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Lak Jit was a male Devaronian. He identified himself as a "simple seeker of knowledge and truth," when the Noghri found him digging up datacards near Mount Tantiss on Wayland in 19 ABY. He claimed he was working for Talon Karrde.

Leia Organa Solo, who was enjoying a vacation on Wayland, gave him 500 credits and said she would evaluate them and pay him what they were worth. He agreed but then stole a speeder bike and got to his Gymsnor-2 light freighter.

However, the Wild Karrde intercepted the ship and found a data card that he hadn't given to Organa Solo. Talon Karrde told him that depending on what they found on the data card he may or may not be still associated with his organization.

Once he was free he took off and told fellow smugglers and other shady individuals about the Caamas Document. Karrde sent out a capture order to his organization and others. Mazzic caught him after the Devaronian told him all he knew. Then Mazzic turned him over to Karrde.


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