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(Original homeworld unknown)


Koorivar language

Average height

1.9 meters

Skin color
  • Dark green, black (males)
  • Magenta, mauve (females)
Hair color


Eye color



Cranial horns, scaly reptilian skin

Famous members

Passel Argente, Passel Argente's uncle, Denaria Kee, Oro Dassyne

The Koorivar were a species of humanoids with reptilian characteristics, including scales, reptilian skin that varied in many colors ranging from magenta to mauve and from dark green to black, and a gracile cranial horn that symbolized status in their society.

Notable Koorivar included Corporate Alliance Magistrate Passel Argente, Denaria Kee, and General Oro Dassyne.

Common Koorivar names included Shand Essil, Terrem Jesond, Menas Neyrr, and Leosa Vantare.[1]



They resided on the world of Kooriva in the Inner Rim, though they were not indigenous to the planet. They may have originated on Murkhana, one of the Corporate Alliance's main centers of business. They also had colonies on other planets, such as Bomis Koori IV.

During the Clone Wars, the Koorivar were one of the species primarily associated with the Confederacy of Independent Systems and therefore were deported from and prevented from entering Coruscant. However, this did not stop some of them from remaining on-planet.

Behind the scenes

The Koorivar were initially referred to as "Koorivians" in early sources based on Attack of the Clones. Subsequent material officially recognized Koorivar as the correct name. They are also occasionally misspelled as "Koorivarr".


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