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Season 6, Episode 1 - "LA X, Parts 1 & 2"

Written by: Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse

Directed by: Jack Bender


Part 1, Act 1

[The Previously on Lost ends with the detonation of the bomb - then cuts to the clouds, as the view zooms out to Jack. Jack is then interrupted by Cindy.]

CINDY: So how's the drink?

JACK: Uh... it's good.

CINDY: That's not a very strong reaction.

JACK: Well, it's--it's not a very strong drink.

CINDY: [Hands Jack another Vodka bottle] Don't tell anyone.

JACK: It'll be our secret.

[Twists cap]


[Bell dings]

CINDY: [Over P.A.] Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned on the "fasten seat belts" sign.

[Rattling stops]

CINDY: [Over P.A.] Please return to your seats and keep your seat belts fastened.

ROSE: It's normal. My husband said the planes want to stay in the air.


JACK: Sounds like a smart man.

ROSE: You be sure and tell him that when he gets back from the bathroom.

JACK: Well, I'll keep you company until he does. Don't worry...

[Rattling loudly]

[Woman gasps]

[Rattling continues]

[Rattling stops]

[Jack's Panting]

ROSE: You can let go now.

[Passengers murmuring]

ROSE: It's okay. You--you can let go.


JACK: Looks like we made it.

ROSE: Yeah. We sure did.

[Bell dings]


NORRIS: Sorry about the unexpected bumps, folks. We just hit a pocket of rough air. It should be a smooth ride from here on out.

BERNARD: [Lowered voice] Remind me to hold it next time, will ya? [Normal voice] I almost died in that bathroom.

[Seat belt clicks]

BERNARD: Now I know how the laundry feels when it's in the dryer.


ROSE: I missed you.

BERNARD: I missed you, too, beautiful.

JACK: Excuse me.

[Jack visits restroom, see's what appears to be shaving wound on neck, then goes back to his seat]

DESMOND: Oh, I'm sorry, mate. Is this your seat? The stewardess said it was empty.

JACK: No. No, I'm at the window.

DESMOND: Oh, right. [Unlatches seat belt] Listen, mate, do you mind if I sit here? It's just the fella next to me has been snoring ever since we took off from Sydney.

JACK: [Chuckles] Yeah, no problem.

DESMOND: Thanks, brother. [Jack, unnerved, looks at Desmond] Something wrong?

JACK: No. No, you just... [sighs] Do I know you from somewhere?

DESMOND: [Chuckles] Well, I'm not sure. Desmond.

JACK: Jack.

DESMOND: Nice to meet you, Jack... or to see you again.



[Miles beneath the plane, the entire Island lies sunken under the ocean. The sonic fence and DI houses are shown, as is the 4-toed statue]

Part 1, Act 2

[Drill whirring]


[Metal clanking]

[Buzzing, magnetic humming]

JULIET: Aah! No! No!

SAWYER: Juliet!


SAWYER: I got you. No, don't let go!


SAWYER: Juliet! No!

JULIET: [Sobbing] Come on! Come on, you son of a bitch!

[Loud explosion - white flash]

[Focus on Kate's eye - she regains consciousness to find she's up a tree - all sound is muffled]

KATE: [Grunting] Aah!



[Muffled grunting]

[Muffled whimper]

KATE: [Muffled] Hey!

[Muffled ringing noise]

KATE: Hello?

[Muffled ringing continues]

[Kate climbs down]

KATE: Hello?!


[Grunts - Kate tackles Miles to the ground]

MILES: [Grunts] Hey! Hey! Kate!


MILES: It's okay. It's me, miles. It's okay.

KATE: What happened?

MILES: What?

KATE: Where are we?

MILES: I can't--I can't hear you. Are your ears ringing?


MILES: What is it?

KATE: We're back.

MILES: Back where?

[Panting] [Kate runs to see hatch]


MILES: Is that the construction site?

KATE: No. That's the Swan hatch... after Desmond blew it up.

MILES: Guess we're not in 1977, huh? [Kate notices Jack and Sawyer - she goes to Jack]

KATE: Jack? Jack. Can you hear me? Jack!

JACK: What happened? Where are we?

KATE: At the hatch.



JACK: What? They built it?

KATE: Yeah. They built it.

[Grunts] [Sawyer kicks Jack in the face, who falls down into crater]

KATE: Sawyer!


JACK: Uhh!

SAWER: You were wrong! That's the damn Swan hatch--blown up just like we left it before we started jumping through time! You said we could stop it from ever gettin' built! That our plane would never crash on this island!

KATE: Stop it!

SAWYER: This ain't LAX!

KATE: Stop it!

SAWYER: You blew us right back where we started! Except Juliet's dead. [Sighs] She's dead, you son of a bitch, 'cause you were wrong.

JACK: [Panting] Sawyer... I'm sorry. I thought we were supposed to... I thought it would work.

SAWYER: Well, it didn't!

[Jack walks to restroom]

JACK: You in line?

MARS: No, I'm just waiting for my friend.

[Door unlocks and rattles]


JACK: Whoa.

KATE: I'm sorry. I didn't...

JACK: [Chuckles] It's okay.

KATE: I didn't see you there.

JACK: It's okay.

MARS: Let's get back to our seats, sweetheart.

[They take their seats. Mars passes Kate a meal tray.]

MARS: Mmm. Lasagna.

[Mars snatches the metal cutlery from the tray.]

MARS: No. No knife and fork for you, honey.

KATE: What do you think I'm gonna do, stab you and run?

[A man brushes past Mars on his way through the aisle.]

MARS: Hey, watch we're you're going, buddy.

SAWYER: [Turning around] Sorry. My bad.

ARZT: Say it. Come on, please? Just once.

HURLEY: I really don't want to, dude.

ARZT: I love those commercials. Come on. Just do the Australian accent, and I'll leave you alone.

HURLEY: All right. Fine. All right. [Australian accent] Oi! Have a cluckity-cluck day, mate!

ARZT: [Laughing] You know who this is? This is--this is the owner of Mr. Cluck's Chicken. And he's--and he's back here riding coach with the rest of us yutzes! Huh? [Laughs]

SAWYER: How about that?

ARZT: Hey, um, do you mind me asking, how exactly did a guy like you get to own a major corporation?

HURLEY: I won the lottery and I like chicken, so I bought it.

ARZT: Oh. Good. Good for you.

SAWYER: You know, you really shouldn't tell people you won the lottery.

HURLEY: Yeah? Why not?

SAWYER: Cause they'll take advantage of you. That's why not.

HURLEY: Thanks for the advice, dude, but it's not gonna happen.

SAWYER: It's not, huh?

HURLEY: Nope. Nothing bad ever happens to me. I'm the luckiest guy alive.

HURLEY: [Loudly] What just happened?

JIN: I found a flashlight.

HURLEY: Dude, who cares? The sky just went from day to night. What happened?!

JIN: I think we moved through time.

HURLEY: How do you know that?

JIN: White flash. Headache. Can't hear. Happened to me before.

HURLEY: What about Jack and everyone else? Did they move through time, too?

JIN: I don't know. They took one of the other vans and went up to the worksite.

[Sawyer shouts indistinctly]

JIN: And then I heard gunfire--


SAWYER: [Shouting distantly] You said that our plane would never crash on this island!

HURLEY: You hear that, dude? It's Sawyer.

JIN: Stay here with Sayid.

SAWYER: [Shouting indistinctly]

JACK: The bomb must've gone off.

SAWYER: You think an atom bomb went off, we'd still be standing here?!

JACK: I don't know.

SAWYER: That's right! You don't! For once, you don't know!

JIN: Jack! Sayid needs help.

JACK: Where is he?

JIN: With Hurley at the van. Two minutes away.

JULIET: [Muffled, weak voice] Help.

JIN: He's still bleeding. We don't know what to do.

JULIET: Help me.

SAWYER: So what do you say, doc? Got another great idea to save Sayid? Maybe there's a nuke laying around.

KATE: Hey, shut up!


SAWYER: Juliet!

JULIET: James?

KATE: Oh, my God.

SAWYER: Juliet!

[Sayid coughs and gags]

HURLEY: Oh, God. Oh, God, this is gross.

[Coughing and gagging, wheezing]

HURLEY: Don't worry, dude. Everything's gonna be fine.

SAYID: [Weakly] When I die... [groans] what do you think will happen to me?

HURLEY: Just--just try not to talk, dude.

SAYID: [Inhales sharply] I've tortured more people than I can remember. I murdered. Wherever I'm going... [whispers] it can't be very pleasant.

HURLEY: Sayid, come on.

SAYID: I deserve it.

[Leaves rustling]

[Rustling stops]

HURLEY: Hello? Jin?



[Leaves rustle]

HURLEY: I've got a gun!

[The rustling stops. Hurley struggles feebly to cock the gun.]

HURLEY: And I know how to shoot it!

[Leaves rustle]

[Rustling stops]

[Leaves rustling]

JACOB: Hello, Hugo. You got a minute?

Part 1, Act 3

[Rose and Bernard Speak indistinctly... both chuckle]

JIN: [speaks in korean] [english subtitles: why are you staring at them?]

SUN: [speaks in korean] [english subtitles: I-- they just seem so happy]

JIN: [speaks in korean] [english subtitles: Button your sweater.]

BOONE: You're wasting your time, man. This plane goes down in the ocean way out here, I think our chances of survival are exactly zero.

LOCKE: Actually, in calm seas w-with a good pilot, we could survive a water landing. And, uh, the fuel tanks are buoyant enough to keep us afloat until we got in the life rafts...

[Boone grins at Locke]

LOCKE: What?

BOONE: No, it's just impressive you know that. So what were you doing in Australia? Business or pleasure?

LOCKE: Pleasure. You?

BOONE: I went down to get my sister out of a bad relationship that it turns out she didn't want to get out of. So... here I am. So what, you were just Down Under for vacation?

LOCKE: Actually, I went on a walkabout.

BOONE: Really? Like--like Crocodile Dundee?

LOCKE: [Chuckles] No, not exactly. But--but, uh, it was pretty intense. We--we spent ten days in the Outback and, uh, nothing but our packs and our knives. We slept under the stars and made our own fires, hunted our own food.

BOONE: Wow. I wouldn't make it two days without my cell phone.

[Both chuckle]

BOONE: You're not pulling my leg, are ya?

LOCKE: Why would I pull your leg?


BOONE: This thing goes down, I'm sticking with you.

[Locke gives thumbs up]

[Fire crackling]

[FLocke cuts material and wipes Jacobs blood of blade]

LOCKE: You can stop staring at the fire. Jacob's gone. He's gone.

BEN: Why didn't he fight back? Why did he let me just kill him?

LOCKE: I guess he knew that he was beaten. Ben... I want you to go outside and tell Richard that I need to talk to him.

BEN: Talk to him about... what?

LOCKE: That's between me and Richard.

[indistinct heated conversation]

RICHARD: There's no other reason.

BRAM: No, that's not how it's gonna be.

RICHARD: You have to--you're not going in there.

[Speaks indistinctly]

RICHARD: No [...indistinct]

[Speaks indistinctly]

RICHARD: Just back up a little. Okay?

[Richard and Bram speaking indistinctly]

SUN: Who are they?

LAPIDUS: Other than the fact that I know they were on the Ajira flight with us, all I know is they knocked me out and dragged my ass to some cabin, which they promptly burned, then... brought me here along with the dead guy in the box. They say they're the good guys.

[Both speaking indistinctly]

LAPIDUS: I'm not buying it either.

RICHARD: Listen to me. Hey! Listen to me, and listen carefully. No one goes in there unless Jacob invites them in.

BRAM: Richard, that's why we're here, because Jacob invited us.

RICHARD: Asking me what's in the shadow of the damn statue doesn't mean you're in charge.

ILANA: Then who is?

BEN: Richard. [Panting]

RICHARD: Ben. What happened in there?

BEN: Everything's fine. John wants to speak to you.

ILANA: Is Jacob all right?

BEN: I'm sorry. Who are you?

RICHARD: Answer her question, Ben.

BEN: Well, of course Jacob's all right. They're both together inside. John just wants to talk to you.

RICHARD: John wants to talk to me?

BEN: That's right.

[Richard grabs Ben and pulls him along the beach.]

BEN: Richard, what are you doing? I don't understand.

RICHARD: Well, I'm happy to talk to John. But before I do, maybe you should talk to him first.

[Richard throws Ben down on the sand next to where the body of John Locke lays half-dumped out of the cargo container.]

Part 1, Act 4

[Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Miles, and Jin dig through the wreckage at the Swan crater]

[Clanking metal, grunting]

SAWYER: Hang on, Juliet! We're comin'!

[Clanking metal, grunting]

JACK: Jin! Flashlight!

[Jin hands Jack the flashlight, Jack shines the light into the hole]

SAWYER: If we can move this beam, I think I can get down there.

[Clanking metal, grunting]

SAWYER: It's too heavy... we need something to pull it. Jin! The van. There's chains in it. Go get 'em!

[Jin runs into the jungle]


[In the jungle, Hurley follows Jacob back to Sayid and the van]

HURLEY: Where you goin', dude? And what are you doin' here? I mean... I meet you in a taxi and you know everything about me and you give me a plane ticket which just so happens to get me back on this island. How'd you know that was gonna happen?

[Jacob looks down at Sayid, does not respond]

HURLEY: Hello? Can you hear me? Why aren't you answering my questions?

[Jacob kneels next to Sayid, troubled]

HURLEY: Look, my friend Jin is gonna be here any second so you better stop ignoring--

JACOB: Your friend Jin won't be able to see me.

HURLEY: Why not?

JACOB: Because I died an hour ago.

HURLEY: Sorry, dude, that sucks.

[Jacob stands]

JACOB: Thanks.

HURLEY: How'd you die?

JACOB: I was killed by an old friend who grew tired of my company.

[Hurley thinks for a moment]

HURLEY: You want me to do something crazy again, don't you?

JACOB: No. I need you to save Sayid, Hugo.

HURLEY: Well that's why Jin went to go get Jack...

JACOB: Jin can't help him. You need to take Sayid to the Temple. That's the only chance he's got. And the rest of them will be safe there.

HURLEY: The Temple? I'm supposed to know what that is?

JACOB: Jin knows. Tell him to take you to the hole in the wall where he was with the French team. Through that opening you can get into the Temple. You still have that guitar case I gave you?

HURLEY: Yeah...

JACOB: Bring it.

HURLEY: Who are you, dude?

JACOB: Jacob.

[Hurley's eyes widen ... in recognition?]


[Jin runs out of the jungle]

JIN: Hurley! Help me with Sayid. We have to get him into the van. Juliet needs our help.

[Hurley turns to find that Jacob has disappeared]

JIN: Come on, we have to go!

[Hurley and Jin lift Sayid into the van]

[Moments later, the van rumbles through the jungle]

HURLEY: Jin, if I asked you to take me to where there's, like, a hole in the wall... where you went with the French team... would you know what I was talkin' about?

[Jin thinks for a moment]

JIN: Yes.


[At the Swan crater, the group hears the van approaching]

[Engine rumbling, tires squeaking]

JACK: I'll get the chain.

[Miles drops his shovel and follows Jack to the van]

SAWYER: Juliet!

[He begins tugging at the beam, Katie wrestles him off]

KATE: Stop it! Stop, Sawyer! The van is here, the chains are coming.

[Chains rattling]

SAWYER: She ain't makin' any more noises...

KATE: No, she knows we're here. She's probably just resting.

SAWYER: Juliet!

[Jin tosses one end of the chain into the crater, Jack picks it up, Sawyer looks at Jack]

SAWYER: If she dies, I'll kill him.

[Chain rattling]

[Jack sits in his seat on the plane]

CINDY: [Over P.A.] Ladies and gentlemen, nothing to be alarmed about, but if there is a doctor onboard could you please press your call button?

[Electronic ding]

[Cindy approaches Jack's seat and responds to the call]

CINDY: Sir? You're a doctor?

JACK: Yes.

CINDY: Could you come with me please?

[Jack follows Cindy down the aisle]

CINDY: We appreciate your help. A passenger went into the restroom about half an hour ago and he's not responding when we knock.

[Another airline employee is knocking on the restroom door]

CINDY: This man's a doctor. If he's unconscious in there--"

EMPLOYEE: Well, I think he tampered with the lock, it's... it's jammed or something, I don't know.

SAYID: Can I be of assistance?

[They all stare at him]

SAYID: Excuse me.

[Sayid kicks the restroom door open]

[Jack checks the pulse of a man wearing a familiar ring and listens for breathing]

JACK: He's not breathing.

[The man is revealed to be Charlie]

Part 1, Act 5

[Cindy rushes to back of plane with medical supplies]

SAWYER: What's goin' on back there, Earheart?

CINDY: Everything's fine sir, please just stay in your seats.

SAWYER: ...yeah, looks peachy.

JACK: [to Sayid] ...Sir, I'm gonna need your help.

SAYID: What can I do?

JACK: I need ya [jacks pulls out breathing pump] to hold this over his mouth... hold it there and do not let any air escape.

SAYID: OK, now?

JACK: Yes, now.

[Jack pumps air]

JACK: Somethings blocking his air passage. [Jacks sticks fingers in Charlies mouth] I'm gonna have to open it up. I need, uh, something sharp - a razor...

[Cindy frantically looks]

JACK: I gotta pen.

SAYID: A pen!?

CINDY: It's regulation, there's nothing sharp.

JACK: A pen! Just a pen. I had a pen in my jacket but it's gone. Damnit.

[Jack tries again - gets obstruction (heroin) out, passes it to Sayid]

JACK: I got it, I got it. Relax, just relax, breathe.

CHARLIE: Am I alive?

JACK: Yeah, you're alive.

CHARLIE: [sighs] ...terrific.

[Sawyer and Kate wrap chain around girder]

JACK: you got it?

SAWYER: OK Jin! We're good down here! [Jin starts Dharma van] ... hit it!

[All struggle to get girder out - successfully]

SAWYER: Gimme the flashlight. [Sawyer climbs down to Juliet] Juliet! ok...I'm comin... Juliet? Hey, I'm here, come on baby, come on wake up. [Juliet opens eyes]



JULIET: Wh-Wh-Where are we?

SAWYER: Don't worry about that. You're fine. I gotta get you outta here, ok?

JULIET: It didn't work, we're still on the island.

SAWYER: It's ok, It's ok, I just gotta get this loose enough to get you out, ok?

JULIET: No, I hit the bomb and you're still here.

SAWYER: You what? ... you hit the bomb? Why?

JULIET: I wanted you to be able to go home. I wanted to make it so you never came to this damn island [Juliet starts crying] ... it didn't work.

SAWYER: Don't you worry about that. You're gonna be OK. I'm gonna get you outta here and we're all gonna go home together, you hear me?

KATE: Sawyer!?

[Jack is inspecting Sayids wound in the van]

JACK: Even if I could get the bullet out, bleeding won't stop, there's nothing I can do for him.

HURLEY: There's somethin' I can do. There's a temple, if we can get Sayid there we can save him.

MILES: And you know this how?

HURLEY: This guy Jacob told me just before we got here.

JACK: Who's Jacob?

HURLEY: Does it matter? Can you fix Sayid, Jack?


HURLEY: Then you're gonna have to let me do it.

[Jack nods]

[Ben stares at the body of Locke]

RICHARD: Ben, You need to talk to me. I can't stop them unless you tell me what happened in there. What happened to Jacob.

[Ben is silent]

RICHARD: You and I have known each other for 30 years Ben, I'm asking you this as a friend.

BEN: You wanna know what happened Richard? Why don't 'cha go inside and find out.

[Bram grabs Ben roughly grabs him]

RICHARD: What are ya doin?

BRAM: We're goin in, and he's comin' with us.

[Bram and three others go with him, Locke is waiting patiently inside] [Ben gets pushed inside]

LOCKE: Where's Richard?

BEN: He's not coming.

LOCKE: Then who is that behind you?

[Bram and three others walk in, rifles aimed and ready, almost ignoring Locke and looking around]

BRAM: Where's Jacob?

LOCKE: Jacob is dead.

[Bram and other cock rifles and point at Locke]

BRAM: Who are you?

LOCKE: Don't worry about me. Let's talk about you. I'm assuming that you are, what? Jacobs bodyguards? and that you came all the way to this island to protect him? Well I have good news, Jacob burned up, right there in that fire. Therefore there's nothing left for you to protect. You can go. You're free.

[Bram shoots Locke in upper right section of body (Locke recoils from impact)... multiple other shots from Bram and buddies while Locke runs behind stone pillar]

BRAM: Kill him! Spread out! Get him! ... where is he?

[Bram picks up bullet damaged by impact, with no blood on it]

[...smokey sounds surround them, then smokey appears in entrance, Ben crouches in corner, scared]

[smokey kills Brams three buddies, but Bram pours ash in a circle on floor and stands in it - it seems to stop smokey ]

[smokey hits roof, knocking bits off which knock Bram out of circle, at which point smokey kills him too]

[Ben walks out, hears footsteps behind him, turns around...]

LOCKE: I'm sorry you had to see me like that.

Part 1, Act 6

KATE: Sawyer!? Is she ok?

SAWYER: Working on it!

[Sawyer struggles to lift iron girder off Juliet's legs]

SAWYER: OK, ok, I got'cha, I got'cha, ... Don't worry.

JULIET: We can get coffee some time.

SAWYER: I gotta get you outta here.

JULIET: We can go dutch.

SAWYER:'s me.

JULIET: ...James.


JULIET: Kiss me.

SAWYER: You got it Blondie.

[they kiss]

JULIET: I have to tell you something, it's really really important.

SAWYER: You tell me... you tell me... Juliet? You tell me [Sawyer begins crying] ...oh...ohmygod [groans, crying]

[Jack, Miles, Hurley, and Kate watch as Sawyer brings Juliet's body to surface, Sawyer gives Jack the evil eye]

SAWYER: You did this.

[Charlie is bound by two male flight attendants, then taken to his seat, passing Jack]

CHARLIE: Should'a let that happen man, I was supposed to die.

CINDY: Don't take it personally, some people just don't know how to say thanks.

[Jack goes back to his seat, noticing Desmond is no longer there]

JACK: Excuse me, do you know what happened to the guy that was sitting next to me?

ROSE: Um, we were asleep.

NORRIS: [on overhead PA] Ladies and Gentlemen, captain Norris here, we're now beginning our final descent into Los Angeles international airport, I'm happy to tell you it's a beautiful day in Los Angeles, 72 degrees, 6 miles visibility and winds outta the south-west at 5 miles an hour.

ROSE: Buckle up. We're almost home.

[Jack smiles and buckles up]

NORRIS: I'll be putting on the fasten seat belt sign now, we'll be on the ground in just a few minutes, thank you so much for flying Oceanic Air.

[Sawyer and Hurley raise seats to upright position; Jin looks at Rolex watch and out window]

[plane lands - cops take Charlie away first - all get up to leave - Sayid leaves quickly - Boone shakes Lockes hand - Jack leaves last, seeing Locke get put onto wheelchair]

Part 2, Act 1

[Jack and Jin get Sayid out of Dharma van - Juliet's body is covered, next to van - Hurley takes guitar case out of van]

MILES: Are we gonna sing Kum Ba Yah on the way?

HURLEY: It's not a guitar man.

MILES: Then what is it?

KATE: [to Saywer] going with them?

SAWYER: No, I'm gonna bury her.

KATE: Let me help you.

SAWYER: Help Sayid. Hey Miles, you mind hangin' back?

MILES: You got it boss.

KATE: I'll make sure to leave a trail so you can follow us.

SAWYER: I ain't followin' nobody Kate.

HURLEY: [to Jack] You guys ready?

JACK: Whenever you are.

[Sawyer picks up Juliets body with a last glance at Jack before going] [Jack and Jin pick up Sayid]

OCEANIC-MALE: [LAX overhead PA announcement] Oceanic passenger Jack Shephard, Jack Shephard, please go to the nearest courtesy desk. [Jack goes to Oceanic desk]

JACK: Hi, uh, I'm Jack Shephard, I was just paged?

OCEANIC-MALE: Oh, Mr. Shephard, hello, yes - that was me, uh, sorry I meant to meet you at the gate.

JACK: Well, I'm here now. So...

OCEANIC-MALE: Mr. Shephard, I'm deeply sorry but there seems to have been a mix up involving the, uh, cargo you checked in Sydney.

JACK: Cargo?

OCEANIC-MALE: Yes sir, a coffin?

JACK: I don't...[sigh]...I don't understand, I mean are you saying that it's not here?

OCEANIC-MALE: It appears it was never put on the plane.

JACK: [visibly upset] The funeral is in two hours - when is it getting here?

OCEANIC-MALE: Mr. Shephard, I can't tell you how deeply sorry we are but we don't know when it will arrive, because we're not exactly sure where it is.

[Jack, Jin, Sayid, Kate, Hurely - approach wall surrounding temple]

HURLEY: That's a big wall.

JACK: How're we gonna get him over the top?

[Hurley walks up to hole in wall, looking down]

HURLEY: We're not, we're bringing him in through here.

[they all go down, Kate finds bag, Hurley sees a book]

HURLEY: Who brings a book into a cave?

[Kate finds matches and lights torch, which is next to skeleton with missing arm]

HURLEY: And why is his arm missing?

[Kate lights torch]

JIN: It was ripped off when he was attacked by the black smoke.

HURLEY: Well, this is gonna be awesome.

[all walk up to hole where Ben fell down]

JACK: Watch your step.

KATE: Yeah.

[kate walks around hole]


[Hurley follows, then rest, Kate walks on ahead, then she hears whispers - Jack notices she's missing]

JACK: Where's Kate?

HURLEY: She was right over there.

JACK: Kate! ... KATE! Can you hear me? Kate! [Jack walks further away]

HURLEY: Jack! [indistinct] we can't [indistinct chatter interrupted by a punch] ...Hey, let him... [indistinct]

JACK: Hurley! ... Jin! ... Hurley!

[Jack hears whispers - he gets attacked and knocked out - regaining consciousness as he is dragged into clearing in jungle]

JACK: You ok?

KATE: Yeah, you?

JACK: Yeah.

[they are led to temple]

HURLEY: Guess we found the temple.

Part 2, Act 2

CUSTOMS-AGENT: Anything to declare?

MARS: Just a murderer.

[Customs-Agent stamps MARS's passport]


KATE: I need to go to the bathroom.

MARS: Hold it.

KATE: I can't hold it.

MARS: Sure you can kiddo I believe in you.

KATE: Edward...please.

MARS: ...alright come on. [takes her to bathroom] Anybody in here? Is anybody in the ladies room? Don't move. OK, you got two minutes.

KATE: Thank you. [Kate sits down and gets pen out her pocket and attempts to open cuffs, dropping pen spring]

MARS: You done?

KATE: Not yet.

[Mars notices spring on floor, Kate sees him pick it up]

MARS: Alright times up! [bangs door] Get outta there.

KATE: One minute.

MARS: No, open this door right now.

KATE: I'm not finished.

MARS: Yes you are, open it... Austen, I swear to god you don't open this door I'm commin in there.

[Kate kicks door, disables Mars, takes his gun and searches for keys to cuffs (presumably)] [two women walk in on scene...]

RANDOM-LADY: Oh my god!

KATE: He, he just walked in here and attacked me - I pushed him - I just, I need to get outta here.

RANDOM-LADY: Officer! Come quick, come quick.

[Kate runs to elevator]

KATE: Wait, hold the door.

SAWYER: Welcome aboard. We were on the same flight. Sydney.

KATE: Well how about that.

[Sawyer notices Kates cuffs, she hides them, two TSA agents enter elevator] [indistinct radio chatter]

TSA-AGENT-ON-RADIO: Unit [indistinct] what's your twenty?

BLACK-TSA-AGENT: We're on the south elevator headed to ground.

TSA-AGENT-ON-RADIO: Get your asses to international baggage claim we got a 341.

SAWYER: Sound serious, what's a 341?

BLACK-TSA-AGENT: That's confidential sir.

SAWYER: Well if it's confidential how the hell am I supposed to know if I see one?

[elevator opens, Sawyer stops agents leaving]

SAWYER: Sorry, excuse me, ladies first.

KATE: Thanks.

SAWYER: Take care.

[Sawyer is laying dirt on Julies fresh grave]

MILES: Hey, I think that'll do it boss.

SAWYER: Stop calling me boss. You ain't my deputy any more.

MILES: You got it. Are you thirsty? I think I saw some beers in the van. Construction guys hid 'em in the [indistinct]

SAWYER: What'd she wanna tell me Miles?

MILES: Excuse me?

SAWYER: Juliet. She said she wanted to tell me something, then she died. What was it Miles?

MILES: That's why you asked me to stay here with you?

SAWYER: You're the only one around that talks to dead people.

MILES: Jim, that's not how it works.

SAWYER: What did she wanna tell me Miles?

MILES: doesn't matter.

SAWYER: It does matter.

MILES: It's not gonna help.

SAWYER: Just do it! Just ask her.

MILES: She's gone James!

[Sawyer throws Miles on top of grave]

SAWYER: I know she's gone. I know. Now tell me.

MILES: OK. ok, ok, alright, alright.

[Miles does his ghostbuster thing - vague sounds reminiscent of plane turbulence]

MILES: It worked.

SAWYER: What did she wanna tell me?

MILES: That's what she wanted to tell you. It worked.

SAWYER: What worked?

[jack et al are lead to a temple entrance]

RANDOM-OTHER: Stop right here.

[DOGEN comes out to meet them.]

DOGEN: [Speaks Japanese.] dare da omaetachi (誰だ 御前達―Who are you?)

LENNON: [Translating.] Who are you?

[CINDY appears.]

CINDY: I know who they are. They were on the first plane. Oceanic 815 along with me.

DOGEN: [Japanese] karera wa koko e kurubekidewa nakatta(彼らはここへ来るべきではなかった―They should not have come here.) kono basyo wo mirukoto wa yurusaren(この場所を見ることは許されん―Seeing this place is unforgivable.) ute!(撃て!―Shoot them!)

LENNON: You sure?

[DOGEN walks away.]

LENNON: [shrugs, addresses an other] Shoot 'em.

JACK: Woah, wait, no!

HURLEY: Jacob sent us!

DOGEN: [Japanese]ima nanto itta!?(今何と言った!?-What did you just say?)

LENNON: What, What'd you just say?

HURLEY: I said, Jacob sent us. He said, you would help our friend. [points to Sayid]

DOGEN: [Japanese]Jacob ni atta?(ジェイコブに会った?―Have you encountered jacob?) syoumei shiro!(証明しろ!―Prove it!)

LENNON: He wants you to prove it.


DOGEN: [Japanese]uso wo tsuiteiru!(嘘をついている!―He must tell a lie!) ute!(撃て!―Shoot them!) [An Other cocks his rifle.]

HURLEY: He gave me that guitar case!

DOGEN: [Japanese]kono naka wo mitanoka?(この中を見たのか?-Did you look inside?)

LENNON: Did you look inside it?

HURLEY: Maybe.

[DOGEN opens up the guitar case to reveal a large wooden Ankh. He holds it up to examine it and then breaks it in half.]


[DOGEN extracts a piece of paper within the Ankh and reads it. He speaks again.]karera no na wo kike(彼らの名前を聞け―Ask their names.)

LENNON: What are your names?

HURLEY: Hugo. Hugo Rayes. Tell him.

JIN: Jin Soo-Kwan.

KATE: Kate Austen.

JACK: Jack Shephard.

DOGEN: [Japanese]soshite kare wa?(そして彼は?―And he?)

LENNON: What about him?

JACK: Sayid Jarrah.

DOGEN: (Folds up the paper.) [Japanese]yoshi ikou! (よし行こう!―All right! Let's go!) keganin no Jarrah wo hakobe.izumi ni tsureteiku(けが人のジャラーを運べ。泉に連れて行く―Bring the injured Jarrah. We're going to the spring.)

LENNON: Pick him up - get him to the spring.

HURLEY: Hey, excuse me, I carried that case across the ocean and like, through time, so I wanna know what that paper says.

LENNON: The paper said that if your friend there dies, we're all in a lot of trouble.

Part 2, Act 3

[Jin and Sun are going through customs]

CUSTOMS-AGENT: And what business are you in sir?

JIN: No English. [Takes out letter with Paik logo on top]

CUSTOMS-AGENT: This letter says the watch is a business gift, can you tell me what business you're in? [Jin points to letter] [Frustrated, agent continues search]

[Jin speaks Korean - sub: Everything should be in order. May we please continue on our way?]

JIN: Meeting! [speaks Korean - sub: I have an appointment to get to.]

CUSTOMS-AGENT: Step back sir. [agent opens pouch with large amount of US Dollars] ... what are you doin' with this? Anything over 10 thousand dollars has to be declared [agent checks customs form], didn't, declare this.

[Sun speaks Korean to Jin - sub: Why...why do you have all that money? - Jin responds: I will handle this.]

CUSTOMS-AGENT: Sir, you're gonna have to come with me, let's go have a talk.

[Jin speaks Korean - sub: I don't have time for this...]

CUSTOMS-AGENT: Take her to the waiting area.

FEMALE-CUSTOMS-AGENT: Ms. Paik, do you understand any English? Because if you do, if this is just a misunderstanding, you should speak up now. Do you understand me?

SUN: No...English.

[Dogen, others, and Losties walk to spring]

LENNON: The water isn't clear - what happened?

DOGEN: [Japanese]nani ga okottanoka wakaran(何が起こったのか分からん-I don't know what happened) [he goes to spring, cuts his palm with a knife]

KATE: What is he doing?

JACK: I don't know.

[Dogen dips his bleeding hand into spring, bringing it out still bleeding]

DOGEN: [speaks Japanese while pointing at Sayid]kore ha dareni yarareta noda(これは誰にやられたのだ?-Who was this done by?)

LENNON: [pointing at Sayid] Who did this to him?

JACK: My fault, I didn't shoot him but it's my fault.

DOGEN: [Japanese]dekiru kagiri no koto wa suruga, soreniha kiken ga tomonau(出来る限りのことはするが、それには危険が伴う-I'll try as much as I can, but it'll come with risks.)

LENNON: If we do this there are risks ... you understand?

JACK: Do what you have to do.

DOGEN: [Japanese]kono otoko wo izumi no nakae(この男を泉の中へ-Put this man into the spring.)

LENNON: [addressing others] Take off the coveralls, put him in.

[they comply, as Sayid's body is placed head first into spring, Dogen turns over a conspicuous hour glass]

JACK: What are they doing?

[Lennon ignores him]

HURLEY: Can unconscious people hold their breath?


[Sayid begins to convulse, the others firmly hold him under water]

JACK: He's awake, let him up.

[Dogen ignores him]

JIN: What are they waiting for?

KATE: That's enough!

[Dogen continues to observe hourglass]

JACK: [approaching Dogen] I said, let him up!

[Dogen uses martial arts (Karate?) to rapidly disable Jack, and continues to watch Sayid struggle]

HURLEY: You're not saving him! You're drowning him!

[Sayid stops struggling just before the last grains of sand fall from the top of the hourglass]

[The others bring Sayid out of the spring when prompted by Dogen, who checks Sayid]

DOGEN: [Japanese]kare wa shinda(彼は死んだ-He died.)

LENNON: You're friend is dead.

[Jack goes to inspect Sayid's pulse, then starts chest compressions]

KATE: Jack... Jack, stop, what are you doing?

[Jack starts mouth to mouth resuscitation, and continues chest compressions]

KATE: Jack, he's dead.

[Jack continues - Kate grabs his arm]

KATE: He's not coming back, stop it!

[Jack stops]

Part 2, Act 4

[Sayid is waiting for baggage at LAX, looking at a photo of Nadia]

[Kate is walking around with a coat hiding her handcuffs, she notices a lady using a code (75...1) on a security door for airport personnel]

[Kate sees TSA officials pointing in her direction, she goes through the security door and up an escalator and walks to a yellow-cab]

FROGURT: Woah, woah, woah, I don't think so lady, there's a line. There's a line!

KATE: Sorry. [she gets in line behind Hurley]

HURLEY: [on cell phone] [indistinct chatter] ... Outback is just a name, you sayin' they own the entire outback? That's just stupid.

[Kate notices Mars is outside too, talking frantically to cops]

MARS: [indistinct] ...she's gonna be coming outta customs I want you guys to take the other door.

[Kate looks around, Mars spots her, she turns to run]

MARS: Hey!

[Kate gets into a cab]

KATE: Go... go now!

CAB-DRIVER: Lady, I already have a customer.

[Kate points gun at his head]

KATE: I said go.

[camera reveals passenger is Claire]

CLAIRE: What are you doing?

KATE: [to driver] Go now!

[cab accelerate away, Mars sees it]

MARS: Hey! Stop the cab!

[Kate, Jack, Jin, and Hurley are sitting around spring, looking at Sayid's body - Cindy walks in, followed by Zack and Emma]

CINDY: Thought you might like a little something to eat or drink. Zack, Emma, then take the rest to the people over there.

RANDOM-OTHER: Just drop 'em in here.

[Some others drag an unconscious Sawyer and harassed Miles into room]

KATE: Hey, what happened?

MILES: They jumped us in the jungle - he took four of them out, before one of them hit him with a damn rock.

[Kate tends to Sawyer, Jack looks away - Lennon walks up to Hurley]

LENNON: You, come with me.

HURLEY: Come with you where?

[They walk up to Dogen tending plants in another room - without looking around he addresses them]

DOGEN: [speaks Japanese]kare ni kiitekure, Jacob wa seikaku ni nanto itta noka(彼に訊いてくれ、ジェイコブは正確に何と言ったのか-Ask him what exactly Jacob said, what instructions he got.)

LENNON: He wants to know what Jacob told you.

HURLEY: He told me to come here. Said you guys would save Sayid.

DOGEN: [Japanese]kare wa sudeni teokure datta(彼は既に手遅れだった-It was too late for him.)

LENNON: He was beyond saving.

HURLEY: Wait a second - you're not translating anything I say to him - which means you totally understand me dude.

DOGEN: [in English, to Hurley] I don't like the way English tastes on my tongue.

DOGEN: [Japanese]de, Jacob wa itsu kurunda(で、ジェイコブはいつ来るんだ-So, when is Jacob coming?)

LENNON: When's Jacob getting here?

HURLEY: What do you mean?

LENNON: Is he coming to the temple?

HURLEY: I really don't think that's gonna happen man.

LENNON: Why not?

HURLEY: You know - cuz he's dead.

[Dogen faces Hurley, consternated]

HURLEY: What - you guys didn't know?

[cut scene to Jack - he hears bells start ringing and much activity/chatter amongst others]

DOGEN: [yells in Japanese to the others] (Everybody, to posts!)

LENNON: Everyone to your posts! On the walls, prepare the ash!

[an other loads a large flare, another other starts pouring ash around the temple]

DOGEN: [Japanese]higashi no kabe ni shubi wo katamero! (東の壁に守備を固めろ!-Defense to the east wall!)

DOGEN: [Japanese]juu nin ha kita ni maware(10人は北に回れ!-Ten men to north side!)

LENNON: Ten men on the north side!

DOGEN: [Japanese]juubun chui shiro!(十分注意しろ!-Very careful!)

LENNON: Send the warning!

DOGEN: [Japanese]mina ni konokoto wo tsutaerunda, yoshi tenka! (皆にこのことを伝えるんだ、よし点火!-??? Okay, light it!)

LENNON: Light it!

[flare is lit - red sparks explode overhead]

HURLEY: Guess we're not getting outta here huh?

LENNON: This isn't to keep you in, it's to keep him out.

HURLEY: Him? Who?

[Locke, in the 4-toed foot, drags bodies of others into pile - Ben sits by the fire staring at him]

BEN: What are you?

LOCKE: Wh.. I'm not a what Ben, I'm a who.

BEN: You're the monster.

LOCKE: Let's not resort to name calling.

[Locke snaps protruding bloody rock from Brams chest, and drags his body into pile]

BEN: You used me... you couldn't kill him yourself, so you made me do it.

LOCKE: I didn't make you do anything. You should know, he was very confused when you killed him.

BEN: I seriously doubt that Jacob was ever confused.

LOCKE: I'm not talking about Jacob. I'm talking about John Locke. Do you wanna know what he was thinking while you, choked the life outta him Benjamin? What the last thought that ran through his head was? "I don't understand". Isn't that just the saddest thing you ever heard? But it's fitting in a way, because when John first came to the island, he was a very sad man. A victim, shouting at the world for being told what he couldn't do, even though they were right. He was weak, and pathetic, and irreparably broken. But, despite all that, there was something admirable about him. He was the only one of them that didn't wanna leave. The only one, who realized how pitiful the life he'd left behind actually was.

BEN: What do you want?

LOCKE: Well that's the great irony here Ben because, I want the one thing that John Locke didn't. I want to go home.

[Locke shows his mean face]

Part 2, Act 5

[Hurley leans in to whisper into Sayid's ear]

HURLEY: Goodbye dude, If you ever wanna talk, I'm around.

[Hurley looks at a confused looking Miles sitting next to Sayid]


MILES: Nothing.

[Kate is tending to Sawyer on other side of spring]

KATE: Hey.

SAWYER: Where are we?

KATE: We're in a temple.

SAWYER: We got caught by the others again?

KATE: Yeah, only, this time they're protecting us, I think.

SAWYER: Course they are.

[Sawyer sits up]

KATE: You alright?

SAWYER: ah...[touches his forhead]

KATE: I'm so sorry.

[Sawyer stares at Jack]

KATE: You know what you said back at the hatch, he's just tryin'a help us.

SAWYER: I ain't gonna kill Jack, he deserves to suffer on this rock just like the rest of us.

[Jack is talking on cell phone in Oceanic Lost and Found section]

JACK: Yeah... I know...I ... do you think I knew this was gonna happen? I scheduled it so soon because I wanna get it over with. I don't know mom, he's not here so I can't tell you what to tell them other than we can't have the service without him. Yeah - I will call you if I hear anything. [Jack hangs up]

LOCKE: [unseen until now] What did you lose?

JACK: Excuse me?

LOCKE: Well, they lost one of my bags, what about you?

JACK: You wouldn't believe me if I told ya.

LOCKE: Hah, try me.

JACK: They lost my father.

LOCKE: I'm sorry?

JACK: He died in Australia a couple days ago, and um, I flew down to get him.

LOCKE: My condolences.

[Locke completes form he was filling out, and addresses Oceanic staff]


JACK: Coffin was supposed to go on the plane in Sydney, but it didn't. Apparently he's somewhere in transit which is their way of saying, they have no idea where the hell he is.

LOCKE: Well, how could they know.

JACK: They're the one's that checked him in, I mean they've gotta have some kind of tracking system.

LOCKE: No I'm not talking about the coffin, I mean how could they know where he is. They didn't lose your father, they just lost his body.

[Jack, seeming to understand Locke, nods - Lock smiles]

LOCKE: Either way, your story beats the hell outta mine - all that was in my suitcase was a bunch of knives. [Oceanic staff gives Locke a receipt] Thanks.

JACK: Some kinda salesman?

LOCKE: Yeah, something like that. Well it was nice talking to ya, hope ya find that coffin.

JACK: Hope you find your knives.

LOCKE: Yeah thanks. [Locke begins to wheel himself out]

JACK: Mind if I ask what happened to ya? [Locke is silent] I'm sorry, I'm only asking because I'm a spinal surgeon, I didn't mean to...

LOCKE: Oh, no, don't worry about it - uh, uh surgery isn't gonna do anything to help me, my condition is irreversible.

JACK: Nothing is irreversible. Umm, if you ever wanna consult, just uh, gimme a call. [Jack hands Locke his business card] - It's on the house.

LOCKE: Well thanks [takes card - reads name] - Jack Shephard, I'm John - John Locke.

JACK: It's nice to meet ya John.

LOCKE: Nice to meet you too.

[Jack opens door for Locke]

LOCKE: Thanks.

JACK: You're welcome.

[Flare fired from temple is visible in sky - Richard sitting on the beach notices it]

LAPIDUS: What the hell is that?

[Richard looks scared]

[Rifles are cocked and pointed at Locke as people see him and Ben walking toward them]

RICHARD: Don't shoot him! Don't shoot him!

LAPIDUS: I'm seein' it - But I'm still not believin' it.

[Locke walks up to Richard]

LOCKE: Hello Richard. It's good to see you outta those chains.

RICHARD: [eyes widen] ... you?


[Locke immediately hits Richard in the throat, then knocks him unconscious]

LOCKE: I am very disappointed ... in all of you.

[Locke puts Richard on his shoulder, and walks right past the corpse of Locke in the Ajira cargo box]

[Lennon and a couple others walk up to Jack, still looking at Sayid's corpse]

LENNON: You Shephard?

JACK: Yeah.

LENNON: We need to speak to you privately.

JACK: If you've got something to say to me then say it, otherwise just leave me alone.

LENNON: I don't think you're understanding me here, I'm asking politely, you either get up and come with us on your own, or I'll have ya dragged out. Because we are going to have this conversation and it's not going to be here.

[Jack gets up and confrontation-ally approaches Lennon]

JACK: Is that right.

[Jack and others start to wrestle - Hurley and Lennon are both distracted by something else]


[all turn around to see Sayid slowly stirring to life]

LENNON: Oh my god.

JACK: Wha...

SAYID: What happened?


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