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Koro-2 Exodrive airspeeder
Production information

Desler Gizh Outworld Mobility Corporation[1]

Product line

Koro-series airspeeder


Koro-2 all-environment Exodrive airspeeder



Technical specifications

6.6 meters[2]


2.1 meters[2]


0.9 meters[1]

Maximum speed

800 km/h[2]




Pilot (1)[1]



Cargo capacity

80 kg or 0.03 m³[2]

  • Approx. five years' gas for irradiation system[2]
  • Two weeks' cabin air supply[1]

Zam Wesell

"My speeder might be built like a dung beetle, but it could survive an acid storm on Mordis VI."
Zam Wesell

The Koro-2 Exodrive airspeeder was a model of dragster-style airspeeder that was manufactured and sold by the Desler Gizh Outworld Mobility Corporation. The Clawdite assassin Zam Wesell favored this type of speeder, using one of them during her work prior to the Clone Wars. The Koro-2 was an upgraded version of the original Koro-1 speeder.



The Koro-2 Exodrive was an all-environment airspeeder with a twin-forked nose and a sleek, green-hued body. It was powered by an electromagnetic field, generated around its frontal mandibles, and radioactivity. The mandibles drew in surrounding air and irradiated it to produce ionization and make it conductive. Electrodes within each mandible induced strong electric currents across the gap in the center, with the newly magnetized stream was propelled to the rear of the vehicle, creating thrust.

Koro-2 schematics.

The field was susceptible to power lines in urban areas that could confound the vehicle's steering, but the pilot could use this disturbance to their advantage as an extra means of traction. The exodrive system combined inboard repulsors with interior field generators to propel the speeder through the atmosphere. This allowed the speeder to be completely sealed from the outside environment—a handy feature on planets with heavy amounts of dust or chemicals in the air.

The exodrive came at a price, however. The forward mandibles irradiated the air around them, inducing ionization and making it conductive. The airstream was then electrified and magnetically propelled to the rear of the craft, meaning the air literally dragged the Koro-2 forwards. This caused radiation spill and noxious waste, so an Exodrive airspeeder was not particularly useful or welcome in urban areas. Additionally, the exodrive gave off a distinctive howl as the speeder tore through the skies.


Zam Wesell's Koro-2 on Coruscant.

Zam Wesell's Koro-2 was the assassin's own personal model, used as a lean, speedy getaway vehicle. Designed to survive in hostile environments, the pressurized cockpit had a two-week air supply. Zam's speeder featured no offensive weapons, relying strictly on speed and agility—or, on occasion, Zam's own personal blaster pistol, fired out of the window at fleeing targets or pursuing law enforcers. Acquired on one of the billions of heavily metallic worlds controlled by the Mining Guild, Zam went against the designer's wishes to keep the vehicle on hostile planets by introducing it to the urban planets of Denon and Coruscant.

Her airspeeder had a printed registration sticker as a mining permit for the Teraab sector. The cockpit also contained special oils for Clawdites use. The left mandible held a secret compartment for her sniper rifle. Additionally, the vehicle contained room in a compartment for her ASN-121 assassin droid.

After her attempt to assassinate Padmé Amidala on Coruscant failed, Zam fled from the Senator's Jedi bodyguards in her waiting airspeeder. Zam led the Jedi on a wild chase through Galactic City, though Anakin Skywalker managed to jump onto her speeder, and in the struggle that followed, Zam accidentally damaged the controls. The Koro-2 spun out of control, crashing into Vos Gesal Street in the Uscru District. Zam left the flaming wreckage behind, seeking refuge in the Outlander Club. She was killed shortly thereafter by Jango Fett.

Koro-2 airspeeders were still in use as of 12 ABY, on worlds such as Coruscant.


  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Non-canonical appearance)
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (First appearance)
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones comic
  • Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones junior novel
  •  Star Wars Galaxies – An Empire Divided
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy


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