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Affiliated with: The Rani
Place of origin: Lakertya
Appearances: DW: Time and the Rani

The Lakertyans are a race of reptilian humanoids.

The Lakertyans look like Humans with yellowish skin and scales around the face. They also have impressive gold coloured manes. Lakertyans also differ from baseline humans in skeletal structure, with a longer skull, larger vertebrae that included external posterior caudal segments.

They found the Human form "hideous".

The Lakertyans were a primitive people when discovered by the Rani. They were enslaved to work on the Rani's Time Brain project. Many Lakertyans were killed by the hard work, the Rani's traps or the Tetrap slave-masters. Though some of the Lakertyans tried to fight back, the Rani created more threatening motivators, such as deadly insects and electrifying bracelets. Eventually, the Rani's plan to convert Lakertya into a Time Manipulator was stopped by the Doctor. This action started the Lakertyans to a path of self-sufficiency. (DW: Time and the Rani)

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