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Artwork of Kytes in Revenant Wings by Ryōma Itō.
Sprite Revenant Wings sprite. Portrait
Kana カイツ
Romaji Kaitsu
Age 9 (Final Fantasy XII)
10 (Revenant Wings)
Race Hume
Home Rabanastre
Job class Black Mage
Quickening Nature's Wrath
Voice actor(s)
Tomoko Ishimura
Voice actor(s)
Conner DeMita
Revenant Wings character
"I got my hands full watching the shop... and Old Dalan had something for me to do, but I can’t get away."

Kytes is one of the characters of Final Fantasy XII. A street urchin, he is under Migelo's care, and looks up to Vaan. He and Filo are the best of friends.



Artwork of Kytes and various other orphans of Rabanastre, by Akihiko Yoshida.
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Final Fantasy XII

Kytes's involvement is very limited. First, he appears at the beginning of the game, and introduces Vaan to the hunt board. Afterward, he congratulates Vaan from escaping the Nalbina Dungeon.

His only other appearance is during the Chaos subquest. He and Filo have found a woman who has found a fragment of the medallion needed to break Chaos' seal. He tells you where to find her.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

"An orphan living in Rabanastre's lowtown, Kytes is one of Vaan's closest friends. Hoping to become a sky pirate himself, Kytes practices magick with single-minded determination."
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings' instruction booklet

Kytes returns for Revenant Wings, as a playable character. Along with Filo, he joins Vaan on his new adventure. Throughout the story, Kytes is shown to be very cautious, in contrast to Filo's headstrong personality. Kytes is revealed to have a fear of earthquakes in a side mission against Hashmal.

Kytes' role in battle is that of a Black Mage, wielding rods. His skills are Black Magicks, and he also gains the ability to charge up and then cast stronger spells. His Quickening, Nature's Wrath deals powerful damage of a random element to all enemies in range. It can be obtained by defeating Chaos.


Level Name Description
2 Firaga Deal Fire damage to all foes in range.
7 Blizzaga Deal Water damage to all foes in range.
12 Bio Inflict Poison on all foes in range.
18 Thundaga Deal Thunder damage to all foes in range.
25 Stonega Deal Earth damage to all foes in range.
33 Charge Gather magick power, increasing potency of next spell.
42 Flare Deal heavy damage to one foe.


  • Kytes is mentioned in Dissidia Final Fantasy by Penelo in the Battle Tips menu on Onion Knight's Character Info, where she claims the latter reminds her of Kytes.
  • Being both designed by Ryōma Itō, Kytes' design is similar to Montblanc's, including being both themed with green and orange, wearing brown pants, and, exclusive to Montblanc's artwork in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, equipping brown staves with tiny objects on it. They are also both Black Mages.

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