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Ko Sai
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21 BBY, Mandalore

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2.1 meters[1]

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Rise of the Empire era


Ko Sai, a female Kaminoan, was Chief Scientist of the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic.



During the Clone Wars, it was Ko Sai's responsibility to ensure that the clones were of the highest quality, overseeing all the biological aspects of the project. She also directed the "processing" of the clones that failed to meet her expectations.

Following the First Battle of Kamino, Ko Sai told Yoda more about the source of funding for the army—a man called Tyranus, who happened to be Count Dooku, Yoda's former Padawan. At some point later, she met with the Supreme Chancellor Palpatine who disturbed her greatly and wanted her research to extend his life indefinitely.

A year and a half into the war, Ko Sai defected to the Separatists and soon, Clone commandos and ARC troopers were deployed to find the scientist before she could reveal any cloning information to the Confederacy. However, she quickly abandoned the CIS as well and became independent, fleeing both the Separatists and the Republic to continue her work in secrecy.

Kal Skirata, his Null-ARCs, Ordo and Mereel, and Walon Vau also took up the search for the scientist in the hopes that Ko Sai would be able to engineer a full life span for the clone army. They found her on Dorumaa, after extensive searching and tracking down through many aquatic planets.

Ko Sai.

Sai was unwilling to help them, believing that Skirata would sell her research for credits. Ordo, in a fit of rage, destroyed her research instead, leaving the heartbroken Sai without a legacy. However, Mereel made a backup copy of her research, so that in the event that Ko Sai never gave them the information they wanted, they could bring the research to other cloners, such as Arkanian Microtechnologies or the Khommites. Ko Sai, however, was kept ignorant of this fact, in order to leave her broken and more willing to cooperate, so that she could start over.

In exchange for some of the stem cells from Etain Tur-Mukan and Venku's umbilical connection, Ko Sai gave up some of the sequences from memory that allowed for the age reversal to take place. Before she could release all of her information, she committed suicide by hanging.

"Thank you, Etain. It was fascinating."
―Ko Sai's suicide note

Mereel, along with Jaing and Ordo, prepared her for transport to Kamino, last seen with vibroblades. Skirata later ensured that Ko Sai's head reached the Republic in order to confirm her death to both the Republic and Palpatine and to stop their search for her.

In 40 ABY, Taun We told Boba Fett that someone killed Ko Sai, saying that she returned to Kamino in pieces, leading Boba to believe that her death was an act of revenge. Later it was discovered that bits of her were made into a pair of gray gloves worn by Jaing Skirata, one of the Null-class ARCs.

Personality and traits

Ko Sai was a very cold and calculating Sentient due to her Kaminoan upbringing. When a Kaminoan female had a child with green eyes, Ko Sai had the child killed because of the Kaminoan selected breeding, so that there were only gray, blue or yellow eyes. She called all of her clones "products". During the training and experimentation with the first batch of Clones, she was so ruthless that when she had finished, she considered killing them because they were not 'perfect'; however, because of the need for the army, they survived with many bad memories. Later when Mereel came back to get his revenge, he tortured her a lot in the search for a way to engineer a full life span for the clones. Even in captivity she was still her old self; in spite of her clone captors, she committed suicide to deny them the information.


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