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Kurasks are large, green, bull-like monsters that can be found in the second to last chamber of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon and on the lower level of the Desert Slayer Dungeon. They require 70 slayer to kill. Kurasks, like Turoths, must be killed with either a Leaf-bladed sword , a Leaf-bladed spear, a Slayer's staff/Magic Dart spell (which also requires a Magic level of 50), or Broad arrows/Broad-tipped bolts, or else the player's attacks will be ineffective.

The Kurasks were graphically updated with the quest Smoking Kills.


Biology and Nature

Kurasks are somewhat similar to gorillas, although they share some traits with other animals such as their large horns which are similar to a bull's. They are grey to pale green in colour and have rows of hooked horns protruding from their back. They have three stomachs, the third of which has a special stomach lining that prevents food from being digested. Within the stomach a ceremonial fruit is stored for the duration of the Kurask's life. Their lifespan is of an unknown length, but surpasses that of humans. They ideally come of age at 80 years. There is also evidence that they can breathe underwater.

It was revealed in issue 23 of Postbag from the Hedge that Kurasks are somewhat intelligent, and have their own rites of passage and a basic language. Kurask society dictates that individuals should not come in contact with other races unless they are hunting. Those that disobey this are generally shunned or even banished.

At age 80 Kurasks partake in a coming-of-age ritual called Kurisk. This generally kills one-third of those that attempt it. The kurasks are sent "over a plain" and then "under the sea" to retrieve a fruit from the human lands (this is thought to mean through northern Kandarin, under the Southern Sea, and onto Karamja). Those that return are treated as adults.

Since the discovery of the Desert Slayer Dungeon beneath the Kharidian settlement Pollnivneach, Kurask society's origins and schisms have been called into greater question. The nature of the Desert Slayer Dungeon is still largely unknown, although its workings are obviously artificial; it possesses constructed portals to the Fremennik caves, amongst other slayer-related locations. It is unknown whether Kurasks originated in the Kharidian Desert or Fremennik Province, if either at all.

It is interesting to note that the idea of living in solitude and isolation that governs Kurask society is very similar in nature to that of the Scabarite race which follows Scabaras's ideologies. If the Kurask race originated in the Kharidian Desert, it is possible that they were influenced by the Scabarites, who were very active (although at the time probably all humans) during the Third Age, roughly when the dungeon is believed to have been created and active.



Kurasks possess a basic language. Little is known of it, and only a few words have been translated; most by Skuhavi, a kurask banished for his interest in humans. Below is a list of known words in the kurask language.

  • Skutask - Interest.
  • Shallask - Alas, or an expression of anger/regret.
  • Skarooom - Dooom!
  • Kuraski - A kurask that has completed Kurisk, an adult. Must be at least 80.
  • Kura - A child, or one who has not completed Kurisk.
  • Kurisk - Rite performed by Kura. Named after a legendary Kurask hero that first performed the travel to Karamja.
  • Kuriskia - A Kurask city, most likely their part of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon.


Strengths and Weaknesses

A player hides in one of several safe spots.

Players must use a leaf-bladed weapon, broad arrows, Broad-tipped bolts or the Magic Dart spell when fighting these. Using any other weapon or spell is completely ineffective.

Fighting Tips

Killing them can be slow work. In the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Safe spots in the northeast corner make broad arrows/bolts one of the faster options. In this dungeon, it is also safe to range or mage them standing in the small entrance to the area. A good place to range Kurasks is from the entrance of the Kurask cave in the Rellekka Slayer Dungeon, as the Kurasks cannot reach you if you stand in the right place, as they are too large to move through the passage.

If your combat strategy includes using food to heal, bring a knife to cut up the Pineapples frequently dropped by them. You can either eat the Pineapple rings to heal a total of 8 hitpoints or add them to the Plain pizza drops to make Pineapple pizzas (level 65 Cooking required). This adds 8 hp to the healing effect of the pizza. Note that you will need 3 empty inventory spaces to slice a pineapple. Much more frequently will they drop noted pineapples and one banana which only heals 2 hitpoints, but over time their healing will add up nicely.

Another, more versatile way of healing is to bring Bones to Peaches tablets made in player-owned houses. They are used to transform normal or big bones into peaches that heal 8 hitpoints each.

A player with a melee outfit for slaying Kurasks.
Using melee against Kurasks (Leaf Bladed Spear OR Sword) will hit frequently, and is a good tactic to use while slaying these creatures. Kurasks will hit a player for occasional hits maxing at 11. A Player with a combat level 100+ can easily slay over 100 of these without the need to bank for more food. It is still recommended to use super attack potions and super strength potions for faster effectivness as the leaf-bladed sword does not have as much attack bonus as a combat level 100+ player would have as a weapon.


100% drop


Charm drop percentages
No Charm


6 - 8%

21 - 23%

5 - 6%

1 - 2%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 3,285 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)




Herblore ingredients




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