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Lambda Serpentis is a star system composed of a yellow G-type star, located around 38 light-years from the Sol system, where it is visible by the Humans of Earth in the Serpens constellation.

Lambda Serpentis was formerly the location of at least one of the UNSC's outer colonies, a planet in the system contained the Jericho VII colony. [1]



  • In 2535, the Covenant invaded the system and attacked the UNSC colony on Jericho VII. Even though the UNSC sent Spartans to help defend Jericho VII, the human defenses were overwhelmed and the Covenant began glassing the planet.
  • In 2552, a Fleet of Covenant ships was ordered to go to the Lambda Serpentis system to collect Tritium gas for their reactors in preparation to rendezvous with the Unyielding Hierophant and mass Slipspace jump to Earth, indicating that the system is now home to a Covenant refueling station at the very least.[2] As such, it is one of few UNSC systems not entirely glassed and actually inhabited by the Covenant.


Distance: 38.3 light years from Earth
Coordinates: 236.6 deg, 7.35 deg
Star: Two reddish suns.


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