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Series: Enterprise
Author(s): Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin
Publication information
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: Paperback - September 2008
Pages: 482
ISBN: ISBN 1-4165-5480-7
Date: 22 May - 25 July 2155
Days 29-40, Month of K'ri'Brax
Year of Kahless 781

Flashback: 2135
Vulcan year 8737


Introduction (blurb)

To protect the cargo ships essential to the continuing existence of the fledgling Coalition of Planets, the captains of the United Earth's Starfleet are ordered to interstellar picket duty, with little more to do than ask "Who goes there?" into the darkness of space.

Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise™ seethes with frustration, wondering if anyone else can see what he sees. A secret, closed, militaristic society, convinced that their survival hangs by a thread, who view their neighbors as a threat to their very existence -- the Spartans of ancient Greece, the Russians of the old Soviet Union, the Koreans under Kim Il-sung -- with only one goal: attain ultimate power, no matter the cost. The little-known, never-seen Romulans seem to live by these same principles.

The captain realizes that the bond between the signers of the Coalition charter is fragile and likely to snap if pushed. But he knows that the Romulans are hostile, and he believes they are the force behind the cargo ship attacks. If asked, Archer can offer no proof without endangering his friend's life.

To whom does he owe his loyalty: his friend, his world, the Coalition? And by choosing one, does he not risk losing all of them? What is the solution to a no-win scenario?


Attacks on Coalition shipping have left Enterprise and Columbia on patrol duty, despite Archer's warnings that the Romulans are involved. Both ships defend Draylax, a world allied to Earth, from an attack by Klingon ships, which ends when three more Klingon ships arrive to destroy the attackers.

Meanwhile, Tucker is still on Romulus, posing as Cunaehr. An attack on the lab by the Ejhoi Ormiin (who are secretly working with Nijil) leaves Ehrehin dead. Despite suspecting him of being a Vulcan spy, Valdore sends Tucker with Centurion Terix to try and retrieve any information the dissidents may have gathered about the warp seven programme.

The pair track the Ejhoi Ormiin to Taugus only to run foul of Sopek. Tucker is rescued by T'Pol and Reed, who followed him into Vulcan space without permission after T'Pol received visions of him in danger. However, he refuses to return with them and instead for Romulus.

Archer travels to the Klingon Homeworld to investigate the attack. After defeating Admiral Krell in a duel, he is entrusted with the information that the Romulans used a tele-capture device to remotely gain control of the Klingon ships that launched the attack. Thanks to a recording covertly made by Phlox, the Coalition Council accept the evidence.

More remotely-controlled Klingon ships attack the Horizon, Travis' family's ship, sending it on a course into a sun. Attacks on Alpha Centauri and Calder II are carried out by Vulcan ships, similarly controlled. Columbia defends Alpha Centauri with the aid of the Vulcans but is reported missing in the aftermath.

Tucker is nearly back at Romulus when he is captured by a Romulan ship commanded by Sopek, who is operating the tele-capture device for Valdore. The freighter Kobayashi Maru is disabled by a gravitic mine in the Gamma Hydra system while delivering supplies to a secret Vulcan listening post in Tezel-Oroko. Enterprise answers their distress call but Tucker realises Sopek plans to use the tele-capture device on it and sends a warning. He then scuttles the ship and sets it to self-destruct, fleeing in an escape pod with an unconscious Sopek. With more tele-controlled Klingon ships attacking and systems beginning to shut down under the tele-capture, Archer chooses to take Enterprise out of the system and the Kobayashi Maru is destroyed.

With tensions at breaking point, Samuels advises the members of the Coalition to consult their own military on further action. Shortly after, Archer informs his crew that they are at war.

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Teaser cover
  • Andy Mangels released a teaser cover on his website prior to the official art's release. The alien text featured is apparently a cryptogram in Romulan characters.

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The Good That Men Do
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The Romulan War
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Excelsior: Forged in Fire
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Michael A. Martin
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The Romulan War
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Excelsior: Forged in Fire
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Andy Mangels
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The Good That Men Do
Chapters 1-6; 8-12; 14-44; 46-52
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The Sundered
Chapter 13
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Chapter 3
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The Forge

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