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The Main Gauche.
A Dagger in Final Fantasy IV.

Daggers (ダガー Dagā), also known as Dirks, or Knives, are recurring weapons throughout the Final Fantasy series, mostly associated with the Thief and Ninja classes. The daggers that reoccur most are: Lust Dagger, Gladius, Mage Masher, Swordbreaker, Main Gauche, Assassin's Dagger, and Orichalcum (or Orichaldagger). There is also another recurring type of daggers called the Ninja Daggers, which, as the name suggests, are exclusive to the Ninja Job.



Final Fantasy

Thieves, Warriors, Red Mages, and Black Mages can equip daggers.

List of Daggers:

Final Fantasy II

Every character can equip daggers, but only Leila comes equipped with one by default.

List of Daggers:

Final Fantasy III

The Freelancer, Thief, and Ninja Job classes can equip Daggers, and furthermore, Ninjas can also throw them.

List of Daggers:

Final Fantasy IV

Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Edward, Rosa, Palom, and Edge can equip daggers, and Edge can also throw daggers as well.

List of Daggers:

The Knife is the most powerful throwing item for Edge, with a Weapon Attack of 255. It is given to the player by Yang's Wife.

The Dagger in Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

List of Daggers:

Final Fantasy V

Freelancers, Cannoneers, Thieves, Gladiators, and Dancers can equip daggers. The Ninja Job class's ability also allows the character to throw daggers.

List of Daggers:

Final Fantasy VI

Daggers, or Dirks, can be equipped by all characters, however, Shadow and Locke have their own exclusive daggers. Shadow can also throw daggers.

List of Daggers: List of Ninja Daggers:
  • Kunai
  • Kodachi
  • Sakura
  • Sasuke
  • Ichigeki
  • Kagenui
  • Oborozuki

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

The Fusion Swords's side blades appear dagger-like, as they fold up like switchknives and may have some function with speed attacks along with adding extra weight to the sword. Neither of the two have names, though they are known in the fan community as Ascalon and Sidewinder.

Final Fantasy IX

Zidane is the only character that can equip Daggers, however, late in the game, he can equip "Thief Swords", which resemble a short double-bladed Naginata.

List of Daggers: List of Thief Swords:

Final Fantasy X-2

A pair of daggers, known as Chakram Daggers by the fan community, are used as weapons by the Thief Dressphere.

Final Fantasy XI

A variety of Jobs can equip daggers, but it generally finds the most use by the Thief, Corsair, and Dancer classes. Daggers are low damage, low delay weapons that gain little TP per hit but are capable of attacking very quickly. Many daggers offer bonuses to a player's stats or additional effect bonuses to make up for its weak damage per hit. Dagger Weapon Skills are by themselves not very impressive, but can be explosively powerful when used in tandem with a Thief's abilities, like Sneak Attack and Trick Attack.

Notable daggers:

  • Mandau
  • Vajra
  • Azoth
  • Perseus' Harpe
  • Thanatos Baselard
  • Jambiya
  • Heart Snatcher
  • Ponderous Gully
  • Khimaira Jambiya
  • Carnwenhan
  • Swordbreaker
  • Blau Dolch
  • Misericorde
  • Stylet
  • Ermine's Tail
  • Sirocco Kukri

Final Fantasy XII

By equipping the appropriate licenses, any character can equip one-handed Daggers and two-handed Ninja Swords. They are the fastest weapons in the game, though Ninja Swords have a much better combo rate and they are all Dark-elemental.

List of Daggers: List of Ninja Swords:
  • Ashura
  • Sakura-saezuri
  • Kagenui
  • Koga Blade
  • Iga Blade
  • Orochi
  • Yagyu Darkblade
  • Orochi N (International only)

Final Fantasy Tactics

Daggers can be equipped by the Chemist, Squire, Thief, and Dancer Jobs, and Ninja Blades can be equipped by the Ninja Job, who can equip daggers as well.

List of Daggers: List of Ninja Blades:
  • Ninja Blade
  • Kunai
  • Kodachi
  • Ninja Longblade
  • Spellbinder
  • Sasuke's Blade (War of the Lions only)
  • Koga Blade
  • Iga Blade
  • Orochi (War of the Lions only)
  • Moonsilk Blade (War of the Lions only)

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Thief and Juggler can equip Knives. However, the Ninja ability "Throw" allows them to throw daggers.

List of Knives:
  • Jack Knife
  • Kris Knife
  • Khukuri
  • Kard
  • Scramasax
  • Rondell Dagger
  • Jambiya
  • Zorlin Shape
  • Sword Breaker
  • Orichalcum
  • Cinquedea

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Knives can now be equipped by Hunters, Rangers, Thieves, and Jugglers.

List of Knives:
  • Cinquedea
  • Jambiya
  • Tonberrian
  • Tiptaptwo

Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story includes twelve types of Dagger. They are short-ranged, light, edged, and piercing weapons.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Daggers appear in Dissidia as a type of weapon. Emperor Mateus, Onion Knight, Terra, Ultimecia, Zidane Tribal, and Kuja are the only characters that can equip them originally, though.

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This is the icon in GTA IV
The Knife in GTA Vice City
The Knife in GTA San Andreas.
The Knife as seen in Grand Theft Auto IV

The Knife is a melee weapon in the Grand Theft Auto games.



The knife is a moderate weapon that allows the player to attack without a firearm and, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, allows stealth kills that don't attract unwanted attention. It takes up the "melee" weapon slot.

In GTA San Andreas some prostitutes wield the knife. It is used in many missions in the game like Madd Dogg's Rhymes, Amphibious Assault, The Da Nang Thang, Dam and Blast and Vertical Bird. The Knife is more than just a simple melee weapon. If CJ is crouching and is aiming behind an opponent, he will execute a stealth kill, quietly slitting the victim's throat, useful when the player is trying to avoid detection and doesn't have a Silenced 9mm. The Knife only produces one wanted star when used to stealth kill a police officer.

The GTA IV rendition of the Knife resembles the knife portrayed by Sylvester Stallone in the Rambo movies, and is similar in size and shape to the Buck-184 Buckmaster survival knife. It can be purchased from Little Jacob for the staggering amount of $100. Alternatively, it can be picked up from Eddie Low during his second encounter. It can also be taken from the second enemy in the mission Bleed Out. Although silent kills like in GTA San Andreas are not in the game, 5 to 6 strikes with the knife will kill an opponent, and it will not warrant the player a wanted level. This can easily kill an enemy on single player or multiplayer because 6 quick taps of the Y button on Xbox 360 while locked on with this will either kill or almost kill anyone. Armor does not protect against knife attacks. And, obviously, it can NOT be fired from cars.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto IV

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From Lostpedia

Locke's throwing knife as seen at Lost: The Auction

Knives occur frequently on Lost. Below is a list of significant appearances. Most notable is Locke's knife collection, and its introduction in the episode "Walkabout". As yet, it is unknown how Locke acquired his knife throwing skills and why he had so many knives with him if he was only going on a walkabout tour in an wheelchair.

One of these knives are also featured in the extra featurette "Terry O'Quinn: Throwing from the Handle" on Disc 7 of the Lost: The Complete Third Season (DVD).

Various knife collection

Knives Description
Locke's Knife
Clockwise from the left the knives in the suitcase are: * Full Size USMC Ka Bar with serrated edge * Tekna Wilderness Edge * United Cutlery Sentry Tanto * Master Jaguar * United Cutlery Delta Defender * Buck Nighthawk* Master Bowie
Locke's Knife
Locke also has a Spyderco Harpy knife clipped into his jacket
Sawyer's Knife
"Walkabout" Throwing the Master Bowie Locke informs the survivors of Flight 815 how to survive by his simple answer: "We hunt". Trivia: This scene was humorously lampooned in a commercial by KFC Hawaii.
Locke's Knife Variety
"Hearts and Minds" Locke whacks Boone over the head with the handle of a knife, knocking him out cold. After tying him up he leaves the Master Bowie knife just out of Boone's reach. In a vision, with Shannon's safety in mind, Boone is able to contort himself just enough to get Locke's knife and to cut himself loose.
Locke's Knife Variety
"Special" Locke teaching Walt to throw the Master Bowie, telling him to "use his mind's eye."
Locke's Knife Variety
"Three Minutes" Locke uses a knife to cut off his splint.
Locke's Knife Variety
"Further Instructions" Hurley catches a Tigershark knife thrown by Locke
Locke's Knife Variety
"The Man Behind the Curtain" Locke cutting a mango with a knife while speaking to Ben
Locke's Knife Variety
"Through the Looking Glass" Locke throws the Tigershark knife at Naomi, hitting her in the back.
Locke's Knife Variety
Locke's promotional image for season 4 prominently features a knife in a sheath at his side
Locke's Knife Variety
"The Beginning of the End" Naomi holds Kate at knifepoint with the Tigershark knife she took out of her own back
Other's Knife
"The Other 48 Days" Ana Lucia finds an US Army knife on one of The Others. She believes it to be around 20 years old. This knife resembled a knife owned by Kelvin Inman.
Other's Knife
"Two for the Road" Ana Lucia slides the US army knife to Ben, to cut himself loose.
Jack's Knife
"Homecoming" Jack using a knife to cut fruit in the caves as Kate arrives to talk to him
Goodwin's Knife
"The Other 48 Days" Goodwin cutting fruit for Ana Lucia in a tense moment where he holds the knife close to her as he hands her fruit, when she already suspects he is an imposer.
Ana Lucia's Knife
"The Hunting Party" Ana Lucia eating, and cutting some mango for Vincent.
Juliet's Knife
"Left Behind"Kate spots a knife in Juliet's pocket and tries to steal it. Later, she attempts to use the knife to pick the lock of her handcuffs.
*"One of Us" Sun and Hurley preparing food with knives at the survivors' camp.
Ben's Knife
"The Brig" Ben hands Locke a knife, suggesting to kill Cooper "the quicker, the better."
Mugger's Knife
"Greatest Hits" Nadia's mugger brandishes a knife.
Richard's Knife
"Cabin Fever" There was a knife among the items that Richard Alpert showed the young John Locke
Jacob's knife
"The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" Jacob used a long-bladed knife for many of his tasks on the Island.

External links

  • Lost's Lost Luggage - thread at lost-tv forums describing the exact brands of the various knives and sheathes that Locke used

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

This article is about a tool mostly used in Fletching. For the Ranged weapon, see Throwing knife.
This article is about a tool mostly used in Fletching. For the Melee weapon, see Dagger.

A Knife is a tool used for a large variety of tasks, mostly for making logs into bows using the Fletching skill. This is also an excellent tool for cutting through webs, especially to the Mage Arena in the deep wilderness. Knives can be bought in the Catherby general store and found on a table in the Musa Point general store. There was a notorious glitch involving knives in RuneScape Classic.



Uses for knives are as follows:

Spawn Points

Knife spawn points are as follows:

  • Lumbridge castle's kitchen cellar.
  • House south-west of Seers' Village bank.
  • The general store in Karamja.
  • North of Rellekka near the Rock Crabs, though hard to see due to size.
  • Second floor of the Varrock general store.
  • First (ground) floor of Sorcerer's Tower.
  • Lumbridge, behind the axe store
  • House north-west of Catherby bank (the house with a water source: sink).

Where to Buy

Stores that sell knives are as follows:


  • In the early days of RS Classic, free players could pick up a knife and throw it.
  • The Knife bug in Runescape Classic had a glitch which allowed players to wield a knife, giving very high strength bonuses that made players with level 1 Strength hit in the 10s (10-20). This glitch was later fixed.
  • Sometimes in RuneScape HD, when you click the knife, it looks like an item before you wield it, yet nothing happens.

See Also

Wikipedia has an article about:

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.





Average height

1.8 meters[1]

Skin color

Pale white

Hair color


Eye color


Average lifespan

Up to 75 standard years old[1]

Famous members
"Y'know, when I first met you, I thought you were unique…an' I gotta say, the thought of a whole race of your kind is really depressing. One of you was too much."
Han Solo to Commander Knife

The Nagai, (pronounced /nɑ'gɑ.i/) also called the N'Gai and the Knives, were a species from the satellite galaxy Companion Besh who invaded the wider galaxy in 4 ABY.


Biology and appearance

The Nagai were near-Humans with pale skin, jet-black hair, gray eyes, and angular features. Their appearance gave the impression that they were dead rather than alive. They believed strongly in honor and battle and crafted small, short-bladed weapons called Tehk’la Blades. They lived on the planet Nagi, beyond the borders of both the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire in the satellite galaxy known as Companion Besh. Despite their isolation, a number of Nagai ventured into the wider galaxy, with some becoming Jedi Padawans in the days of the Republic.[2]


A Nagai telepath.

The Nagai were just developing superluminal travel when they encountered the Tofs, who followed Nagai scoutships to their home system and promptly began an invasion. The Nagai fought back, waging guerilla wars against their conquerors over centuries. To aid in their fight against the Tofs, the Nagai allied with a neighboring species, the Maccabree, outfitting them with mechanical limbs for ground fighting. They also allied with the Faruun shipwrights for vessels of war. Slowly a pathological hatred and fear of the Tofs developed, intensified by the Tof conquest of their homeworld Nagi. This drove the Nagai and Maccabrees outward into the nearby Galaxy, which they referred to as the Skyriver. With the assistance of the Dark Lady Lumiya, a plan was developed to use the resources of the Skyriver to mount a liberation of their homeworld, and shortly after the Galactic Civil War had exhausted both sides, the Nagai struck.

The Nagai attempted to restart the Wookiee slave trade on Kashyyyk. They were originally known to the Alliance as "Knives", due to the Wookiee mispronunciation of an individual Nagai encountered there. As a result, they were encountered by the Alliance of Free Planets in 4 ABY to stop their actions.

After being stopped by Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca, they regrouped with Lumiya and her faction of the Imperial Remnant in an attempt to destroy the Rebel Alliance and gain territory to re-establish themselves. After various skirmishes on Kabray, Kinooine, and Mandalore, they attacked Endor. With the aid of an inside agent, they learned all of the Alliance dogfighting maneuvers and were able to easily outfight them at first. Once the Rebels caught on, though, the tables turned; however, they were still driven off the moon.

The Nagai continued invading a number of other planets with their allies, such as Iskalon. Discovering a Tof force on the planet Trenwyth, they attempted to wipe them out but were defeated there. Launching an attack on Zeltros, the Tofs made themselves known. The Nagai's fear and hatred of the Tofs enabled them to form an unlikely alliance with the Rebels and Imperials to combat them. Repelling the Tofs from Zeltros, they signed a treaty with the Alliance and later ambushed the Tof crown prince at the planet Saijo and forced the Tofs to surrender, thus ending the Nagai/Tof threat to the galaxy.

After the surrender, the Nagai were given Saijo to settle on. Only a few did so, joining the Alliance; the others (accompanied by the Mandalorians) went to liberate Nagi from the Tofs.

Society and culture

Nagai were driven by a strong sense of personal honor, tempered by their own individualities. They feared nothing aside from losing their freedom and had little concerns for individuals outside of their own families, only aiding other when bound by honor or seeking personal gain.[1]

Behind the scenes

Mary Jo Duffy named the Nagai after Japanese comics creator Go Nagai. "Nagai" (永井) is a common Japanese surname.


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  • Star Wars Legacy 27: Into the Core (Appears in flashback(s))
  • Star Wars Legacy 35: Storms, Part 2


Wookieepedia has a collection of images related to Nagai.

External links

  • You must be a member of Star Wars Hyperspace to view this linkThe Forgotten War: The Nagai and the Tofs on Hyperspace

Notes and references

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Knife can refer to one of these items:

See also:

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