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Lak Sivrak
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Uvena Prime


4 ABY, Endor

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1.82 meters[1]

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Rebellion era


Lak Sivrak was a Shistavanen scout, brother of Tagg Sivrak.



Lak Sivrak was an Imperial scout who developed a reputation for success, and became an important asset to the Galactic Empire. The isolation associated with Sivrak's deep space scout work cut him off from the news of the Rebel Alliance's open opposition to the Empire.[2]

Lak Sivrak.

Sometime before 11 BBY, Lak Sivrak and fellow Shistavanen scout Yurdak Fav were contacted by the Uvena System Constabulary. They were asked to search for missing Alpha Premier Korta Sac, who was eventually found murdered inside the Jenet embassy. Afterward, Fav and Sivrak spent a time together and with other scouts before returning to their respective warrens. Sivrak kept a good impression on Fav.[3]

Only after stumbling across an Alliance base did Sivrak learn of the terrors and atrocities of the Empire. In an effort to aid the Rebels, Sivrak omitted any mention of life on the moon. Despite his efforts, another scout had already reported the colony, exposing Sivrak’s deception. To avoid an Imperial execution, Sivrak fled to Tatooine.

In Mos Eisley, hidden away from his employers, Sivrak dreamed of helping the Rebel Alliance as a scout. Finally his dream came true when he met Dice Ibegon, a Florn Lamproid. Lak Sivrak fell in love with Ibegon, and they left the Mos Eisley cantina.[2]

Both Lak and Dice joined the Rebels in 2 ABY.[2]

During his time as a Rebel, Lieutenant Sivrak was contacted by The Task Force on Alliance Security. The Task Force, knowing of Sivrak's underground contacts, asked Sivrak to write information on some potential Rebel threats he was familiar to, such as a Myo, Garindan (Sivrak had met both of them on Mos Eisley) and Yurdak Fav. About Fav, he wanted to give her the benefit of doubt and questioning her instead of capturing her. Sivrak also wrote about Garindan's associate Derrida.[3]

The Battle of Hoth proved fatal for Dice. As she died in her lover's arms, she told Lak to continue the fight against the Empire and believe in the Force.[2]

Lak Sivrak continued to serve the Rebel Alliance until his death at the Battle of Endor, when he crashed into Endor taking three TIE Fighters with him.[2] It was said that after his death he was rejoined with Dice Ibegon in the netherworld of the Force, and they watched the celebration of the Empire's defeat together on Endor.[2]

Behind the scenes

Because George Lucas thought Sivrak's mask looked fake (he has stated that it was a werewolf mask purchased in a Halloween store), he was replaced by Ketwol in the Special Edition.[4] This would normally remove the character from G-canon, however Sivrak is referenced in Behind the Magic as standing behind Hem Dazon. This, of course, was a mistake, as the alien in the shot is Defel Arleil Schous. Therefore, the current canon status of Sivrak remains in question.


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