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Korea is a nation-state on Earth, located on the coast of eastern Asia.

Following the Second World War, Korea was divided into two countries: North Korea - which was backed by the Soviet Union and its allies - and South Korea - which was backed by the United States of America and its allies. From 1950 to 1953 North and South Korea fought in a conflict which would come to be known as the Korean War.

Angela Franklin, a 20th century engineer, served in the United States Army Corps of Engineers in Korea from 1958 to 1961. (TOS - Star Trek: Assignment: Earth comic: "Brighter Than a Thousand Suns")

In 2376, Elias Vaughn had a second orb experience with a Bajoran orb. In this experience, Vaughn became Eli Underwood, a veteran of the Korean War. Underwood was present when the allied forces retook Seoul. (DS9 novel: Unity)

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Korea is a geographic area, civilization, and a former state situated on the Korean Peninsula in East Asia. It borders China to the west and Russia to the north, with Japan situated to the east. The Korean Peninsula is divided into two separate states, North Korea and South Korea. However, the name "Korea" is often used to refer to South Korea due to its greater economic significance and influence in the world.

Between 1950 and 1953, hostilities between the North Korean and South Korean regimes escalated into what has become colloquially known as the Korean War. After disputes arose regarding elections concerning the entirety of Korea, as well as escalating border conflicts at the 38th Parallel; the North Korean Army assaulted the South on June 25, 1950. The conflict was then expanded by the United States and the Soviet Union's involvement as part of a proxy war in the greater Cold War. One of the more well-known soldiers to serve in Korea was Captain Phillip Hunter, a green beret and son of famed war hero Benjamin Hunter.

In April of 1951, American Army Intelligence sent the Unknown Soldier (known as Arthur Wilson at the time) on an undercover mission to infiltrate a Chinese armor patrol and gain intelligence on their movements. On April 12th, the Chinese patrol engaged a U.S. army unit in armed combat and the Unknown Soldier was injured. He was taken to a village in Maengsan where he was nursed back to health by a young woman named Tsu Na. Tsu Na learned the truth about the Unknown Soldier and fell in love with him. She took advantage of his convalescence in the hopes of bearing his child. Tsu Na was unaware that the restorative formula that gave the Unknown Soldier his special abilities had also made him sterile. Once sufficiently healed from his injuries, the immortal Soldier returned to the United States. [1]

In 1987, the Unknown Soldier returned to Korea as part of an inter-agency job between Army Intelligence and the CIA to buy up stock in Teldron, Inc. in order to give the U.S. a strategic influence in North Korea. The Unknown Soldier learned that the CEO of Teldron, Inc. was Tsu Na, the woman who nursed him back to health in 1951. At this time, the Unknown Soldier also met Denice Wilson, Tsu Na's daughter. Both women believed that Denice was the Unknown Soldier's daughter, but this turned out to be untrue. During this mission, the Unknown Soldier's CIA rival Barry, blackmailed one of the Teldron, Inc. board members, Mister Jung, into voting in favor of U.S. interests in the company. Negotiations turned violent and through a series of circumstances, Denice Wilson was killed. She never learned that the Unknown Soldier was not her true father. [2]

In recent years, criminal mastermind Chang Tzu abducted Sasha Bordeaux of Checkmate, and Nightwing and Captain Boomerang (Owen Mercer) of the Outsiders and brought them to a facility in North Korea for experimentation. Batman assisted the Checkmate mission team with rescuing the heroes from Chang Tzu's lab. This incident resulted in Nightwing quitting the Outsiders, and handing the reigns of leadership to the group's original founder, his former mentor, Batman.

Other Realities

Earth-Smallville: On October 6th, 1989, Queen Industries CEO Robert Queen and his wife Laura are killed in a plane crash en route to Seoul, Korea. Some suspect that Lionel Luthor may have engineered their deaths in an effort to eliminate his fellow members of the Veritas group. Their son Oliver, will grow up to become the masked vigilante Green Arrow.

Earth-TCM: In the continuity of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre titles, Hewitt family patriarch Charlie Hewitt was a soldier who had been serving in the U.S. armed forces stationed in Korea. In the winter of 1953, Hewitt was captured by a Korean officer named Sergeant Chow and taken to a POW camp. Chow forced Hewitt to look after another POW who had been injured during the fighting. Seeing the man as sick and weak, Hewitt decided that it would be better to silence him, so he suffocated him in the middle of the night. The following day, Hewitt was moved to a transit camp in the mountains. Placed in a dungeon, he was paired off with another injured G.I. The enlisted man died of his own injuries, and Hewitt watched in horror as NKPA officers dragged the body into a slaughterhouse where it was butchered and (presumably) cooked. What remains were left behind were thrown into a bucket and tossed into Hewitt's cell. Starving, he had little choice but to eat what was provided for him. He kept one of the discarded human bones and sharpened the end of it. When Sergeant Chow entered his cell one morning to inspect him, Hewitt stabbed him in the chest with the bone. He then took Chow's rifle and shot his way to freedom. The experience gave Hewitt not only a newfound inner strength, but a grisly appetite for human flesh. [3]

Points of Interest

North Korea

North Korea is the commonly used short form name for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (or DPRK), a state located in East Asia, in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula, with its capital in the city of Pyongyang. To the south, separated by the Korean Demilitarized Zone, lies South Korea, with which it formed one nation until division following World War II. At its northern Amnok River border are China and, separated by the Tumen River in the extreme north-east, Russia. North Korea is widely considered to be a Stalinist dictatorship. The country's government styles itself as following the Juche ideology of self reliance, developed by Kim Il-sung, the country's former leader. Succeeding Kim Il-sung was Kim Jong-il, the late president Kim Il-sung's son.

South Korea

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea and often referred to as Korea is a presidential republic in East Asia, occupying the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. Also known as the "Land of the Morning Calm", it is neighbored by China to the west, Japan to the east and North Korea to the north. South Korea's capital and largest city is Seoul, the second largest metropolitan city in the world. Korea has a history of 5,000 years and is one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Seoul is the capital and largest city of South Korea. With over ten million people, Seoul is one of the world's largest cities. It is also the world's second largest metropolitan area, the Seoul National Capital Area - which includes the major port city of Incheon and satellite towns in Gyeonggi-do, having almost 23 million inhabitants. Seong Barclay was born in Seoul, South Korea. As an adult, she gained possession of a hi-tech armor developed by her father and became the super-hero known as Mystek. As Mystek, Seong briefly served as a member of the Justice League Task Force. She apparently died after being sucked out into space en route to the trial of the hybrid super-villain L-Ron/Despero. [4]



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Links and References

  1. Unknown Soldier (Volume 2) #9
  2. Unknown Soldier (Volume 2) #10
  3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: By Himself #1
  4. Justice League Task Force #32
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There is more information available on this subject at United Korea on the English-language Wikipedia.
The Korean Unification Flag

Korea is a country in Northeastern Asia situated on the Korean Peninsula on Earth.

Korea used to be divided into two countries, North Korea and South Korea. This division is not only marked by a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), but a river and hundreds of unknown land mines. During the early 20th Century, Japan took over Korea and held it until 1945, when Korea achieved independence. Then from 1950-53 there was a war called the Korean war in which the Communist North Koreans and Chinese, backed by the Soviet Union, fought the UN, which included the South Koreans. In 1950, the UN, led by American General Douglas MacArthur, was off to a good start and took over nearly the whole of the Korean Peninsula, but in 1951 was terribly beaten back and pushed into a small corner of South Korea. In 1953, the UN got the upper hand when the President of the United States of America forced China to stop fighting by threatening to use the Atomic bomb. Without Chinese aid, North Korea was weak and, despite USSR aid, the UN forces pushed to Pyongyang. It is speculated that the two countries have came back to form Korea once again. Their capitals are Pyongyang (Northern Korea) and Seoul (Southern Korea). Korea has always been a research powerhouse due to its size and location. It is home to many provinces including the Kyonggi Province.
The location of Korea on Earth

United Nations Space Command

The UNSC has a number of locations in Korea, namely, the Special Warfare Center in Songnam, Kyonggi Province. This is where the MJOLNIR Mark VI was tested by ONI before it was sent to Cairo Station for use by SPARTAN-117.


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"South Korea" redirects here. For locations and characters from South Korea in Lost, see: South Korea in Lost.
Location of South Korea
Flag of South Korea
  • Title 로스트
  • Broadcast by KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)
  • When Sundays at 11:25 pm ~ (Consecutive Telecast)
  • Dubbed Yes (Korean)
  • Subtitled No
  • On Season 4th


Episode names

Season 1

  1. 비밀의 섬 ("Island of Secret") – "Pilot, Part 1"
  2. 공포의 시작 ("Start of Fear") – "Pilot, Part 2"
  3. 망각의 섬 ("Island of a Forgetfulness") – "Tabula Rasa"
  4. Walkabout – "Walkabout"
  5. 하얀 토끼 ("White Rabbit") – "White Rabbit"
  6. 해 뜨는 집 ("House of the Rising Sun") – "House of the Rising Sun"
  7. 나방 ("The Moth")– "The Moth"
  8. 협잡의 달인 ("An Expert in Trickery") – "Confidence Man"
  9. 고독 ("Loneliness") – "Solitary"
  10. 예정된 미스테리 ("Predeterminate Mystery") – "Raised by Another"
  11. 아버지와 아들 ("Father and Son") – "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"
  12. 의문의 손가방 ("Briefcase of Doubt") – "Whatever the Case May Be"
  13. 금단의 열매 ("Fruit of Prohibition") – "Hearts and Minds"
  14. 아주특별한 아이 ("Quite Special Child") – "Special"
  15. 귀환 ("Return") – "Homecoming"
  16. 정글의 법칙 ("Law of Jungle") – "Outlaws"
  17. 가슴앓이 ("Heart Burn")– "...In Translation"
  18. 저주받은 숫자 ("The Cursed Number") – "Numbers"
  19. 비정한 아버지 ("The Cold-Hearted Father") – "Deus Ex Machina"
  20. 생과 사 ("Life and Death") – "Do No Harm"
  21. 숨겨진 진실 ("The Hidden Truth") – "The Greater Good"
  22. 천의 얼굴을 가진 여자 ("Woman of Thousand Faces") – "Born to Run"
  23. 무인도 탈출 1 ("Escape from Desert Island 1") – "Exodus, Part 1"
  24. 무인도 탈출 2 ("Escape from Desert Island 2") – "Exodus, Part 2"
  25. 무인도 탈출 3 (최종회) ("Escape from Desert Island 3 (Finale)") – "Exodus, Part 3"

Season 2

  1. 과학이냐 신앙이냐 ("Science or Faith") – "Man of Science, Man of Faith"
  2. 표류 ("Drift") – "Adrift"
  3. 오리엔테이션 ("Orientation") – "Orientation"
  4. 공공의 적 ("Public Enemy") – "Everybody Hates Hugo"
  5. 결혼반지 ("Wedding Band") – "...And Found"
  6. 버림받은 사람들 ("The Forsaken") – "Abandoned"
  7. 48일간의 생존 기록 ("Existence Recording in 48 Days") – "The Other 48 Days"
  8. 일촉즉발 ("Touch and Go") – "Collision"
  9. 아버지와 딸 ("Father and Daughter") – "What Kate Did"
  10. 시편 23장 ("The 23rd Psalm") – "The 23rd Psalm"
  11. 헌팅 파티 ("The Hunting Party") – "The Hunting Party"
  12. 불+물 ("Fire + Water") – "Fire + Water"
  13. 장타 날리기 ("Long Hit") – "The Long Con"
  14. 정체불명 ("Unidentified") – "One of Them"
  15. 되찾은 기억 ("The Recalled Memory") – "Maternity Leave"
  16. 뜻밖의 임신 ("Unexpected Pregnancy") – "The Whole Truth"
  17. 감금 ("Confinement") – "Lockdown"
  18. 데이브 ("Dave") – "Dave"
  19. S.O.S. – "S.O.S."
  20. 우연 혹은 운명 ("Accident or Fate") – "Two for the Road"
  21. ? – "?"
  22. 3분 ("3 Minutes") – "Three Minutes"
  23. 진실게임 1부 ("Truth Game 1") – "Live Together, Die Alone"
  24. 진실게임 2부 (최종회) ("Truth Game 2 (Finale)") – "Live Together, Die Alone"

Season 3

  1. 두 도시 이야기 ("A Tale of Two Cities") – "A Tale of Two Cities"
  2. 유리 발레리나 ("The Glass Ballerina") – "The Glass Ballerina"
  3. 농부와 사냥꾼 ("Farmer and Hunter") – "Further Instructions"
  4. 생존법칙 ("Law of The Survival") – "Every Man for Himself"
  5. 고해성사 ("Sacrament of Confession") – "The Cost of Living"
  6. 결혼서약 ("Marriage Vow") – "I Do"
  7. 미틀로스 생명과학 ("Mittelos Bioscience") – "Not in Portland"
  8. 예언 ("Prophecy") – "Flashes Before Your Eyes"
  9. 낯선 곳의 이방인 ("Stranger in a Strange Land") – "Stranger in a Strange Land"
  10. 트리시아 다나카의 죽음 ("The Death of Tricia Tanaka") – "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead"
  11. 77 ("77") – "Enter 77"
  12. 뜻밖의 만남 ("Stumble Across") – "Par Avion"
  13. 탈라하시에서 온 남자 ("The Man from Tallahassee") – "The Man from Tallahassee"
  14. 엑스포제 ("Exposé") – "Exposé"
  15. 버림받은 사람들 ("The Forsaken") – "Left Behind"
  16. 초대받지 않은 손님 ("An Uninvited Guest") – "One of Us"
  17. 딜레마 ("Dilemma") – "Catch-22"
  18. D.O.C. ("D.O.C.") – "D.O.C."
  19. 아버지를 죽여라 ("Kill Your Own Father") – "The Brig"
  20. 제이콥 ("Jacob") – "The Man Behind the Curtain"
  21. 자살 임무 ("Suicide Mission") – "Greatest Hits"
  22. 거울 해치 1부 ("Looking Glass Hatch 1") – "Through the Looking Glass"
  23. 거울 해치 2부 ("Looking Glass Hatch 2") – "Through the Looking Glass"

Season 4

  1. 종말의 시작 ("The Beginning of the End") – "The Beginning of the End"
  2. 전원 사망 ("Altogether Dead") – "Confirmed Dead"

Clip shows

  1. 2시즌 스페셜 에피소드 – 예기치 못한 생존 (revelation) ("Season 2 Special Episode - Unexpected Existence (revelation)") – "Lost: Revelation"
  2. 2시즌 스페셜 에피소드 – 숙명의 섬 ("Season 2 Special Episode - Island of Fate") – "Lost: Reckoning"

Voice actors

The KBS Korean language voice acting team
Main article: Voice actors

The broadcast of Lost in South Korea is dubbed, with dubbers being identified by the Korean word 役.

Korean transliteration


Note: The version in English represents what is shown in Korean. i.e. If both first and last names are listed, or a nickname is listed, these are also in the Korean version to the right

  • Ana Lucia Cortez - 아나루시아 코르테즈
  • Bernard - 버나드
  • Boone - 분
  • Claire Littleton - 클레어 리틀톤
  • Charlie Pace - 찰리 페이스
  • Desmond - 데스먼드 (Alternate: Desmond Hume - 데즈먼드 흄)
  • Mr. Eko - 미스터 에코
  • Hugo "Hurley" Reyes - 휴고 "헐리" 레예스
  • Jack Shephard - 잭 셰퍼드
  • Kwon Jin-Soo - 권진수
  • Kwon Sun-Hwa - 권선화
  • John Locke - 존 로크
  • Kate Austen - 케이트 오스틴
  • Michael Dawson - 마이클 도슨
  • Nikki - 니키
  • Paulo - 파울로
  • Rose - 로즈
  • James "Sawyer" Ford - 제임스 "소이어" 포드
  • Sayid - 사이드
  • Shannon Rutherford - 섀넌 루더포드 (Alternate: Shannon - 쉐넌)
  • Vincent - 빈센트
  • Walt - 월트

Cast and crew

  • Matthew Fox - 매튜 폭스
  • Evangeline Lilly - 에반젤린 릴리
  • Terry O'Quinn - 테리 오퀸
  • Josh Holloway - 조쉬 할로웨이
  • Jorge Garcia - 조지 가르시아
  • Emilie De Ravin - 에밀리 드 라빈
  • Maggie Grace - 매기 그레이스
  • Dominic Monaghan - 도미닉 모나한
  • Harold Perrineau - 해롤드 페리뉴
  • Daniel Dae Kim - 대니얼 대 킴
  • Kim Yunjin - 김윤진
  • Henry Ian Cusick - 헨리 이안 쿠식
  • Madison - 매디슨


  • In South Korea, actress Yunjin Kim already had a large fan following for her roles in drama series such as A Gorgeous Vacation and several movies, before she moved to the United States to star in Lost. [1]
  • The Official Lost Podcast on April 10, 2006 discusses the issues of subtitling Korean in English broadcasts, as well as dubbing Sun's English in Korean broadcasts.
  • Despite every character speaking Korean, Jin and Sun's nationality and language is not changed, but the language barrier still exists.

External links

  • KBS network
    • Sample video clip from Lost (로스트) in Korean - with Siho Hong and Sun Lee
    • KBS - dubbing actor page for Lost
  • Ko.Wikipedia - Lost - includes airdates
  • Lostmania.net - fansite
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Korea is a geographic area, civilization, and former state situated on the Korean Peninsula in East Asia. Korea is currently divided into North Korea and South Korea.


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