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The entrance to the Labyrinth of Time.

The Labyrinth of Time is the new bonus dungeon from the 20th Anniversary version of the original Final Fantasy. It consists of various floors, each one containing puzzles that must be solved on time for the player to be able to proceed. If the player fails to solve the puzzle on time, a dense fog will invade the area, sapping the party's HP and increasing the encounter rate, and the player will unlock the red seal of the floor when completing the puzzle, which is a sign of failure. Successfully completing a floor will allow the player to unlock its blue seal; either way, a passage to the next floor becomes available. Stages are chosen at random on each playthrough.

If the player is able to reach the deepest floor of the dungeon, he will face Chronodia, Master of Time and the PSP version's new superboss. Chronodia's strength depends on the number of blue and red seals unlocked by the player. The more red seals unlocked, the weaker Chronodia will be, and the more blue seals unlocked, the stronger Chronodia will be.

This dungeon is located in the Chaos Shrine and can be first visited when the player defeats all four Fiends for the first time. The player must visit Cornelia first and speak to the mysterious man in the center of the town. Then, the party should head for the Shrine, where they will observe the man entering a hidden room that serves as the entrance to the Labyrinth.

Enemy Formations


  • Since it is exclusive to the PSP version, the Labyrinth of Time is the only place in the game where it isn't possible to save the game.
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