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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) was the destination of Oceanic Flight 815 flying from Sydney, Australia. The flight never reached LAX due to the aircraft's crash on/near the Island. However, in an alternate timeline, the plane did land safely at LAX with none of the passengers away of who each other were.


Christian Shephard and Ana Lucia at the LAX bar ("Two for the Road")
  • "316": The flight of Ajira Airways, which brings five of the Oceanic Six, Ben and Locke back to the island, departs at the Los Angeles Airport.


Alternate timeline

After the detonation of the hydrogen bomb, an alternate timeline was opened up where Oceanic Flight 815 landed safely at LAX. Many of the original conditions of the flight still occurred, including the turbulence that original lead to the plane crashing. However, in this timeline, the island was underwater for unspecified reasons, thus making it impossible for Desmond to fail to push the button, saving the flight from crashing.

Once landed at LAX several characters ran into various complications.

  • Jin did not declare a large sum of money in his luggage and was held for further questioning, while Sun was ordered to stay in the waiting room.
  • Jack was informed that his father's body was never placed on Flight 815 and was currently "in transit".
  • Locke had luggage containing his knives lost in transit.
  • Kate escaped from custody in the womens bathroom, hijacking a taxi cab which Claire was also riding in. ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")

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