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This article is about a planet. You may be looking for Teta, the Empress after whom the planet was named.
Empress Teta (Koros Major)

Deep Core[1]


Teta Sector


Empress Teta system[1]


1: Koros[1]


3[1] (inc. the Tetan Moon)

Rotation period

23.5 standard hours[1]

Orbital period

359 standard days[1]




15,700 km[1]




Temperate to arctic[1]



Primary terrain
Points of interest
Native species


Immigrated species


Primary language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard[1]




1.3 billion (71% Human, 29% other)[1]

Major cities

Cinnagar (capital)

Major imports
  • Raw materials[1]
  • Consumer goods[1]
  • Processed foods[1]
Major exports



Empress Teta, formerly known as Koros Major and also called Cinnagar, was an ecumenopolis world in the Deep Core. It was named after the Koros system's ruler Empress Teta who unified the system following the Unification Wars in 5,000 BBY.

It was the capital of Teta Sector and was located on both the Koros Trunk Line and the Carbonite Run, and for a short time on the Daragon Trail. Empress Teta was the main hub of galactic civilization in the Deep Core and was also one of the few highly urbanized planets in the region to rival Coruscant itself in fashion and amenities.



Much of Empress Teta's landmass was covered by its principal city Cinnagar. Thus, many confused Cinnagar with the entire planet even in official documents.[2] Cinnagar featured beautiful and ancient buildings which date back to the reconstruction following the Great Hyperspace War in 5,000 BBY. Since then Empress Teta began to rival the galactic capital Coruscant itself, in the Deep Core.

The remaining natural landmass was occupied by carbonite mines and what little remained of the native fauna and flora. Empress Teta was prosperous and was dominated by ornate buildings and an artistic style that made walking through its ecumenopolis a treat.


The worlds of the Koros system were first colonized by Coruscanti via generation ships sometime prior to the advent of hyperdrive, and the discovery of rich carbonite veins there spurred the advancement of sleeper ships in exploration. Large numbers of illegal mining claimants eventually led to the declaration of ownership by the aristocrats of Teta, supported by the Republic. The subsequent Unification Wars forged the legend of the Empress that would become the system's namesake.

In 5,000 BBY, Koros Major was attacked by the Sith Empire, but defended by Empress Teta and the Jedi. However, the planet was taken over in 3,997 BBY by the Krath cult, who deflected a Mandalorian attack in 3,996 BBY.

Empress Teta was one of the few Galactic Republic member worlds in the Deep Core. As a major exporter of carbonite, it was an important member of the Galactic Empire. The planet was also one of the few worlds in the Deep Core to remain relatively multispecies despite the Humanocentrist policies of the Imperials.

The planet's location in the hard-to-navigate Deep Core made it easy to defend, and the New Republic planned to evacuate their government to the planet in the eventuality Coruscant fell to the Yuuzhan Vong. However, Senatorial opposition to the plan caused it to be shelved, and when Coruscant actually fell, the government fled to Mon Calamari. It can be assumed that even after the Yuuzhan Vong War had ended Empress Teta continued to rival Coruscant in the Deep Core, continuing with the Galactic Alliance.


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