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Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics
modifies: chances with the virtual dice of the game, critical chance, Gambling
related perks: Better Criticals, Bonus Ranged Damage, More Criticals, Mysterious Stranger, Scrounger, Toughness
related traits: Jinxed
Fallout 3
modifies: all skills, critical chance, some random encounters
related perks: Better Criticals, Fortune Finder, Mysterious Stranger, Scrounger

"There's only one way to give 110%."

Luck is one of the seven Primary Statistics in the SPECIAL character system. It represents Fate. Karma. An extremely high or low Luck will affect the character - somehow. Events and situations will be changed by how lucky (or unlucky) your character is.


Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics

In Fallout, Luck primarily affects your chances with the virtual dice of the game, a high luck means you're more likely to succeed a roll, while the opposite is also true. Luck also affects the chance to score a critical hit on an enemy, with the standard being that your Critical Chance is equal to your luck (keep in mind, standard means without perks, traits, or aimed shots). It also determines the initial level of your Gambling skill.

Ways to increase Luck

  • Fallout - Chuck in the Boneyard - Adytum can increase your Luck permanently by one point via the mysteries of the Tarot.
  • Fallout 2 - The Hubologists can be visited to gain a luck bonus. Only one bonus can be gained, though they have two bases, one in NCR and one in San Francisco.

Fallout 3

Unlike other SPECIAL scores, Luck has no specific skills associated with it. Instead, each point of Luck adds one point to all skills. Having a high Luck will also improve your critical chance with all weapons.

Value +Critical Chance Skill Modifiers
1 1% All Skills +1
2 2% All Skills +1
3 3% All Skills +2
4 4% All Skills +2
5 5% All Skills +3
6 6% All Skills +3
7 7% All Skills +4
8 8% All Skills +4
9 9% All Skills +5
10 10% All Skills +5

Luck-based Perks

Perk Required Level Additional Requirements
Fortune Finder 5 6
Scrounger 5 8
Mysterious Stranger 6 10
Better Criticals 6 16 Perception 6

Ways to increase Luck

Primary statistics

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