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Final Fantasy II Boss
Lamia Queen
Japanese ラミアクィーン
Romaji Ramiakuīn
NES Name Lamia Queen
NES DSOP Name LamQueen
PS Name Lamia Queen
GBA Name Lamia Queen
PSP Name Lamia Queen

The Lamia Queen is a boss creature from Final Fantasy II, and the player's first encounter with it is more integral to the story than most other bosses in the game. While in Palamecian custody on the Dreadnought, Princess Hilda is switched with a Lamia Queen disguised as her to fool the rebel forces. Firion and his party eventually storm the empire's warship and rescue Cid and the false princess, taking them back to Altair. Later on, after the party returns from Deist, the Lamia Queen briefly attempts to seduce Firion, revealing its true form, and the party engages it in battle.

Later in the game, the party will encounter another Lamia Queen guarding a treasure chest in Palamecia's castle, and as a random encounter in Pandaemonium.


The Lamia Queen is a notoriously tricky foe, utilizing a couple of dangerous status effects to cause havoc amongst the party. Its regular physical attack will frequently put its targets to sleep, and it utilizes Charm 9 to confuse the party members. It may also cast Blink 16 on itself repeatedly, making it nearly impossible to hit with physical attacks. Before engaging the Lamia Queen, level up the Basuna spell to at least level 5 to deal with any confused characters. The Lamia Queen is also susceptible to the Silence spell, but an early visit to Mysidia is necessary to pick it up, then build it up to level 3. If the spell is cast it on the Lamia Queen early on in the fight, two-thirds of the dangers will be eliminated. The Sleep effect from its physical blows should be easy enough to deal with, as it tends to wear off quickly. With or without the Silence spell, strike the Lamia Queen with physical blows and powerful spells to take it down. Sometimes, she will drop some extremely useful equipment giving the party members a considerable edge for what is to come, most commonly the Diamond Cuirass, Protect Ring, and the Ribbon.

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