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Krytan armor is an armor art in the Prophecies and Factions campaigns, available for the six core professions.

In Prophecies, it can be obtained from collectors in exchange for the following trophies:

Region Base
Vest Leggings Gloves Boots
Pre-Searing Ascalon 7 3 Grawl Necklaces*
5 Unnatural Seeds
3 Spider Legs 3 Baked Husks*
3 Enchanted Lodestones*
3 Icy Lodestones
3 Skeletal Limbs*
3 Baked Husks*
5 Gargoyle Skulls
Post-Searing Ascalon 21 4 Leathery Claws 4 Ornate Grawl Necklaces 3 Fetid Carapaces* 4 Fetid Carapaces
Northern Shiverpeaks 27 5 Curved Minotaur Horns 5 Frostfire Fangs* 5 Stone Summit Badges 5 Alpine Seeds
Kryta 39 5 Forest Minotaur Horns
5 Shadowy Remnants
5 Glowing Hearts
5 Shadowy Remnants
5 Bog Skale Fins
5 Mergoyle Skulls
5 Glowing Hearts
5 Mergoyle Skulls
Maguuma Jungle 51 5 Thorny Carapaces
5 White Mantle Emblems
5 Jungle Troll Tusks
5 Jungle Skale Fins*
5 Ebon Spider Legs 5 Ancient Eyes
5 Maguuma Manes
Crystal Desert 60 5 Bleached Carapaces
5 Losaru Manes
5 Dune Burrower Jaws
5 Losaru Manes
5 Minotaur Horns
5 Shriveled Eyes
5 Dune Burrower Jaws
5 Massive Jawbones
Southern Shiverpeaks 7 Huge Jawbones 7 Frigid Hearts 7 Alpine Seeds 7 Azure Remains
*Not all professions.

In Factions, it can be obtained from the following armor crafter:

Location Crafter Base armor Gold
Bukdek Byway Oroku 60 1 Platinum


Warrior Ranger Monk
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist
Female Male Female Male Female Male
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