 2 bolts of cloth 30
Rug File:Rug.gif 13 4 bolts of cloth 60
Opulent rug File:Opulent_rug.gif 65 4 bolts of cloth, 1 gold leaf 360

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