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Kulo Dri-Ma
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28 BBY


15 ABY

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1.8 meters

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A cybernetic left shin

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Oopatcha the Hutt

Kulo Dri-Ma was a bounty hunter from Alderaan. He was born in 28 BBY. He was the only child of his parents, and was the last of his family. He was a temporary Imperial officer, and he served in the Battle of Nar Shaddaa and the Liberation of Mon Calamari, where he lost his left shin. After that he retired from Imperial service, got a cybernetic shin, and tried to raise a family on Raisa. In 11 ABY Oopatcha the Hutt hired him as a bounty hunter, and put him in Nati Junmo's command in 13 ABY, along with Dehajiim. When Evon Gane escaped the group's capture, he was executed by Oopatcha along with his teammates.




Early life (28 BBY - 0 BBY)

Kulo was born in 28 BBY. When the Clone Wars began, his parents were staunch supporters of the Separatists, and when the Republic was transformed into the Empire, they were one of the few on Alderaan that were celebrating.

He grew up believing his parents' ideals that the Empire was "the best thing to happen to the galaxy since blue milk." In 10 BBY he joined the Imperial Academy on Alderaan, much to his parents' delight. Though he dreamed of becoming a Field Commander, he was pushed by his trainers to become a fighter pilot. He decided to learn both, and this extended his time in the academy. In 4 BBY he graduated and was sent to fight in the Battle of Nar Shaddaa almost immediately. Even though the battle was fixed by the Emperor, he still fought hard and managed to prove his abilities. The respect he earned got him an offer to serve aboard the Outpost, but he denied it since he was still hoping to fight on the ground.

In 1 BBY he was sent to fight in the Liberation of Mon Calamari, finally fulfilling his wish. But he did not fare well in the battle, and lost his left shin. After the fighting was over he was rushed to a hospital and given a cybernetic replacement. He gave up on ground battle, deeming it impossible with his new leg, and became a full-time pilot. But he eventually gave up on this as well, and then retired from Imperial service in 0 BBY.

Mid-life (0 BBY - 11 ABY)

Kulo went to move back to Alderaan, near where his parents lived. Alderaan was destroyed while he was visiting family on nearby Raisa. He, like many others, was outraged at the act, and considered joining the Rebel Alliance. But he still considered his leg a major hindrance, and decided to remain silent. When the New Republic formed in 5 ABY, he rejoiced and resented it at the same time. He was glad to see Alderaan's destruction avenged, but he still believed in the Empire's ideals.

He eventually grew accustomed to his leg, and wanted to return to combat. But he was torn between whether to join the Republic or Empire, and so he still stayed peaceful. But in 11 ABY he learned of Oopatcha the Hutt's criminal empire, and joined it as a bounty hunter for some excitement. He was later dismayed to find that he was put under the orders of Nati Junmo, and hated her style of command, even though she ruled with practices that could be compared to that of the Empire.

Final years (11 ABY - 15 ABY)

He served Nati for another four years along with Dehajiim, whom he quickly became friends with. In 15 ABY the group was sent to collect Oopatcha's money from Evon Gane. They arrived and Nati decided to toy with him, as usual. This gave Kugahtaro Leihai time to arrive and save Evon, and although the Jedi spared their lives, Oopatcha was furious and executed them right away. Since Kulo had no children, and his siblings had died on Alderaan, he was the last of his family. When he died, so did the Dri-Ma family line.

Personality and traits

Kulo was loyal and good at taking orders. He would willingly serve whoever was in command, though not always with his agreement. He was very hard-working, and would try his best to get a job done. He was also very proud of his family, and was angry when he was taken into the Empire as an low-ranking member, despite his family's previous criticizing of the Republic. In combat he usually tried to simply gun down the enemy without much strategy, which could be thought of as the cause of him losing his shin.

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