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The map of the dungeon

Kuradal's Dungeon is an area near the Ancient Cavern that is filled with slayer monsters. Players can enter the dungeon only if Kuradal herself has assigned them a slayer task for one of the monsters in the dungeon. Also, she will not allow players with Dwarf Cannons in their inventories to enter her dungeon.

Once in the dungeon, players only can attack the slayer monster they were assigned, and only while the task has not been completed. All aggressive monsters in the dungeon, however, can attack the players. Even when attacked by a monster, a player cannot attack it back unless the monster is part of the player's assignment. All monsters in the dungeon except Abyssal demons are aggressive.

Players must have level 75 slayer and level 110 combat to be assigned a task by Kuradal. Note that, for a slayer task, Kuradal can assign monsters other than those in her dungeon. Players wishing to be able to enter the dungeon should have dozens or hundreds of Slayer reward points available, so that they can cancel tasks that do not allow them to enter the dungeon.

The dungeon has two Agility shortcuts leading to the center with metallic dragons:

  • The low wall in the north, requiring 86 agility.
  • The wall run in the south, requiring 90 agility.

The shortcuts allows players to get deep in the dungeon without having to pass through as many monster-filled rooms.

On 15 December 2009, Jagex stated that no random event will be faced while in Kuradal's Dungeon.



The entrance to Kuradal's Dungeon is in the Ancient Cavern near Kuradal. There are three ways to get to the entrance:

  • Using a Ferocious ring to teleport to the entrance by Kuradal.
  • Entering the Ancient Cavern via the lake at Baxtorian Falls. To enter the cavern, players must jump off the dock on the north side of the lake (followers such as pets or familiars cannot be out at this time). To be able to enter this way, players must have completed Barbarian Training up to the pyre ships part. One fast way to get to the dock is to teleport to the Barbarian Outpost using a Games necklace. Players entering the cavern from the lake are likely to be attacked by Brutal green dragons, which can use magic, melee, and long-range dragonbreath, so dragonbreath protection is advised.
  • Use Fairy ring BJQ to teleport to the Ancient Cavern. Partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen is required to use the fairy rings, and the ring in the cavern must first be repaired before it can be used. Players entering the cavern at this point are likely to be attacked by Waterfiends, which use magic and powerful, accurate ranged attacks. A high magic defence and use of Protect from Missiles is advised.

Ferocious rings

All monsters in the dungeon drop Ferocious rings. Each ring has the following abilities:

  • Players can use a ring to teleport to Kuradal up to 5 times.
  • When wearing the ring in the dungeon, players's hits inflict +4 damage to the monsters.
  • When wearing the ring anywhere, it functions like a Ring of Life. When a player's hitpoints are reduced to less than 10% of their full value (but above 0), the ring teleports the player to Kuradal. Note that this ring has the same weakness as the ring of life does against high-hitting monsters (which can kill the player outright without the ring activating).

The ring is the quickest and safest way to get to Kuradal and the dungeon. Some players who wish to preserve its charges, however, prefer to reach Kuradal by one of the other routes when coming for a slayer tasks. This is because the player does not know what monster will be assigned, and it can take up a lot of inventory slots to carry everything a player may want to fight any of the monsters in the dungeon (e.g., melee equipment against most monsters, perhaps ranged equipment for the blue dragons, perhaps prayer equipment for the metal dragons, a rock hammer for the gargoyles, dragonbreath protection for the dragons, etc.) These players get their assignment without using the ring, teleport out to suit up, and use the ring to teleport back. One efficient method to do this is:

  1. Wearing magic defence armour and using Protect from Missiles, use the fairy ring to teleport next to the waterfiends.
  2. Run south to the stairs to Kuradal, switching to Protect from Melee near the stairs to be safe from the Ferocious barbarian spirit there.
  3. Get the slayer task from Kuradal and teleport to a bank (such as using a Ring of duelling to teleport to the Castle Wars bank chest).
  4. Equip for the task and use the ferocious ring to teleport to the dungeon.


A magical energy barrier, separating monsters' areas.

Monsters that can be found in Kuradal's Dungeon include:

Almost every type of monster is separated from other types of monster by barriers in the dungeon. The one exception is that the iron and steel dragons share the same chamber, although even there the iron dragons stay in the eastern side and the steel ones in the west. Monsters, players, and familiars cannot attack through these barriers.


  • This area's music, Final Destination, is a reference to the series of movies of the same name.
  • When outside the dungeon, some dragons, gargoyles, and other creatures appear to try to escape the dungeon, and Kuradal stops them. Despite this, only hellhounds and no other creatures are found in the dungeon room with the exit to Kuradal.
  • Some players use the dungeon for non-slayer purposes, since Random events cannot occur there. (They need to be assigned a slayer task from Kuradal that allows access to the dungeon to do this.) For example, players can bring a great number of noted items plus runes for High Level Alchemy and then alchemy the notes without interruption. The Abyssal demon chamber is popular for this purpose, since these monsters are not aggressive.

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