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Komad Fortuna
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Old Republic era

«A decade? Two? I don't enslave myself to time, human. There is day and there is night.»
―Komad Fortuna, when asked by Revan how long he had been a hunter.

Komad Fortuna was a Twi'lek hunter on Tatooine during the Jedi Civil War. Following in the footsteps of his father, a hunter famous on Tatooine for once hunting and killing a krayt dragon, he hunted honorably and only with traditional methods.



He had been hunting for decades by 3,956 BBY, when Revan first met him in Fazza's hunting lodge in Anchorhead while on Tatooine in search of a Star Map. Revan would come to learn that the Star Map was located in the lair of a canyon krayt dragon, the same dragon that Komad himself was tracking. The dragon was an exceptionally large bull, larger than the one even Komad's father had slain, and its presence was upsetting the ecological balance of the region. Komad believed its death was necessary to restore the natural cycle. Because of the importance of removing the threat it posed, Komad decided to forgo a truly honorable hunt, and settled for baiting the beast to enter a minefield. The job required two, so Komad joined with another hunter and traveled to the cave of the dragon in the Eastern Dune Sea.

It was at this same time that Revan was in the Eastern Dune Sea as well, following the clues that had led him to the Star Map. As he arrived at the mouth of the cave, Komad's partner grew impatient at waiting and heedlessly rushed into the cave, where he was instantly killed by the great beast. Komad took Revan's arrival as an opportunity, and convinced him to take the role of the recently deceased hunter and find bait for the dragon, specifically one of the many wandering herds of banthas. Revan brought the banthas, and the krayt dragon emerged from the cave only to walk immediately into Komad's mines and be killed. Komad extracted two krayt dragon pearls from the corpse, one of which he gave to Revan. Revan entered the cave to find the Star Map, and the two parted ways.

By chance, it happened that the two met again on Kashyyyk, where Revan pursued another Star Map and Komad sought other prey. Feeling that he had done a disservice to the Tatooinian ecology, Komad had left in search of a greater hunt, that of the dangerous creatures of the Shadowlands. Saddened by Czerka's disregard for nature, Komad sought out the approval of the Wookiees, considering living in the Shadowlands in the manner of Jolee Bindo to gain their trust. Revan and he parted ways for the last time here, and it is unknown what happened to him afterwards.

Behind the scenes

His name may come from two other Twi'leks, Bib Fortuna and Koyi Komad. His name, however, may also be a reference to the Komodo Dragon a species of lizard, a reference to his hunt of the Krayt Dragon.

The player originally meets Komad in the cantina, and has the dialogue option of asking: How much would it cost for me not to kill you? and a similar pattern of dialogue makes Komad run away, though if you do that it has no affect on the quest whatsoever.

If the player wants a larger reward from Komad it is possible to ask, though the hunter refuses. It is possible, however, to kill Fortuna for his valuable krayt dragon pearl, though doing such earns the player dark side points. A mod has been released that allows the player to acquire the second Krayt Dragon pearl from Komad without killing him.[1]

When Fortuna reveals his strategy to Revan against the krayt dragon, and Revan had already acquired the bantha fodder, the player has the dialogue option to say "Look, I have your fodder." This is a hidden reference to the often misquoted version of the line "Luke, I am your father." from The Empire Strikes Back.


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (First appearance)



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