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Knock Knock
race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: Little Lamplight
role: Morale officer
location: Little Lamplight
family: Knick Knack - twin brother
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Tales of the Wastes
SPECIAL: 3ST, 4PE, 3EN, 3CH, 3IN, 7AG, 7LK
base id: 00015693
ref id: 00036FE1

Full body shot

Knock Knock is a 14-year old[1] girl in Little Lamplight.



She's the twin sister of Knick Knack and changed her name from Sue to Knock Knock as Knock Knock and Knick Knack sounded better than Knick Knack and Sue. Her name likely stems from her aptitude for jokes (i.e. knock knock jokes). Her role in the community is to be in charge of "morale", a job description that includes knock knock jokes and keeping the peace as an officer of the law.

She seems to have respect for the Lone Wanderer and tries to learn as many stories and jokes as she can. She found a book (Vault Boy's Big Book of Jokes) to help her with jokes, but these have since then gotten old, and she seems to want to know more.

Daily schedule

Knock Knock wanders around Little Lamplight all day until she goes to sleep.

Interactions with the player character

If you ask her for a joke and laughs at it or pretends they found it funny, she will ask the Lone Wanderer for tales from the Wasteland.

Basically, there are three parts of "your story" you can tell her depending on progress in the main story. No matter where the Lone Wanderer is in the main quest, she can be told the first stage, about exiting the vault. After completing The Waters of Life, the Lone Wanderer relays James's sacrifice. The final part of the story details the escape from the Enclave in The American Dream.

No matter your Karma, you can tell her 3 versions of your story: good, neutral and evil. Whatever you tell her she will proceed to tell to every other Lamplighter she comes across.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Ragamuffin Outfit
Police Hat
- - N/A


  • This is an A-B conversation, you know... you can "C" your way out of it. (While in conversation)


Knock Knock appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • Knock Knock's quote of '"C" Your way out' originates from a Gangster based Ghetto filmed of Boyz n the Hood [1] in which the main character Chris and Doughboy are arguing:

-Chris: Fool, I wasn't even talking to you. This is a A-B conversation, you know... you can "C" your way out of it. Doughboy: Yeah, you can "C" your way out my ride, and we'll "C" your cripple ass walking all the way home.


  • If you keep asking her for her jokes, and lie that they're funny, you get additional exp each time this is performed.


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Little Lamplight

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