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Koji "the Spider" Nagumo

Koji "the Spider" Nagumo


名蜘蛛 コージ


Nagumo Kōji



English (Manga)

Koji Nagumo

Debut (Manga)

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Duel 043

Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 060

Appears in





Koji "the Spider" Nagumo, known as Stringer in the English Dungeon Dice Monsters video game, is a student in Domino High School.




Monster Fight

Koji with the stolen Monster Fighters.

In the manga, Nagumo asks Yugi to play Monster Fighter with him while at Domino High School. While playing, Nagumo hits Yugi and takes his gun and monster, Alti.

Nagumo tries selling Alti and other Monster Fighter figures and guns he's collected for ¥30,000 each (about $278 US at the time). Dark Yugi comes into his store and fights Nagumo and his Wild Spider with Katsuya Jonouchi's monster, Killer Emaada. As the game was a Shadow Game, Nagumo's face was cracked in the first set, which went to Yugi; the Shadow Game dictated that the players, instead of the monsters, get damaged in the game. In the second set, Nagumo cheats by kicking Yugi in the side. Enraged, Dark Yugi raised the shadow mode to level three. When Nagumo tries to cheat again, his legs are held down by all of the monsters, including his own. Nagumo's soul is purged of the darkness.

Battle City

Koji in the anime

Nagumo makes a brief appearance during the Battle City of the manga and the second series anime. After defeating a duelist, he is unhappy with the card he's won through the ante rule and demands that the loser give something of equal value to his card, "Hyozanryu" or else ¥100,000 (about $900 US at the time).

However Mokuba Kaiba appears and calls a foul. Koji insults Mokuba, but then Seto Kaiba appears. Seto appears and tears up the "Hyozanryu" card, saying Koji was going to lose it anyway as he challenges him to a Duel. Kaiba antes a briefcase of rare cards and "Obelisk the Tormentor". He allows Koji to use the cards from the briefcase in the Duel to compensate for "Hyozanryu", but says he'll take them after he beats Koji. Kaiba easily defeats Koji with "Obelisk" and takes his Locator Cards.

Pyramid of Light

During Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie: Pyramid of Light, Koji was a bystander during Joey's Duels at the beginning of the movie.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime, he is listed in Austin O'Brien's database of Domino High School students as Kouji Nagumo.

Gaming items

For Monster Fighter, Koji used the monster Wild Spider. He also had a number of stolen fighters, which he sold.

In Duel Monsters, the only card seen in his Deck was "Hyozanryu".

In the Dungeon Dice Monsters video game, his Dice Pool contained the following:

Dice Pool
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