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Selh'teus, one of the few surviving Kuluu. While Kuluu are Hume-like, Selh'teus is pale as a result of being exposed to the Emptiness.

The Kuluu are an ancient race that existed years before the present day of Final Fantasy XI. The Kuluu is an offshoot of the Zilart, considered inferior and were not allowed inside the Zilart capital because they lacked the "Light of the Soul". This light allowed the Zilart to communicate with each other without actually speaking, and resulted in the Kuluu being disregarded and outcast.


The Kuluu formed a pact with Bahamut shortly before their age ended, in which they promised to join Bahamut to prevent the spread of a dangerous phenomenon known as "The Emptiness" if it were to ever threaten Vana'diel. However, the lives of the Kuluu were cut short when they attempted to sabotage the Zilart plan to open the gates to Paradise. The explosion resulting from the sabotage killed most of the Kuluu, and transformed the rest into Tonberries. Only two Kuluu survived this incident; however, they were unaccounted for until the Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia storyline began.



Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia

In this second expansion, a Kuluu named Selh'teus makes an appearance. He is a pale boy with silver hair, the result of being exposed to "the Emptiness". It is fair to say the Kuluu are human-like as well.

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