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Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Barbarian Training miniquest
Location Ancient Cavern
Sells items? Yes
Skill requirement? 75 Slayer and 110 Combat
Quest requirement? No
Gender Female
Examine She looks incredibly strong.
Notable features Elite, powerful Slayer Master, sells Slayer cape. Daughter of Duradel.

Kuradal is the highest level Slayer Master and the daughter of Duradel. She is found in the Ancient Cavern and players need 75 Slayer and 110 Combat to get an assignment from her. She also owns a dungeon, Kuradal's Dungeon, that is filled with slayer monsters. 18 Slayer reward points are awarded upon the completion of one of her tasks, 90 every 10th task, and 270 every 50th task. Kuradal sells the Slayer cape to anyone who has achieved level 99 in Slayer. The easiest way to reach her is with the  Fairy ring code BJQ that can be found just north of the rough hewn steps. It requires 5 bittercap mushrooms and a spade to restore to functioning status, but is very useful for accessing the Ancient Cavern. Alternatively, you can use a charge on your Ferocious Ring to teleport you straight to Kuradal.

Note: Bring at least an Anti-dragon shield when getting a new task if entering from the whirlpool. This isn't always necessary if using the Fairy ring.



Monster name Number Combat Level Slayer Exp Slayer Level Required
Aberrant spectres 150-250 96 90 60
Abyssal demon 150-250 124 150 85
Black Demon 190-250 172 157 1
Black Dragon 40-90 227 199.4 1
Bloodveld 180-250 76,81 120,134 50
Blue Dragon 120-200 111 105 1
Dagannoth 170-240 See Dagannoth article See Dagannoth article 1
Dark Beast 150-250 182 220 90
Dust Devil 150-250 93 105 65
Fire Giant 170-250 86 111 1
Gargoyle 150-250 111 105 75
Greater Demon 150-250 92 87 1
Hellhound 130-220 122,127 116 1
Iron Dragon 60-110 189 173.2 1
Kalphite 170-250 28,85,141 40,90,170 1
Living Rock Creature 120-170 120,140,200 225,316,530 1
Mithril Dragon 4-15 304 273 1
Nechryael 140-220 115 105 80
Skeletal Wyvern 40-90 140 210 72
Spiritual Mage 150-240 120,122 85 83
Steel Dragon 40-100 246 220.4 1
Suqah 50-100 111 106 1
Terror Dog 60-70 100,110 82,87 40
TzHaar 80-110 74,103,133,149 80,110,125,136 1
TzHaar Fight Cave creatures 280 22, 45, 90, 108, 180, 360, 702 (TzTok-Jad) 25000 (TzTok-Jad) 1
Warped Tortoise 150-240 96 88 56
Waterfiend 170-250 115 128 1

As of 15 December 2009, Kuradal now assigns dagannoths.
NOTE: Slayer masters assign higher-levelled monsters more frequently if the player's combat level is high.


Special TzHaar Assignment

Kuradal offering the extra bonus for slaying TzTok-Jad.
Player completed Kuradal's challenge.

There is one hidden task where the assignment of TzHaar can be upgraded to "280 volcanic creatures of the Fight Caves". This means the task only counts creatures killed in the TzHaar Fight Cave. The number of Fight Cave monsters Kuradal assigns is always just enough to clear the entire Fight Caves minigame once, including killing 2 waves of 4 healers during the fight with TzTok-Jad. During this task, the player is rewarded 25,000 extra Slayer experience if they kill TzTok-Jad.

Slayer cape

Kuradal, like her father Duradel used to, sells the Slayer Cape of Accomplishment to any player who has achieved level 99 Slayer for 99,000 coins. Duradel and Lapalok, however, no longer sell the cape.


Kuradal using Stat Spy on a player.
Kuradal hitting a monster.
An attackable gargoyle.
  • Before her official release she appeared randomly in various slayer locations since 3 December 2009 using a strange teleport. She used the Stat Spy spell while saying "Hmm... you'll be coming with me." and Monster Examine while saying "Hmm, interesting ...". She was spotted at the Aberrant Spectres, Abyssal Demons, Bloodvelds, Blue Dragons, Dagannoths, Dark Beasts, Gargoyles, Green Dragons, Hellhounds, Steel Dragons and Greater demons in Brimhaven Dungeon.
  • On the day that Kuradal began roaming Runescape looking for monsters, a new fairy ring was placed in the Ancient Cavern, apparently intended to allow for easy access to her.
  • Some of the Slayer monsters in Kuradal's Dungeon periodically try to leave, and she kills them in a single hit. When an Abyssal Demon escapes, she uses what appears to be a Surge spell of all four elements (air, water, earth and fire). She kills Gargoyles by throwing a rock at them. The Gargoyles have the attack option after Kuradal strikes, as they're dying.
  • Occasionally what appears to be dragon fire bursts from the cave Kuradal takes the hit to no effect before shooting the four element spell into the cave.
  • If you've finished While Guthix Sleeps, you can talk to her about her father, Duradel.
  • Kuradal is unwilling to tell you who her mother is. The Ring of charos has no effect on her.
  • When asking her what's in the dungeon, there is an option to say "Well, come on. You are just a girl and I'm a tough warrior!". Choosing that will make Kuradal angry, and she will stun and throw the player out of the Ancient Cavern using various means.
  • Unlike other Slayer Masters, Kuradal says "Hello" instead of "Ello". However, she does say "Ello" when contacted via NPC Contact.
  • Kuradal does not wield a weapon. All the other Slayer Masters, with the exception of Sumona, wield weapons. But she does have a sword sheathed at her hip.
  • Occasionally when using NPC Contact, Kuradal will set your asked assignment aside to deal with the monsters coming out of the dungeon, telling you to call back in a second.
  • You will not get a random event whilst in Kuradal's dungeon.
  • If you use an item on her, she will say "I've no interest in that, sorry.". However, if you use the Pendant of lucien on her she will ask you why you're in possession of such an evil item.
  • If you have spent an extended period of time in Kuradel's dungeon and come out and immediately speak to her for a new task, randoms can take you mid conversation. Including when getting offered tzhaar, and while she is offering to 'tweak' your task you will be taken and not have the option to tweak when trying to speak to her again. It is advisable to wait a short period of time before asking for a new task after leaving her dungeon.
  • It is not possible to get her hairstyle in game yet...


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