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Kudos are reward points for helping the staff in the Varrock Museum. You received experience points for various skills for accumulating certain amounts of kudos, as explained at Varrock Museum's rewards. Also, you will need 100 kudos to join a planned dig on an island north of Morytania, although the barge to go to the island has not been finished yet. Kudos also play a role in the Varrock Achievement Diary, where achieving 153 kudos is one of the Hard tasks.

You can earn a maximum of 173 kudos in the Varrock Museum minigame. You can also earn additional kudos for completing some quests: Meeting History earns 5 kudos and Defender of Varrock also earns 5 kudos.

In common use kudos are tokens of recognition.

There are 3 different ways for earning kudos in the museum: by cleaning finds, by taking quizzes on museum exhibits, and by telling Historian Minas about certain quests that you have completed.


Cleaning finds

One way to earn kudos is by cleaning finds from the Digsite, found in the roped-off area of the museum not the Digsite its self. In order to do this, you must have first completed The Dig Site quest. You must also be wearing leather gloves and leather boots, and have a trowel, a rock pick, and a specimen brush. All can be obtained from the tools container on the south wall in the museum.

To clean a find, take a Dig Site specimen rock from the pile on the floor to the east just inside the roped-off area. Then Use the Uncleaned find on one of the unused specimen tables. Usually this will result in some sort of item in your inventory (once in a great while the rock simply crumbles into dust).

If you find pottery, ancient symbol, old symbol, ancient coin, or old coin, show it to one of the NPCs working on the other specimen tables, they will instruct you which display case it should go in (or see the table in "Uncleaned_find") and you will earn 10 museum kudos points. Notice that if you find more than one of each item, only the first instance goes in the display case and earns kudos; subsequent items can be placed in the storage crates. You will have to clean approximately 5 rocks to find 1 of the desired items.

Other artefacts such as old chipped vases and arrowheads can be traded for prizes in the storage crates. Most of these prizes have some gold value, one notable exception is the antique lamp which grants 500 or 1,000 experience points to a skill over level 20 of your choice.

If you find jewellery and give it to any archaeologist, you will receive 5 coins. However, since nearly everything you receive in trade from the storage crates is worth more than 5 coins, giving it to an archaeologist is not useful.

You can also find the cleaned necklace while cleanings finds for kudos, show this to one of the archaeologists and he will teach you how to enchant ruby necklaces to create digsite pendants.

These are the prizes you can get by placing items in the storage crates:

Please note that this list is not finished yet.

Monster/Animal Exhibits

The easiest way to earn kudos is to go into the museum's lower floor, and answer the natural history quiz questions on various creatures in RuneScape. This can provide 2 kudos for each 3 questions if answered correctly for a total of 28 kudos.

Completing Quests

If you relate the tale of how you completed certain Quests to Historian Minas (found on the first floor) you will also earn Kudos (5 for each individual quest and 10 for completing the Ghostly robes (miniquest)) as well as Antique lamps which give 1,000 experience or 10,000 in the skill of your choice. Note that if you completed these quests before the Kudos system was in place, you can still speak to him and receive the full benefits. (Note - You receive 10 Kudos for bringing the Prophecy Tablet from Glorious Memories to Historian Minas.)

An incomplete list of the quests for which you can earn kudos is:


  • This bug has reappeared after the release of Glorious Memories it is currently possible to get either combinations of 173/173 (correct amount), 178/173 (Bugged) or 178/178 (Bugged) for your maximum Kudos. This bug has yet to be fixed.
  • If you offer one of the archeologists coins they say "Thank you, but I don't need that"
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Old Republic era

Kudos was a Rodian spacer whose ship who was stranded in Anchorhead on Tatooine in 3,956 BBY when his ship broke down and he had to wait for parts. He spent much of his time in the Anchorhead Hunting Lodge playing pazaak, which he greatly enjoyed. He played against Revan when he came through Anchorhead. He plays mostly because of the sport of it, not for the credits.


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (First appearance)

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