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Real Name
Current Alias



X-Men previously Morlocks, Weapon X


Base Of Operations
Morlock Tunnels


5' 8"

145 lbs (66 kg)



Unusual Features
Covered in dark blue fur. Has three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. Has a prehensile tail capable of holding his body weight. His body seems to burn with a golden inner fire which shows though his eyes nostrils and mouth. His breath is visible as a golden mist.


Marital Status


Place of Birth
Bavaria, Germany

First appearance
Appearance of Death

Ultimate X-Men #7
(August, 2001)
Ultimatum #1
(January, 2009)




Introduction and Weapon X

Kurt Wagner was a captive of the Weapon X project, and was, like Rogue and Wolverine, forced to become one of their mutant agents. However inhumane their treatment of him, Kurt refused to forgo his idealism and faith. He even managed to convince Storm not to take vengeance against the Weapon X commander, John Wraith. Killing Wraith, he said, would bring her to Wraith's level.


Freed from Weapon X, Kurt returned to his home, but soon decided to join the X-Men when they needed help against Magneto and began attending Xavier’s school.

A friendly, humorous young man with a zest for high adventure, Kurt was well-liked among his teammates. He somewhat bonded with Angel, who is the only other X-Man besides himself who couldn't hide his mutation, and together they "misused" the Danger Room for "Pirates of the Caribbean-like" "role-playing" sessions.

Kurt became interested in teammate and friend Alison Blaire. He was saddened by the fact that Warren, too, was interested in Dazzler. Indeed, Dazzler and Angel soon became a couple, leaving Kurt the only X-Man without a significant other.

Piotr and Bigotry

Kurt also befriended Colossus. The two spent much of their time together. Eventually, Piotr came out, explaining that he was gay. Disgusted by Piotr's sexual orientation, Kurt saw their former friendship as dead. It could be implied that Kurt also harbored some homophobic feelings towards Piotr, likely due to his religious background. However, he overcame his bigotry stating that it was unfair, due to the fact that Colossus had treated him as a brother and apologized. He even joined Colossus' 'X-Men' team comprised of Dazzler, Rogue, Angel and himself, all under the influence of the drug Banshee.


Kurt was killed as a cause of Magneto's Ultimatum wave.

Powers and Abilities


Kurt's demon-like physiology grants him dark indigo fur, peak human agility and reflexes, a prehensile tail, control over the inter-atomic bonding between molecules allowing him to cling to any surface, and the ability to teleport. Kurt's teleportation is accompanied by yellow smoke and flame.


Experienced fighter, trained with guns and swords.


  • It has not been revealed if Mystique is Kurt's mother in this universe.
  • Kurt used to be a prisoner of the Weapon X project, but unlike other captured mutants, never forsook his principles.
  • He originally spoke only German, but learned English through Jean Grey's mental prowess, and various films.


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