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Lady Djinn

Real Name: Lady Djinn
Nicknames: No known nicknames
Former Aliases: No known former aliases
Other Current Aliases: No other known current aliases



Occupation: Sorceress; Queen
Legal Status: Lady Djinn was once a legal citizen of the territory governed by the Lightning Lords. They elected her to the position of Queen, although they had no true intention of bestowing any form of rank or title upon her.
Identity: Public
Marital Status: Single
Group Affiliation: Ally of the Yorg
Base of Operations: Citadel of the Lightning Lords


Lady Djinn is a human magic-user from an alien world, whose birth name and planet of origin have yet to be revealed. The nature of her mystical powers and the identity of those who trained her remain unknown.

Place of Birth: Lady Djinn was born on a nameless planet in an unknown star system.
Place of Death: Citadel of the Lightning Lords
Known Relatives: No known relatives
First Appearance: Starfire #6
Final Appearance: Starfire #7


Many years ago, a highly advanced society known as the Lightning Lords found themselves the target of an invasion by two rival factions of aliens – the Mygorg and the Yorg. The Lords consulted with their sentient computer network, an artificial intelligence they dubbed The Keeper. The Keeper advised its charges to postpone military action against the Mygorg and the Yorg until they could learn more about their weapons strength. After analyzing the situation, the Keeper suggested that the Lords should continue to maintain a false front of neutrality, and chose a sorceress named Lady Djinn to act as a faux queen, while the true nobles went into hiding. The Lords trusted Lady Djinn to work in their best interests, possessing little idea of the woman's true power and ambition. She used her dark magic abilities against the Keeper system and turned its primary programmer into an addle-brained, mute. With the Keeper under her command, Lady Djinn became the planet’s true ruler.

As years passed, Djinn allied herself with the Yorg and maintained her position of power at the Lightning Lord citadel. The Mygorg meanwhile, took control of the surrounding valleys and began enslaving its human populace.

A warrior woman known as Starfire discovered the former computer programmer and freed him from his Mygorg slavers. Ignorant of the man’s history with Lady Djinn, she named him Thump, and invited him to join her band of rebels.

Starfire and her warriors began leading raids against many Mygorg camps and Lady Djinn recognized that her movement posed a threat to her control. She had Thump captured and brought back to the citadel. Starfire mounted a rescue mission and broke into the tower to free her friend. Lady Djinn and Starfire faced one another, but Djinn used her magic to keep Starfire from coming in close enough to deliver a fatal blow.

Meanwhile, the Keeper elected to betray Lady Djinn and used the power at its disposal to teleport Starfire and her allies away from the citadel. It then turned its attention on Lady Djinn. Using a form of molecular alteration, the Keeper transformed her into a living computer terminal. The Keeper activated a self-destruct program which destroyed itself, the citadel and Lady Djinn.


Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Red
Hair: Red
Unusual Features: Lady Djinn's red eyes appear to be a characteristic uncommon to her people. Whether this is her natural eye color, or a side effect of her mystical affinity has yet to be revealed.


Known Powers: Lady Djinn possessed a vast array of supernatural powers. The exact nature and limits of her mystical abilities have never been revealed.
Known Abilities: No known abilities.
Strength Level: Lady Djinn possessed the strength level of a healthy young woman who engaged in moderate regular exercise.


Equipment: The Keeper computer system
Transportation: Lady Djinn had access to a variety of atmospheric hover crafts.
Weapons: Lady Djinn had access to a variety of advanced weaponry, including laser guns.


  • Lady Djinn existed in a dimension outside that of the mainstream DC Universe.
  • Whether Lady Djinn's reality was erased with the collapse of the Multiverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event has yet to be revealed. Unless otherwise stated, her history and existence should be considered apocryphal.


  • In the ancient Arabic culture of Earth, a Djinn (or genie) was a member of a demonic race of creatures reputed to bestow three wishes upon whomever takes command of them. Aside from mystical prowess, Lady Djinn bears nothing in common with these mythic beings.

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