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Kar Vastor, a Korun of Ghôsh Windu.

The Korunnai (singular, Korun) were a Human race from the planet Haruun Kal. They were a nomadic "tribe" of uplanders (which was the rough translation of "Korunnai" into Basic). They fought against the Balawai (downfolk) in the Summertime War and were insultingly called Kornos by these enemies.

The Korunnai were genetically Human in almost every respect, except that they were all Force-sensitive and used their Force powers to bind akk dogs and grassers to themselves.



A Korun taming an akk dog with the Force.

It is believed that a Jedi craft crashed on the planet during the Sith War, and the Korun were descendants of Jedi. In addition the Korunnai also had a higher tolerance to poisons, due to living near the toxic cloudsea that covered the lowlands of the planet. Their term for the Force was the Pelekotan.

The Korunnai spoke Korunnal, and organized themselves into tribes with many similarities to a family unit. These tribes were known as Ghôsh, one of the most prominent being Ghôsh Windu, the tribe of Kar Vastor and Mace Windu. The Korunnai version of a shrug was to tilt the head a centimeter to the right. Their phrase for nonsense was 'tusker poop'.

Shortly after the establishment of the Galactic Empire, an Imperial fleet bombarded Haruun Kal; by 40 ABY it was unknown if any Korunnai still lived. However, in 5 ABY at least three Korunnai still existed-Nick Rostu, Lorz Geptun, and Kar Vastor.

Korunnai measured distance not in length, but in transit time.


Their culture was based on four pillars:Honor, Duty, Family, Herd. They are in order from least important to most important. First, is your honor, your obligation to yourself. Second, is your duty, your obligation to others. Third is your family. Last is your grasser herd.

Behind the scenes

The name Korunnai apparently comes from the Greek word korynê, meaning club or mace -- a fitting name for Windu's people.




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