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Released June 27, 1986
Running time 101 minutes
Director Jim Henson
Written by Jim Henson & Dennis Lee (story), Terry Jones (screenplay), Elaine May (uncredited)
Original music by David Bowie (songs), Trevor Jones (score)
Studio Tri-Star Pictures
MPAA Rating PG

Labyrinth is a fantasy film written and directed by Jim Henson.

A teenage girl named Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), tired of babysitting for her little brother, idly wishes that the goblins would come and take him away--then must make amends when Jareth, the Goblin King (David Bowie), takes her up on the offer. Sarah must find her way to the Castle at the center of the large labyrinth within 13 hours, or she will lose her brother forever. Along the way, she enlists the assistance of Hoggle, a grumpy dwarf; Ludo, a large horned monster with a heart of gold; and Sir Didymus, a knightly dog whose courage far exceeds his capacity to actually do anything useful.


Behind the Scenes

Burned by the negative reception that met The Dark Crystal, Jim Henson set out to make a film that was every bit as technically innovative as his last film, while incorporating the humor and music that audiences loved from Sesame Street and The Muppet Show.

For the humor, Jim enlisted Terry Jones, formerly of Monty Python, to write the script. For music, Jim turned to David Bowie, who wrote all of the songs and also played the lead villain. For production design, Jim once again employed Brian Froud, and Trevor Jones (who had scored Dark Crystal) returned to provide a still fanciful but more lighthearted soundtrack.

To help secure funding for the film, Jim called upon George Lucas to executive produce. Jim and George had a long collaborative history together, as Lucas had worked closely with Jim on the creation of Yoda for the Star Wars movies.

Despite its dynamic creative team, audiences still stayed away. Though not a box-office hit in its initial release, the film has performed steadily for Columbia TriStar over the years in various VHS and DVD editions. It was while in discussions for a sequel to Labyrinth that the idea for the movie MirrorMask was created.

The Cast

Many Muppet veterans worked on some part of this film. Brian Henson provided the voice and performed the remote-control mouth movements for Hoggle. Dave Goelz performed Sir Didymus, and Steve Whitmire performed Didymus' "trusty steed" Ambrosius. Frank Oz performed a wise old man, and Goelz performed a strange creature that came out of the Wiseman's hat. Many other Muppet alumni contributed to the film, including Karen Prell (as the Worm), Kevin Clash (the lead Firey), and Cheryl Henson. (With the exception of Brian and Kevin, none of these performers contributed voices to the film.) Meanwhile, another Muppet veteran, Louise Gold, appeared as a dancer in the ballroom scene, but did not puppeteer on the film.

Many other LucasFilm alumni contributed to the film including Kenny Baker (played R2-D2 in the various Star Wars movies), Warwick Davis (played Wicket the Ewok and others in the various Star Wars movies), and Jack Purvis (played a Jawa, Ugnaught, and Ewok in the various Star Wars movies).

Danny John-Jules, who later played Cat in the cult sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf, provided the voice for two of the Fireys.

Brian Froud's real son, Toby, plays Sarah's baby brother Toby.


David Bowie recorded music videos for "Underground" and "As the World Falls Down" -- two songs from the movie -- for potential airplay on MTV. These videos do not appear on any video edition of Labyrinth; however, they can both be found on the "Best of Bowie" DVD.

Gates McFadden, who played Dr. Beverly Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation, was one of the film's choreographers (credited as Cheryl McFadden).

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held a 20th anniversary screening of the movie on July 20, 2006 at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. Brian Henson and members of the film's creative team were scheduled to attend.

Scenes from this movie were used in the Muppet Babies episode "Nice to Have Gnome You".


Some Labyrinth merchandise has been created over the last few years, including T-shirts sold at Hot Topic, as well as door knockers based on the talking ones seen in the movie. Additionally, Palisades Toys, which garnered great acclaim for its Muppet action figures, produced a 12" Jareth doll intended for release in April 2006. More figures were initially promised. However, with Palisades' bankruptcy and acquisition by Limited by CAS Inc., the figure was canceled and removed from most online pre-order lists.

A manga comic sequel to Labyrinth called Return to Labyrinth is being published by TOKYOPOP.


  • Producer: Eric Rattray

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File:The Evil Forest in world.jpg

The Evil Forest

The Evil Forest is a subarea of Amakna.


The Evil Forest is a Conquest territory (needs a Prism of Conquest).


File:The Evil Forest.jpg


Dark Vlad

The main reason to enter The Evil Forest is to fight the boss monster, Dark Vlad. Reaching him can be quite tricky though. To get to him follow the instructions below:

  1. (-3, 14) (Entry/Exit)
  2. Go SW to (-3, 15)
  3. Go W to (-4, 15)
  4. Go S to (-4, 16)
  5. Go W to (-5, 16)
  6. Go S to (-5, 17)
  7. Go SW to (-5, 18)
  8. Go E to (-4, 18)
  9. Go N to (-4, 17)
  10. Go E to (-3, 17)
  11. Go E to (-2, 17)
  12. Go N to (-2, 16)
  13. Go W to (-3, 16)
  14. Go NE to (-2,16)
  15. Go N to (-2, 15)
  16. Go E to (-1, 15)
  17. Go E to (0, 15)
  18. Go SE to (0, 16)
  19. Go S to (0, 17) (Ded Aleicar)
  20. Go S to (0, 18)
  21. Go W to (-1, 18)
  22. Go S to (-1, 19)
  23. Go S to (-1, 20)
  24. Go W to (-2, 20)
  25. Go W to (-3, 20)
  26. Go W to (-4, 20)
  27. Go NE to (-4, 19) (Malicious Chest)
  28. Go W to (-5, 19)
  29. Go W to (-6, 19)
  30. Go W to (-7, 19)
  31. Go NW to (-7, 18)
  32. Go N to (-7, 17)
  33. Go N to (-7, 16) (Dark Vlad's Clearing)


A map of the area can be found here

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Guild Wars

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The Labyrinth of the Underworld
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Landmark
Part of: The Underworld


Note: This landmark is part of a larger zone; to reach it, enter the zone and walk there.

The Labyrinth is a crypt filled with narrow corridors in the center area of the Underworld. Players adventuring into the Underworld start in the southern part of the Labyrinth and usually make their way north and west to the Reaper of the Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is plagued with several groups of the dreaded Bladed Aatxes and the occasional Dying Nightmare. Once the quest Clear the Chamber is taken (without which the locked doors will not open), the place will be swarming with Grasping Darknesses. This is why adventure groups will clear the path up to the closed doors first and take on the quest so they do not have to fight the Aatxes and Darkness at the same time.

The Labyrinth leads southwest into the Forgotten Vale, northeast into the Ice Wastes and south into the Twin Serpent Mountains.

The quest Unwanted Guests takes place in the Labyrinth. other quests starts there, and lead the party to other parts of the Underworld.

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Halo Wars


Presumably the Unnamed Shield World.

  • Forest
  • Forerunner
Equipment on map
Recommended Number of Players

4 players


Labyrinth is a Halo Wars multiplayer map.



Labyrinth is a large 2v2 map in Halo Wars. It looks like a huge square, with building sites situated at regular intervals in the map. Large forerunner walls also take up parts of this map. The areas of building sites slightly resembles a grid, with sites in some squares. The picture shown on the right is the centre bridge of the map, where most battles are fought.

A very unique feature of this map are Forerunner Protectors, which can be purchased by players and attached to squads. There are three unique variants, which can attack enemies, heal units and project protective shields. The map also features several Forerunner Forts, which take the place of Rebel Bases. These bases are protected by powerful Sentinels, Super Sentinels, and Laser Turrets. The fact that the Sentinels are flying units, means that these bases are a bit more difficult to assault early on. You want to build up strong defenses on all sides because your enemy will flank you.[1]


  • It is advisable to pick up some Protector units if you are traveling the side route to attack your enemy.
  • The two Forerunner bases nearest to the middle have limited access to ground forces; it is recommended that you take one or both of these bases if you choose to do so.
  • The large path in the middle often turns into a choke point; make sure you are the one controlling it.
  • If you are not scouting first, then try to take the base to the left or right of your starting base.
  • It is advisable to try and have at least 1 unit at the sentinel factories.


  • A Forerunner structure that emits energy beams similar to the ones found on Installation 04 can be found in the corner of this map.
  • The Protector units also can be found protecting the Prophet of Regret, if he is the player's chosen leader and the upgrade "Ancestral Perversion" is researched.




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  • Full list of comics from this series that are in the database.

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Release date 10 January 2007 (Update)
Members-only? Yes
Location Unknown edit
Skill requirements Unknown edit
Quest requirements Contact!
Unlock hint This track unlocks during Contact!
Track duration Unknown edit
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Star Wars Fanon

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The Labyrinth was a cluster of Black Holes just inside the S'Ueto Region. It bordered The Vanishing Point.

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Japanese (kanji and furigana)


Japanese (kanji)


Japanese translated




Appears in (sets)
Appears in (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Labyrinth is an archetype focussing mainly on cards used by the Paradox Brothers. They were also used by Nitemare in the video games. The archetype has no specific support except for the Guardians and a single fusion.

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