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"Attention! This is Captain Kursk Mal'ia of the New Republic Navy. This system is claimed by the Bothan Worlds in the name of the New Republic!"
―Kursk Mal'ia

Kursk Mal'ia was a Bothan naval officer serving the New Republic, noted as both a combat commander and a military analyst.



Apparently in the first years after the Battle of Yavin, he was responsible for compiling a "vessel recognition chart", possibly designed for use in conjunction with Ral'Rai Muvunc's program of recruiting privateers against the Galactic Empire.[1]

By 8 ABY, he held the rank of Captain, and he was commanding of the Bothan Combat Response Element from his flagship Boash'ua. Assigned to support the mission of the FarStar against Moff Kentor Sarne of Kathol Sector, Mal'ia and his task force made their appearance during the Battle of Kathol, where they played a vital role in defeating the Imperial forces. Although suffering severe damage, they destroyed the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Titania, and seriously damaged her sister-ship Raptor.[2]

By the end of 8 ABY, Mal'ia had been promoted to Commodore, and transferred to the Tactical Analysis Bureau, in which capacity he now began to supply New Republic Intelligence with information on capital ships and starfighters for Cracken's Threat Dossier, including the TIE/rpt starfighter and Y-4 transport used by Warlord Zsinj, and the Battle Dragon and other ships of the Hapan Royal Navy, as well as specific biographies of Han Solo's flagship Mon Remonda and the Hapan Queen Mothers' "Custom-built Royal Conveyance", Star Home.[3]

By 17 ABY he had reached the rank of Rear Admiral, and provided NRI with extensive reports on the New Class ships and other New Republic designs. Before the end of 18 ABY, however, he had retired from the Navy with the rank of Vice Admiral, but he continued to provide naval information for General Airen Cracken of NRI, with whom he seems to have developed a friendship over the years. For the Corellian Crisis, his contributions were detailed dossiers about the Intruder and the three Bakura-class Destroyers, the Corellian LAF-250 and HLAF-500 starfighter designs and Mynock-class assault boat, X-TIE and B-wing of uglies, and specific information on the Jade's Fire, the Naritus, and the prototype Coneship built by the Selonians.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • The famously (or notoriously) impressionistic illustrations of capital ships in Cracken's Threat Dossier could be taken to be hand-drawn sketches by Admiral Mal'ia, since they are largely associated with sections of text said to have been written by him.



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