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Onion Kid KO
"The character has lost consciousness and cannot move or act. Remove with a tuft of Phoenix Down."
Final Fantasy XII Description

Knocked Out, also known as Disabled, Swoon or Wounded, commonly referred to as KO'd or KOed, is the condition a unit is in when they have run out of Hit Points. Whenever this occurs, the unit "faints" and is no longer able to aid in battle. White Mage abilities such as Life, Full-Life, and the item Phoenix Down can revive a unit who is knocked out. Other job classes may have skills that revive units like the Sage's Raise or the White Monk's Revive. In older games, it was called Death but this is not to be confused with Instant Death.

Bartz KO

Some skills inflict Instant Death regardless of current HP. Such moves include the Alchemist's Death or the Assassin's Last Breath. Bosses are usually immune to Instant Deaths, and the Undead may fully restore health if inflicted with it (seeing as it is a Dark ability). The only way to prevent Instant Death is with equipment or support abilities that offer protection for it. This kind of KO is often called a status ailment, since an Instant Death attack does not actually inflict damage on the character.

Knock Outs usually result in the award of EXP/AP to increase the power of units, which is why it is critical to keep units alive to score KOs to increase their abilities. In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, KOing a unit results in the awarding of one Judge Point.

In Final Fantasy Tactics, when a character is knocked out, a counter starts counting down from 3 to 0. When the counter is set to 0, the character will transform into a Crystal or a Treasure Chest, and the character can no longer be revived.

KOs can be prevented by the use of items such as Potions and White Mage skills such as Cure and Cura that restore HP. Also, bestowing a unit with Auto-Life will automatically revive them in the case of a KO.

This is not to be confused with when a character actually dies in the game's story, where use of such aforementioned items and spells still won't revive the character; they are beyond the point of no return and cannot be saved.

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