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Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor
DR: 38
item HP: 500
weight: 30
value: 400
effects: AP +10, Big Guns +10
repair: Combat Armor and variants
quests: Fatal Attraction
base id: xx00b95f

Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor is a unique variant of Talon Combat Armor found in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel. It can be repaired with other Combat Armor variants.



Main article: Fatal Attraction

Found in La Maison Beauregard on Lag-Bolt as part of the unmarked quest Fatal Attraction.


  • It is the only item to raise both Big Guns and Action Points at the same time.
  • This item is a reasonable compromise between the Ranger Battle Armor and the Tribal Power Armor, offering more AP than the Battle Armor, 3 points less AP than the Power Armor (the Power Armor gives 15 but it's effectively 13 with the -1 Agility penalty), and more Damage Resistance. In addition, it is less cumbersome to wear than the Tribal Armor (Power Armour has reduced movement speed), and repair materials for it (Combat Armor) are much easier to locate.
  • Lag Bolt's Combat Armor is more preferable if a player is using an Action Boy/Girl perk and Ledoux's Hockey Mask compared to Tribal Armor because of a few reasons. One is that it offers around the same amount of AP at no cost of losing speed (power armor loses speed) and a player also weighs less/easier to repair armor. Plus, all weapons in VATS use same AP as Tribal Armor, thus making a player equipped with Lag Bolt's Armor reasonably better.
  • The actual benefits of Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor over the Ranger Battle Armor are debatable for characters wishing to maximize AP with 10 Agility, Action Boy/Girl and Ledoux's Hockey Mask, as the extra 5 AP allows a scarce few weapons to get extra shots in VATS; the most notable weapons are the Railway Rifle, Atomic Pulverizer and the Ritual Knife.


Lag-Bolt's Combat Armor appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


Broken Steel (add-on)
Armor of Fallout 3

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