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Kree'arra is a God Wars Dungeon boss and is called the 'Armadyl Boss' in RuneScape's Quick Chat feature.

Kree'arra is one of Armadyl's most trusted generals.[1] He is an Aviansie, but unlike the other Aviansie his arms are joined to his wings giving him a quadrupedial posture. His main attack is a Range attack that resembles little whirlwinds, which can knock the player back and hit a maximum of 70. The same whirlwinds with a blue tinge are his magic attack, but it doesn't hit more than 21. His final attack is a Melee attack, but he doesn't use it unless people aren't attacking him. He can only be attacked with Magic or Ranged. It is highly suggested to stand back and use Protect from Range, as this will reduce most of the damage taken. But remember that he has a max hit of 70, so if you run out of prayer, watch your hitpoints! An often used strategy when fighting Kree'arra is to stand against a wall with the Protect from Range so that his attack can't knock you back.

Kree'arra is considered to be one of the hardest of all the God Wars bosses, because it must be ranged or maged, and killing 40 Armadyl followers takes a long time, as opposed to killing 40 Zamorak followers, where you can kill level 7 imps, not to mention Bandos followers where you can kill goblins. On the other hand, he cannot hit as hard as the other God Wars bosses as long as the player uses the Protect from Range prayer.

Kree'araa is the eighth highest levelled monster in RuneScape, after Commander Zilyana, General Graardor, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Nomad, TzTok-Jad, the Spirit Beast and the Corporeal Beast, and is the seventh highest levelled attackable monster, as the Spirit Beast cannot be attacked.

Kree'arra is also the third highest hitting monster in Runescape, after TzTok-Jad and Nomad.



God Wars Dungeon; Armadyl Room Flying Around (40 Kill Count required to enter)

Attack styles

Kree'arra's main attack is a Ranged attack that resembles little whirlwinds, which can knock the player back and hit a maximum of 70. His magic attack looks similar, except the whirlwinds have a blue tinge. The magic attack is his weakest, hitting a maximum of 21. His melee attack is often his most deadly, because most people are protected from ranged attacks with prayer. The melee attack is only used if nobody's attacking him, and consists of two simultaneous melee attacks, each having a max of 25, making the total a possible of 50. Kree'arra can also perform this attack in quick succession, making his melee attack similar to a dragon dagger special attack and extremely hard to survive long against.

Fighting strategy

A wallpaper featuring Kree'arra.

Just like the other bosses, the player must kill 40 of a god's followers to get into their room. Players usually bring a spare beast of burden pouch, with high enough summoning for secondary familiars such as a fruit bats, bunyips, titans or unicorn stallions to summon once their beast of burden is empty. For players using a Pack yak, they should bring winter storage scrolls for banking drops they might get. A Mithril Grapple is required to access the Eyrie. It is also beneficial for inventory space to bring a bolt pouch, with the ability to carry up to 255 x 4 bolts. A high level soloer could expect to use 100 broad-tipped bolts for the killcount, and 200-250 diamond bolts (e) for the boss fights, so they would take 150-200 broad bolts and 255 (a full slot) of diamond bolts (e) in the bolt pouch, while having the mithril grapple in the equipped slot, since you can't put in the bolt pouch due to its size. Once used, the player should drop the mithril grapple and equip the broad bolts, and after getting the killcount switch them for the diamond bolts (e). Using the bolt pouch method saves 1 inventory slot for people who only use diamond bolts (e), and 2 for people who use diamond and ruby bolts (e). The rest of the inventory and beast of burden should be filled with whatever combination of Saradomin brew and Super restore potions the player finds most effective. A few range potions are highly recommended for all levels, due to it being extremely beneficial. For high-level soloers an amount of 2 doses of range potion per Kree'arra is usually appropriate.

A good base to start out with is to bring 3 Saradomin brews for every super restore potion you bring. If going in a larger group or utilizing healing familiars, bringing a few extra super restore potions is recommended. Ruby bolts (e) and Diamond bolts (e) should be used for the most effective killing. Ruby bolts (e) are only necessary for people under 90-95 range, because at around 99 with eagle eye and a range potion boost (112 range), the diamond bolt (e) max is 41 (without void), making it almost equal to ruby bolts (e). If money is not an issue, then Dragon bolts (e) may be used, as the special can be quite effective. The player should switch to using Diamond (e) or other bolt type after Kree'arra reaches half health. For getting their 40 kills, the player may use Broad-tipped bolts, Emerald bolts (e) or bring extra Diamond (e), though this is not suggested as the former bolts are much cheaper than diamond, and you will need them for killing Kree'arra.

Players are advised to have a 75+ range, 75+ defence if the player is going with 4 or more people. Keep in mind that finding a team is almost impossible with these stats, and they won't be getting very many kills. 85+ ranging, 80+ defence, and 52+ summoning are highly recommended for going in a group.

85+ range, 80+ defence is the minimum for soloing him, although the player most likely won't get more than one kill. To get even 5 kills at best, they need at least 90+ ranging 85+ defence and 67+ summoning. To solo him for a good number of kills, stats of at least 95 ranging, 90 defence, and 96+ summoning are required.

Protect from Missiles is a must while killing him, and after he is dead, the appropriate prayer may be used for when his minions are being killed. Eagle Eye or Hawk Eye may be used for an additional 15% or 10% range bonus respectively. Hawk eye drains prayer slower while still providing a decent range bonus, so it is recommended for lower levels or those who are inexperienced. Steel Skin should be used for soloers while fighting Kree'arra.

After Kree'arra is defeated, some players choose to turn off Protect from Missiles while waiting for him to spawn. They will then stand under the area where Kree'arra spawns, giving them a few moments to turn on the necessary prayers when he respawns. This saves them a few prayer points each kill, although players should be warned that this strategy is also extremely dangerous. Kree'arra will have a tendency to use his melee attack against players who use this method, but there is also a chance he will respawn and use his range or magic attack, potentially causing heavy damage if prayers are not turned on quickly enough. Turning on prayer ahead of time is extremely advised.

If a minion is killed before Kree'arra has been defeated, then the minion will instantly respawn again. They will continue to do this until Kree'arra has been defeated. Therefore, players must kill Kree'arra first.


A Godsword donning an Armadyl hilt, one of the drops attainable from Kree'arra.

Recommended Equipment



100% drops

  • Bones
  • Feathers(5-10 at a time)

Weapons, ammunition and runes

Kree'arra's RuneScape Duel Card.




Please add your charm drop rates to the next template:

Charm drop percentages
No Charm


16 - 35%

13 - 31%

9 - 25%

5 - 18%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 53 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)

A detailed drop list of 4149 Kree'arra kills can be found here: Media:4149arma.png


Althought when attempting to attack this with melee, it gives a message saying you cannot, if you use a Salamander (any type) on the melee setting you will deal damage! (This also works with aviansies).


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