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Krayt of the Covenant is a booster pack created by Krayt and contains at least 100 cards, with only about 35 made, so far.

  • Cards in the Pack
  • Card Types
  • List of Cards

Cards in the Pack

3 Secret Rares / 12 Ultra Rares / 15 Super Rares / 20 Rares / 50 Commons

Card Types


List of Cards (made so far)

KOTC-000: Doomsday Clock (ScR)

KOTC-001: Doomsday Device (R)

KOTC-002: Doomsday Event 1 (C)

KOTC-003: Doomsday Event 2 (C)

KOTC-004: Doomsday Cult Horseman (SR)

KOTC-005: Doomsday Cult Soldier (C)

KOTC-006: Doomsday Clock Tower (UR)

KOTC-007: Photon Ring Blast (R)

KOTC-008: Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger (C)

KOTC-009: Yoke of Seeming (C)

KOTC-010: Helm of Dathka Graush (C)

KOTC-011: Eye of Horak-Mul (C)

KOTC-012: Muur Talisman (R)

KOTC-013: Power of the Dark Side (SR)

KOTC-014: Covenant Assembly Line (C)

KOTC-015: Honor Guard Wraith (C)

KOTC-016: The Covenant- Scarab Tank (UR)

KOTC-017: Flood Spore (C)

KOTC-018: Organization XIII (UR)

KOTC-019: I, Xemnas the Superior (UR)

KOTC-019-X: Superior Dragon Form (UR)

KOTC-019-Y: Superior Deity Form (UR)

KOTC-019-Z: Superior Alternate Soul (SR)

KOTC-020: II, Xigbar the Freeshooter (R)

KOTC-021: III, Xaldin the Whirlwind Lancer (C)

KOTC-022: IV, Vexen the Chilly Academic (C)

KOTC-023: V, Lexaeus the Silent Hero (R)

KOTC-024: VI, Zexion the Cloaked Schemer (R)

KOTC-025: VII, Saix the Luna Diviner (SR)

KOTC-026: VIII, Axel the Flurry of Dancing Flames (SR)

KOTC-027: IX, Demyx the Melodious Nocturne (C)

KOTC-028: X, Luxord the Gambler of Fate (R)

KOTC-029: XI, Marluxia the Graceful Assassin (R)

KOTC-030: XII, Larxene the Savage Nymph (R)

KOTC-031: XIII, Roxas the Key of Destiny (UR)

KOTC-032: XIV, Xion (SR)

KOTC-033: The World That Never Was (R)

KOTC-034: Memory's Tower (R)

KOTC-035: Altar of Naught (SR)

KOTC-036: Halt of the Clock (R)

KOTC-037: Doomsday Event 3 (C)

KOTC-038: Doomsday Event 4 (C)

KOTC-039: Doomsday Event 5 (UR)

KOTC-040: Sword of Ieldis (C)

KOTC-041: Doomsday Cult Leaders - Horsemen of Apocalypse (UR)

KOTC-042: Doomsday Cult Hideout (R)

KOTC-043: Doomsday Isle (SR)

KOTC-044: Kressh's War Sword (R)

KOTC-045: Nihilus Mask (C)

KOTC-046: Sith Spellbook (C)

KOTC-047: Sith Holocron (C)

KOTC-048: Tomes of Freedon Nadd (C)

KOTC-049: Strato-Sentinal (R)

KOTC-050: Bane's Heart (C)

KOTC-051: Thought Bomb (SR)

KOTC-052: The Forerunner- The Ark (UR)

KOTC-053: Portal to the Ark (R)

KOTC-054: Citadel Apex Sigil Keep (C)

KOTC-055: Daedric Siege Crawler (UR)

KOTC-056: Daedric Prince of Destruction - Mehrunes Dagon (UR)

KOTC-057: Daedric Prince of Madness - Sheogorath (UR)

KOTC-058: Daedric Prince of Order - Jyggalag (UR)

KOTC-059: Dagon's Shrine (C)

KOTC-060: End of Order (C)

KOTC-061: Gaiar Alata - Paradise (R)

KOTC-062: Gate to Paradise (UR)

KOTC-063: Great Gate (R)

KOTC-064: Hand of the Forerunner (C)

KOTC-065: High Charity (SR)

KOTC-066: High Prophet of Mercy (C)

KOTC-067: High Prophet of Regret (C)

KOTC-068: High Prophet of Truth (R)

KOTC-069: Knight of Order (R)

KOTC-070: Knight of the Nine Crusader (UR)

KOTC-071: Mysterium Xarxes, Page 1 (C)

KOTC-072: Mysterium Xarxes, Page 2 (C)

KOTC-073: Obelisk of Order (SR)

KOTC-074: Oblivion Citadel Sigil Keep (R)

KOTC-075: Oblivion Gate (R)

KOTC-076: Order of the Mythic Dawn (R)

KOTC-077: Priest of Order (R)

KOTC-078: Promise of the Prophets (C)

KOTC-079: Shivering Isles (C)

KOTC-080: Umaril the Unfeathered (UR)

KOTC-081: Umaril vs Knight of the Nine (C)

KOTC-082: The Fallen (ScR)

KOTC-083: World Breaker Citadel (UR)

KOTC-084: Prophet of Objection (C)

KOTC-085: Legate, Minister of Etiology (C)

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